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  1. Na, mate. Now you're confusing "conservative" with "dems fik folks what dunno plain english"...!
  2. Thanks, IT. So, do you think he's acting more as a HFF? Or, possibly even Wing?
  3. Thanks for all the reports. Much appreciated! Just wondering about Hunt. Don't recall seeing too much mentioned about him. How's he travelling, and is he training with the Forwards? Cheers!
  4. Maybe we oughta call him "Buck Rogers"...
  5. Nice memories robbie!! Always good to keep the memory of our former greats alive!
  6. There's a list of MFC Royalty, if ever I saw one! Emselle & Townsend were both great Rovers. I seem to recall that they weren't both able to get on the park at the same time for long periods. First one of them had a long-term injury. And, just as he was returning to the field, the other one hit the long-term injury list. Anyone else remember that? (Or, is it just the Old-timer's disease kicking in again??)
  7. No, not related. Like with you, he was one of my favourite players back in the day. Just something about him appealed to me. So, was a natural name to pic for on here...
  8. Funny you should mention Bruce Andrew. I am in possession of a small booklet called "Australian Football Handbook". Its author is Bruce Andrew, Secretary of the Australian National Football Council. Dunno how old it is (as it doesn't have a print date), but the types of kicks that Bruce lists might give some clue to its age. The kicks listed are as follows: The Drop Kick, The Stab Kick, The Punt Kick, The Torpedo Punt Kick, and (I kid you not!!), The PLACE KICK!! LOL Bruce begins the section on this kick by saying "This is the most accurate kick of all -- especially when there is a head or cross wind blowing. It is favoured by some forwards when kicking for goal." (The last VFL player to kick a goal using the Place Kick was Tony Ongarello in 1955!!) And, no, no mention of the drop punt! Ah, nostalgia! (It aint what it used to be...! LOL)
  9. The VFL is a joke! Should be a full Reserves comp, with the fixtures mirroring the AFL fixture. (With games as curtain raisers to the seniors!) Yeah, I know. I'm completely delusional! Back under my rock!
  10. Might wanna refer to my "inside" info above... (no, not really, although I reckon it would be popular with many -- especially our DL track watchers...! LOL)
  11. "Getting smashed at a closed session" is open to interpretation! Could it be code for several frothy ones in the privacy of a Function Room at the Cranbourne Hotel...??
  12. LOL. Sounds like a cop out, to me, Andy! Time to get your hands dirty!
  13. So, there's just 3 blokes there -- Viney, TMac & Tomlinson??
  14. Kicking goals? A minor detail only... (not!)
  15. Thanks, BB. Nice report. I'm especially excited to hear that you are on the improve! When will you be back to full training? (Right arm glass lifts, I presume?)
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