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  1. The low ball drop is a delight. Definetely a Hibberd replacement. Be interested to know if he could make it into the midfield. Salem, as an example, has struggled to make that transition.
  2. Big statement I know, but Kemp looks like a combination between Bontempelli and Pendlebury. Very exciting prospect. Ash is hard to go past as well.
  3. Fair bit of shooting the messenger here. In the AFL media you are encouraged to make provocative statements. The fact that Cornes does this regularly shouldn't mean we all get our knickers in a twist... Cornes hates Goodwin, Cornes never coached, Cornes is a [censored]... He's just a guy with an opinion. No different to us. Relax.
  4. The veil of negativity on this site has become contagious. It's bad for your health. So get off your computers, and go outside, play with your grandkids, or something...
  5. I didn't like losing Frost one bit. Pace, strength and unpredictability are not bad traits. I like Langdon (despite the ponytail) and to a lesser extent Tomlinson who should be running into his prime. The pick swap with Norf was a bit like a rich woman from Brighton wanting to spend more after maxing out her husbands credit card! Buy now, pay later. Let's see what our two first round draft picks bring. Taylor won't be trotting out: "we picked the best available..." this draft if we are serious in trying to address our gaping holes . Would love there to be a surprise in the PSD, but those don't happen to Melbourne!
  6. A million dollars badly spent... 3 x 350,000.
  7. I think he is gone. Lost a couple of yards of pace. His efforts this year weren't from a lack of trying though. We need a contingency plan for both Hibberd and Nev.
  8. dee-tox

    Tom Papley

    Be ironic if we did a deal for him! He's from Bunyip and played for Casey if I remember correctly! Could of had when no one else wanted him!
  9. A versatile, top 15 player that costs nothing other than salary. That's a tick from me!
  10. Frost played some decent games this year and late last year. In fact, over the full season was probably our best defender with Salem falling in a hole. I' ll always remember the big barrel he kicked in the first quarter in the semi-final against Hawthorn to help kick our first goal. Solid shoulder to shoulder player too. So it seems strange that he is on his way especially with the likes of OMac staying. Surely to improve your list you don't offer contracts to your worst performing players and try and keep your better ones?
  11. Embezzlement in Walters' case after he finished playing of course.
  12. Yes and no. Leicester showed what's possible with great man management, confidence, and passion. Atletico Madrid are another that punch well above their weight in Spain. But point taken its difficult to consistently beat Man City/Liverpool/Chelsea/Man U etc in the Premier League with inflated budgets, and access to the best of everything.
  13. dee-tox

    Rory Laird

    I'm with a few posters. Hibberd is done. Has lost a couple of yards of pace and even though the effort is there, he's a shadow of the 2017 All-Australian. Nev is a different player. More traditional lock-down of opposition's best small forward. Not sure he has long left either. So Laird makes complete sense. He's the best going around for the role he plays but is easily worth a first round pick.
  14. Worth a look at for the right price.
  15. Clarry had far less influence on games this year. Racked up the stats but fairly ineffective. Maybe because not the two operations on his shoulders, but he refused to initiate contact this year and draw players around him. Whitfield missing out is a mystery! Gun player and first on my list if we were looking to poach someone.
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