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  1. Should be interesting. Salem and Melk need to be put on notice. Both skilful players and crucial for the way we play but they a providing very little at the moment. Vanders looked a long way off. Has to go. I'd bring in the Weed. Although being matched up on Grimes or Vlastuin will be a nightmare for him. Fritsch should benefit though playing higher up the ground. Rivers and Lockhart (second half) really struggled. Hard to know what Goodwin will do, but I'd give them another run. If Bennell is to come back in it has to be at the expense of a winger or high half forward. Hannan was pretty good with his pressure and Kozzie while dangerous wasn't effective. Hunt maybe the scapegoat.
  2. Interesting question Biffen. Corrupt former CEO, corrupt councillors getting developer kickbacks. Plant a few trees for windbreaks and all will be forgiven!
  3. There is something there and I don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. But for the talent available Goodwin is not doing enough. We still play like bees to a honeypot. Midfielders sucked in to contest. Defenders flying against each other. Talented players like Salem, Hunt, Wied and Fritsch, regressing and possibly played out of position.
  4. Assessment of May, Rivers and Fritta about the only things I agree with. Brayshaw was our most effective player. Smith did some good things. Viney stood up.
  5. Oliver and Tomlinson with 50 percent efficiency not worthy in my opinion.
  6. Viney was not hopeless. Showed plenty of leadership in the last when needed as well.
  7. 6. Brayshaw 5. Viney 4. Gawn 3. HArmes 2. Lever 1. Hibberd
  8. We are a talented team but a dumb team. Perhaps that's a reflection of our coaching? It's not all bad though. Brayshaw, Lever, Viney and Hibberd were pretty decent. Kozzie will be better for the experience. Hannan better for the run. Lockhart started well but made bad errors as he got tired. Smith played OK The concerns are the form of Fritsch, Salem and vanders. Rivers had one he'd rather forget.
  9. Like Lockhart, Hannan and Brayshaw's quarter. McDonald presented hard. Better signs. May and Lever did their jobs. Gawn lifted. Smith did some OK things. Need our outside runners to get going. Salem, Tomlinson and LAngdon to come into their own.
  10. That was almost a waste of effort. Intensity was there. But if Fritsch keeps dropping sitters, Kozzie misses from 15 metres and we lose on the outside it will be a long afternoon!
  11. Silly little spats like those in this thread really do make things unpleasant for the rest of us. Think before you post. There is a broader audience reading.
  12. Don't mind the changes. Nev has been poor for a while now. Nobody should be gifted games. ANB with four score involvements out of seven last game is stiff but it is obvious they really rate Kozzy Will be interesting to see if the forward line can stand up. I have my doubts. Not sure anyone is capable of taking a contested grab these days apart from Fritta.
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