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  1. This is gold! Big Preussy explaining in his own style how he did what he did to slow the game down as "good team play"! LOL
  2. Absolutely!! Totally unacceptable behaviour, Andy!! Hang your head in shame, young lad!!
  3. How come the Blue baggers can provide a video feed of their VFL side, and our lot can't?? Was great to watch, even if the video quality wasn't the greatest. Seems they took the commentary from Casey radio. Would be nice if our lot lifted their game and provided this kind of coverage for all Casey games...!
  4. Nah, Redleg! It's the MFC! He'll be named in the team, hobble around for the 1st 5 minutes of the game, and then be done for the day...!!
  5. True! But, they sure do it the most painful way possible for us poor supporters!
  6. Thanks, DZ. Was able to watch the 2nd half (and see for myself the woeful kicking for goal. Clearly no doubt they are aligned to MFC!!).
  7. How neat is that?! The coach doesn't tell Kyle directly, but does it via his brother!! That's nice! (Just a pity we're not playing the Doggies this weekend!) Will he maybe come in as Smith's replacement?
  8. He didn't bother yelling at the forwards. Just ran down there and showed them how to kick a big goal! Loved it!!
  9. There have been times, particularly late in games when the game has been on the line, where Trac has been seen to burst through packs with brute strength and force the ball forward. When he's in full flight like that, he's awesome to behold. So, there's no doubt he CAN do it. I guess we just want to see MORE of it, throughout games.
  10. What's wrong with that? If you're gonna stick a sausage on the Barbie, you gotta expect a little coating of carbon! Good for what ailes ya! LOL
  11. Hopefully still a bit of grass coverage on the arena?!!
  12. And, they used to play with only 16 players per side on the ground, with no wings. Wonder if the AFL have ever considered that as part of a congestion-busting strategy?
  13. I was trying to be nice, old boy!
  14. I beg your pardon, kind Sir! I'd forgotten about the good times! (Did they ever really happen? Or, was it all just a figment of our imagination??)
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