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  1. Gold Coast doing a better job at the moment at countering Geelong’s movement of the football than we did last week.
  2. Can’t wait to get the Pies on the G on Queen’s Birthday ... erm, no wait ...
  3. As Americans celebrated the 188th anniversary of their independence, we went down to the lakeside oval to celebrate another Demon victory Round 11, 1964 South Melbourne vs Melbourne Saturday 4 July Venue: Lake Oval Attendance: 10,490 B Crompton Massey Williams HB Anderson Roet Leahy C Dixon H Mann Adams HF Vagg Jacobs Kenneally F Tas Johnson Bourke Zinko Foll Wise Barassi Rov Townsend 19/20 Emselle McLean After a thumping win over the Tigers, the Demons went in as overwhelming favourites against the lowly Swans, but though the home side was vastly outmatched they restricted the damage to 46 points, carried by a purple patch in the second quarter that had them seven points ahead at the main break. It took an eight goal to one third quarter to break the shackles as the Demons were led by their dynamic on ball division of Barassi and Townsend who fed Graeme Jacobs to a tally of five goals. The Demons has now played all teams in the competition and were eyeing the coming return clash with Geelong in the battle for leadership of the competition. South Melbourne 1.2.8 6.8.44 7.10.52 12.11.83 Melbourne 4.7.31 7.9.51 15.14.104 18.21.129 Goals Jacobs 5 Townsend Zinko 3 Vagg 2 Barassi Emselle Tas Johnson Kenneally Leahy Best Barassi Kenneally Townsend Adams H Mann Jacobs Reserves Melbourne 18.10.118 defeated South Melbourne 5.10.40 Goals Carroll Lynch Reinholdt Vearing 3 Robbie 2 Andrew Leitch Lord Slade Best Lynch Rowe Davis Under 19s Melbourne 15.23.113 defeated South Melbourne 8.3.51 Goals Schultz 6 McNabb 3 Marr 2 Jones Pritchard Russell Stone Best Russell Schultz Feldman
  4. THE TEAMS RICHMOND B Nathan Broad David Astbury Dylan Grimes HB Nick Vlastuin Shane Edwards Bachar Houli C Brandon Ellis Dion Prestia Kamdyn McIntosh HF Daniel Rioli Jack Ross Jason Castagna F Jack Riewoldt Tom J Lynch Dustin Martin FOLL Toby Nankervis Josh Caddy Kane Lambert I/C Liam Baker Noah Balta Jack Higgins Sydney Stack EMG Shai Bolton Jack Graham Connor Menadue Ivan Soldo IN Jack Riewoldt OUT Shai Bolton (Omitted) MELBOURNE B Marty Hore Sam Frost Jordan Lewis HB Bayley Fritsch Michael Hibberd Christian Salem C Nathan Jones Jack Viney Jayden Hunt HF James Harmes Sam Weideman Christian Petracca F Alex Neal-Bullen Tom McDonald Jake Melksham FOLL Max Gawn Clayton Oliver Angus Brayshaw I/C Jeff Garlett Jay Lockhart Tim Smith Billy Stretch EMG Declan Keilty Oscar McDonald Tom Sparrow Corey Wagner IN Jeff Garlett Jay Lockhart Alex Neal-Bullen Tim Smith Billy Stretch OUT Neville Jetta (knee) Braydon Preuss (shoulder) Charlie Spargo (omitted) Corey Wagner (omitted) Josh Wagner (omitted)
  5. Will Queensland allow the Swans into their state when they learn about this? Tuberculosis outbreak at St Vincent's Hospital leaves hundreds vulnerable
  6. Welcome to our first home game in 10½ months. Can we continue our post lockdown winning spree?
  7. The difference being that danger was never a Melbourne player to start with.
  8. On this day in 1964 we were on top of the world Round 10 1964 Melbourne vs Richmond Saturday 27 June Venue: MCG Attendance: 27,614 B Crompton Massey Williams HB Anderson Roet Leahy C Dixon H Mann Adams HF Vagg Jacobs Kenneally F Tas Johnson Bourke Townsend Foll Wise Barassi Rov Emselle 19/20 Carroll Watson The round 10 clash between Melbourne and Richmond saw Norm Smith pitted against his older brother Len in the respective team coaching boxes. Len Smith had suffered a heart attack in early 1964 and further health concerns saw him relinquish the coaching reins at the Tigers early in 1965. This clash saw the younger sibling record the biggest win of his coaching career — by a mammoth 113 points. The Demons applied relentless pressure from the start and never eased up after leading by 27 points at quarter time and 57 points at the main break before passing the 100 point barrier during the final term. Skipper Ron Barassi led from the front with a four goal performance matched by forward Graeme Jacobs in the comprehensive victory that left Melbourne second on the ladder with a huge percentage break on top team Geelong. Wingman Brian Dixon celebrated his election to state parliament for the seat of St Kilda that evening. Melbourne 4.5.29 11.13.79 16.16.112 23.18.156 Richmond 0.2.2 3.4.22 5.7.37 6.7.43 Goals Barassi Jacobs 4 Townsend 4 Emselle 3, Bourke Kenneally Tas Johnson H Mann Vagg Wise Best Barassi Roet Townsend Adams H Mann Jacobs Reserves Melbourne 21.14.140 defeated Richmond 15.7.97 Goals Lord Matthews 4 Lynch Vearing Zinko 3 Andrew Leitch McNabb Witomski Best Matthews Lynch Andrew Under 19s Melbourne 18.14.122 defeated Richmond 9.7.61 Goals Stone 5 Minton-Connell Russell Schultz 3 Jones Marr Osborne Reinholdt Best Marr Feldman Schultz
  9. About a minute before Jeremy Howe’s injury, I was just saying how much we could do with him at Melbourne and how he was far superior to anyone we have in our defence, then ...
  10. No - the next thing that happens is that they’ll play it down or deny it altogether. They won’t be punished because it would be a bad look for the AFL so expect a whitewash.
  11. How many failures on the part of the Bombers in terms of the individual player and the club to adhere to the protocols does it take for the AFL to consider awarding the points to the club that’s the real victim of their breaches? This is particularly so in view of the fact that another of their players broke the rules a week earlier.
  12. Really? How many new cases have there been in the Cardinia Shire in the past week to make it a hot spot?
  13. The game played in Round 2 last year is best forgotten. GEELONG B Jack Henry, Mark Blicavs, Tom Stewart HB Jake Kolodjashnij Harry Taylor Mitch Duncan C Joel Selwood Patrick Dangerfield Jordan Clark HF Luke Dahlhaus Esava Ratugolea Brandan Parfitt F Gary Ablett Tom Hawkins Gary Rohan FOL Rhys Stanley Tim Kelly Tom Atkins I/C Charlie Constanble Sam Menagola Gryan Miers Mark O’Connor EM Ryan Abbott Zach Gurthrie Lachie Henderson Jermaine Jones MELBOURNE B Jay Lockhart Oscar McDonald Neville Jetta HB Jayden Hunt Steven May Nathan Jones C Bayley Fritsch Clayton Oliver Christian Salem HF Alex Neal-Bullen Tom McDonald Jack Viney F Jake Melksham Sam Weideman Christian Petracca FOL Max Gawn James Harmes Angus Brayshaw I/C Sam Frost Michael Hibberd Kade Kolodjashnij Tom Sparrow EM Marty Hore Declan Keilty Braydon Preuss Charlie Spargo IN Kade Kolodjashnij Jay Lockhart Steven May OUT Marty Hore (omitted) Charlie Spargo (omitted) Corey Wagner (omitted)
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