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  1. Haven’t seen him and don’t expect to for a while unfortunately.
  2. I met him when while visiting friends when he was in his first season. Nice bloke - terrific player and a wearer of the now famous #11. Condolences to his family.
  3. Promising draft prospect could miss two years of footy It’s going to be an interesting draft.
  4. Recruiters to fly blind at AFL national draft: McLachlan
  5. He was on virtually minimum wage - surely, he doesn’t take a massive wage cut?
  6. A little bit of light for the club is that our very own Karen Paxman has tied with North Melbourne’s Jasmine Garner and Carlton's Maddy Prespakis for the AFLW Player of the Year Award. Congratulations to a terrific player who truly deserved this award!
  7. Now that it appears the Olympics are likely to be postponed for 12 months, I’m more confident that we’ll win next year’s flag.
  8. If someone had told me six weeks ago that we would be one game from top place at the end of May, I would have taken it.
  9. I wonder what’s going to happen to the TV programmes like AFL360 and Footy Classified?
  10. This letter to the editor in a WA newspaper talks to why the decision was necessary:-
  11. Our game goes on tonight but ...
  12. My guess is North Melbourne who we beat by 2 points in Round 1 coming from behind.
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