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  1. Let's keep perspective here. Half of our Casey team (eight players under 50 games) travel to Perth. Play a magnificent three quarters, get stitched by the umpires in the final term, and nearly pull off an incredible smash and grab win. Yes, poor kicking is poor football, but the overall sentiment should be positive. The coaching for the most part was brilliant. The effort superb. We have had luck in the last two games. Last night wasn't to be. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater.
  2. 6. Salem 5. Jones 4. Melksham 3. Oliver 2. Harmes 1. Lockhart
  3. Seven-point lead should be seven-goal lead!
  4. We're a harsh lot. He'll retire after this season. Embrace the good things.
  5. 6. Harmes. (two 50 metre penalties aside) 5. Salem 4. Gawn 3. Lockhart 2. Clarry 1. Hibberd
  6. dee-tox

    Gary Pert

    We seem to be obsessed with the blame game as if one single person is is responsible for all of our woes! So far, we have identified Taylor, Misson, Chaplin, Jones, Pert, Hogan, May, etc. I thought Melbourne supporters were smarter than that. Not being able to train because of surgeries, to me, is the biggest factor in our poor form. One that most informed Demonland posters were worried about in February/March.
  7. This is what we should do now: 1. Play Petracca full time in the midfield. 2. Move Salem into the midfield. 3. Give Oscar Baker six straight games. 4. Play Petty. 5. Play the Weid at centre half back. 6. Get games into Sparrow. 7. Nurse Lever, KK, and May back into 100 percent fitness. Take it slowly. 8. Give Bedford a run. 9. Move Hunt to the wing. 10. Play Stretch at half back. 11. Jordan Lewis becomes onfield defensive coach. 12. Increase our recruiting personnel in WA and NT in hope we can find replacements for Garlett and Jetta. 13. Play Fritsch on a wing. 15. Sack Troy Chaplin! 😜 17. Somehow convince Lachie Whitfield that his future is with the Dee's! 18. Send TMac off to fix his foot immediately. 19. Encourage offers on OMac. 20. Send Frost, Brayshaw, Harmes, J. Wagner, etc to the Aden Yze kicking school!
  8. 6. Melksham 5. Gawn 4. Hibberd (great job tagging Dusty) 3. Brayshaw 2. Salem 1. Hore
  9. Vlastuin seven marks this quarter!
  10. Out: TMac, Spargo, J.Wagner. In: Kielty, Jeffy, May. if fit.
  11. Just an ordinary team. No pace, little cohesion. Midfield runs one way. Apparently good disposers of the pill like Fritsch, Lewis, Melksham, etc can't hit a target...
  12. Guy makes an impact for about 40 minutes but runs out of puff. Did this in both pre-season games. Not sure he can build up the necessary stamina in one season...
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