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  1. Russell Robertson was another that turned around his set shot kicking. Just a simple technique and practice, practice, practice.
  2. Kicks a goal from 25 out directly in front, we're more than in the game. Not disputing he played reasonably well. The point is he misses sitters every game because of a horrendous technique. I expect more as most supporters do.
  3. For the umpteenth time Petracca missed a set shot from 25 metres in the last that could have set the team up for a win. Sure Fritsch and May also missed gettable shots but the are not serial offenders. Anyone that has played a decent amount of footy knows that Petracca's ball drop is way too high and causes him to generally to slew to the right. This is something that should have been ironed out in juniors. But why in a professional environment has it been allowed to continue? Even without coaching, why hasn't he fixed it himself?
  4. Thought Salem was fine. Had it 25 times and a dozen contested.
  5. 6. May 5. Viney 4. Petty 3. Salem 2. Gawn 1. Petracca but ultimately he lost the game with that pathetic set shot in the last.
  6. You get the feeling the Dogs will eke out a three goal lead this quarter and hang on for a one goal win. We can't get clean possession and our game plan is so physically taxing. Jetta looks a mile of the pace. ANB, Harmes and Jones have been horrible with ball in hand. Oliver up forward hasn't worked. May and Lever good. Viney useful. Petty couple of nice things.
  7. Blame, of course, is one of the five stages of grief. Most Demonlanders have yet to move on to acceptance and hope stage. With Melbourne's injury list being primarily made up of contact injuries, I wonder if the blame should be placed on the shoulders of Goodwin and his chaos ball game plan? Will that make us feel better?
  8. Inside mid yes, slow? No. Speed and power are his greatest strengths.
  9. Yeah, the likes of Melksham, Preuss, Hibberd, May and Lever are all school tie-types! Idiotic comment.
  10. We need to do something. Three of our five best kicks are nearing the end. Lewis, Jones and Hibberd. No one in the team has the elite ball carrying abilities we need apart from Salem. The key forwards are not working and we have no natural crumbers. We have many, many holes...
  11. This team is truly schizophrenic. Even with so few winners on the day and a disfunctional forward line, they were there abouts for two and a half quarters. They desperately need some outside ball users. Brayshaw, Hunt, Baker and Hibberd, et al are not cutting it.
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