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  1. I hear you, BBP, and feel your pain. I'm afraid the whole world has gone stark raving mad! (The only exercise I get these days is shaking my head!)
  2. Thanks BBP. Yep, I'm not one of those horribly infected Victorians! We are clean & pure up this neck of the woods!
  3. Anyone got any clues how you procure tickets for the Melb-Freo game at Metricon on July 11?? I can't for the life of me see anything anywhere online. Supposedly, they can have a crowd of up to 6000. (Not that a Melb-Freo game on the GC would attract anything like those numbers! LOL)
  4. So, McKenna now testing NEGATIVE to the virus!! So, does that mean they stuffed up the original testing, and the game could have (should have) been played after all??!!!!!
  5. That website is a bleedin' joke! Can't find anything of any use very easily! And, the MFC site is just as bad...!!
  6. The crazy thing is that, when Fritta first came to the Club, he was a dead eye di*k in front of goal! What happened??
  7. Nice sub-plot to note that Nev ran out for his first game for the MFC with a Bennell beside him (Jamie). Today, he runs out for his 150th with another Bennell (Harley) running out for his first game with the MFC.
  8. I think you'll find he'll get his chances in the guts as part of the midfield rotations...
  9. Very proud of the boys! The Dees did it FAR better than anyone else! Had an actual SLIDE, and did it well! Good work by Trac. (Pity his side-kick, Brayshaw, got stuck half way down! Too funny!! Couldn't believe the best some clubs could come up with was a Wheelie Bin, or a buck of ice water!
  10. So, the powder blue training duds lasted all of -- ONE day?!!
  11. So, today would have been big Jimmy Stynes' 54th Birthday! I was alerted to the fact early this morning, when our local Community Radio Station on the Gold Coast ran a little tribute to the great man -- and followed it up by playing the Club Theme Song! Was a great way to start the day! I was so impressed, I called the announcer, and told him so. Then followed it up with an email, which he proceeded to read on air. Here's the text: Hi again, Baz. Further to our conversation a little earlier, I meant to also thank you for the tribute to Jimmy Stynes. He holds a very special place in the history of the Melbourne Footy Club, and is fondly remembered by all Dees Fans (and the greater footy community as well). He, sadly, was taken way too young! So, was a nice touch for you to remember him on air on his Birthday! So, thanks again! Anyway, keep up the good work, and spinning those great discs (especially like the Grand Old Flag! LOL)!
  12. Huh? What am I missing? I thought he signed a Contract...??
  13. Well, pigeons have wings, don't they??
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