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  1. The disappointing thing is we worked reasonably hard with improved fitness only to bomb long asking Fritsch to take mark of the year against two three of the best tall backs in the comp. (McGovern and Barass). To make things worse Brown and TMac, our tall timber had lead up the ground, unable to contest the ball. The first half we spent our petrol tickets scrappily getting the ball inside only for the Eagles to put a chain of 10 uncontested marks together and eventually marking 30 or 40 metres out. I honestly thought this would be one of the first things Richardson would have identified. That it's still happening makes me very frustrated.
  2. Brayshaw after being MIA in the first half was pretty good in the second.
  3. Not sure about this Skuit. It's the manner they lost. This bomb to the opposition in our forward 50 has eveyone pretty peeved. Has been going on for three seasons. Pre-season, Goodwin promised a gameplan that supporters could relate to. Well, we all relate to it and it is crap. And it isn't bad decision making by players. It is obvious that Hibberd, Langdon, etc (and Jones last year) are instructed to do this. Our forwards haven't a hope.
  4. Getting pathetic now. And yes it is the game plan.
  5. Only three highlights. Performance of Viney, Lockhart and Pickett. Performance of Gawn, brayshaw, TMac, Tomlinson, Oliver, Melksham, Brown, etc has been pathetic.
  6. Leaders are having shockers. Gawn and McDonald not competing in the ruck. Jetta handball....
  7. All teams except Swans (admire their culture), Gold Coast (who cares!) and Brisbane (soft spot for Fitzroy). The rest I rank as follows: 1. West Coast (ignorant supporters, cheats). 2. Hawforn. Beat us when it matters. 3. Essendon. Filth. Long on Symonds, Wallis on teenagers... Sheedy. 4. Geelong. Idiotic supporters. 5. Adelaide. Soft Cox, whingers. 6. Tigers. Used to be decent supporters. Now unbearable. 7. Carlton. For poaching Barassi. We never recovered. 8. Collingwood. Was taught at a young age to hate them. Supporters beating up Nathan Jones' dad. 9. Norf. Shitkicker club that beat us 20 times in a row. 10. Bulldogs. Always have umps in their back pocket!
  8. Jeffy Garlett was in that squad too from memory.
  9. Sorry DD, but 'All Australian squad' form.
  10. Don't mind helping out a travelling man, Skuit! Petracca was much quieter this week. Still did some dynamic things though. With regard to the talls. Brown didn't play. TMac was unseen most of the night. Weed got his hands on a few balls but dropped most of them! Played a bit in the ruck as well and did OK. Jackson played in the second half and looked promising without being spectacular. Was pushed out of ruck contests on a few occasions but follows up on the ground. Looks like a young NicNat! You'll be pleased to know the other tall OMac was very solid!
  11. Comments like this Saty makes me think you didn't watch the game. Was very, very ordinary tonight. As was Jetta for that matter.
  12. The form of Jetta and Hibberd worries me.
  13. Some OK signs but just as many worries. ANB, Petracca, Brayshaw, Tomlinson decent. Jetta, AvdB, Oliver and few others well off the pace.
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