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  1. Absolutely! But that was a couple of nights ago, and I've slept since then! LOL
  2. Anyone understand why Carlton would have to wear white against GWS? How on earth would Navy Blue (with white shorts) clash with the GWS colours? Defies logic. Yeah. I know. It's the AFL. Nuff said...!
  3. WC Coach has come out and said it was a pathetic, unacceptable act by Vardy, and he has told Vardy so. Good on him!
  4. Well, Chook, clearly you aint old enough to remember it's BARRIE, and not Barry...
  5. As I said in the Gameday thread, I reckon it's the new haircut. He looked like an unkempt kid with the mop. Now looks like a man!
  6. Call me an Old Fart if you like, but I reckon he looks SOOO much better with that respectable haircut! He really looked like a Ninja with that mop he used to have! From an unkempt kid, he now looks like a man! Besides, he'll now be more streamlined, so no excuses for a great debut! LOL
  7. I live on the GC (have done so for 37 years). Yesterday was a perfect, sunny day with little or no cloud. Such days at this time of the year invariably end with lots of dew falling once the sun sets. I didn't walk on the ground after the game, so can't claim there was definitely dew there. But, would be amazed if there wasn't. That said, really don't think most of the horrible ball handling can be put down to the dew, although some, and in particular dropped marks, probably can. As others have said, was a horrible game to watch, apart from the final, chaotic and glorious finale (in spite of it, too, being error-riddled!)
  8. I went to the game with a Kiwi friend who had never seen a game. I just cringed with embarrassment all game that I could possibly use this abomination of skills to showcase our great game to a newbie!! Well, until the last couple of minutes! Man, that was really something to behold! Really believed we were beaten when they got the goal to put them in front with 30 minutes on the time clock! How agony can turn to sheer delight in a matter of moments! Marty Hore's goal was a thing of sheer beauty to behold! Was thrilled to think we'd sneak away with a draw. Think the timer must have fallen asleep to let the clock keep running to enable our final, limp effort to get us past the post. Oh, and my Kiwi friend said after the game that she actually enjoyed it, in spite of the error-riddled display!
  9. Other thing in tomorrow's GC forecast is strong winds...
  10. Never fear! Rest assured he will fire up and play a blinder today. All our ex-players seem to find an extra gear when they come up against us!!
  11. Are you trying to suggest that, maybe, Preussy & Saty have something in common -- they are both 'armless...?? LOL
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