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  1. We don’t have a shortage of key defenders but I’m missing the fact that we don’t have a Watts in the side. AFL Draft Wrap: Watts to come for key defensive prospect Corey?
  2. I’ve hidden a number of posts on this thread which add nothing to the discussion other than to indicate that everything’s about themselves and not the subject at hand. Any repeat will see an automatic ban. Thanks
  3. I believe there might be a full moon tonight for the supporters of both teams to howl at during the breaks in play.
  4. Perhaps not but he’s not optimistic about continuing when he says things like this:- “I’m not going to string it out as long as I possibly can. I’m going to leave the game at the end of the year feeling really fulfilled in what I’ve achieved, absolutely. Source
  5. They come and they go - the end of season list changes have started. Please feel free to post additions to this list when they arise. ADELAIDE In: Andy Otten (retired) Out: BRISBANE LIONS In: Out: CARLTON In: Out: Tom Bugg ® (retired) Jarrod Pickett (delisted) Dale Thomas (retired) COLLINGWOOD In: Out: ESSENDON In: Out: Luke Lavender ® (retired) FREMANTLE In: Out: Hayden Ballantyne (delisted) Harley Bennell (delisted) Shane Kersten (delisted) Aaron Sandilands (retired) GEELONG In: Out: GOLD COAST SUNS In: Out: Michael Rischitelli (retired) Dawson Simpson (retired) GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY In: Out: Brett Delidio (retired) HAWTHORN In: Out: Jarryd Roughead (retired) MELBOURNE In: Out: Jordan Lewis (retired) Corey Maynard (retired) NORTH MELBOURNE In: Out: Scott Thompson ® (retired) Wilkinson (delisted) Sam Wright (retired) PORT ADELAIDE In: Out: RICHMOND In: Out: Shaun Grigg (retired) ST KILDA In: Out : SYDNEY SWANS In: Out: Heath Grundy (retired) Kieren Jack (retired) Jarrod McVeigh (retired) Nick Smith (retired) WEST COAST EAGLES In: Out: WESTERN BULLDOGS In: Out: Liam Picken (retired) Tom Boyd (retired)
  6. Every Demon fan who lived through that golden era would be shedding tears today. Bluey was one of our true greats - as a player and a bloke. Condolences to his family.
  7. For a team bound for the finals with pretensions to a top four spot, GWS’s waving of the white flag last night was shameful.
  8. Can a game against our long time traditional rivals breathe some life into this team?
  9. It’s Draft Power rankings time and here are two of them - Knightmare and AFL Draft Central
  10. Their fans will still complain. There are reports today that Mason Cox is out the year with a damaged retina, Ben Reid out with soft tissue concerns, Darcy Moore still out and. Jordan De Goey will also miss.
  11. Nor is ANB although he could be the player held back as an emergency for tonight’s game. Who knows?
  12. Less than 10 MFC listers = 0.01% chance of a win against the top side.
  13. I don’t believe that injuries alone explain the team’s fall from grace this year but I recall last year’s two home finals against Geelong and Hawthorn when we had Tom McDonald and Sam Weideman fit, firing and available. I don’t think we had a problem with “brand” back then - why is that an issue this year when we are bereft of key forwards. I think Roos’ comments are fairly superficial and quite frankly, dumb.
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