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  1. Would that be Jack & the Beanstalk??
  2. Sparrows have only small wings...
  3. I'm having some difficulty getting my head around the idea of a "powerful sparrow". Somehow, those words just don't seem to belong together...!
  4. Ya get that when these young dudes don't pull up their dacks properly!
  5. I was gonna post the same thing! Striking similarity (from some angles, at least...!)
  6. You're a champion, LH! I was psyching myself up to do the hard yards like what you've done. You saved me! Many thanks!
  7. Thanks, Clint. The Club one doesn't have dates/times, but, as you say, closest we've seen so far. Cheers!
  8. Anyone come across a simple one page WORD doc or PDF of just the MFC fixture? I'm blowed if I can find one this year!
  9. Yes I would, if I could, I surely would...
  10. I think things may have mellowed over time. I remember attending a QB match several years ago where they honoured Woey with a pre-game lap. Was supposedly a combined thing, given he'd played for both clubs. My memory aint what it used to be. But, I'm pretty sure his son, who was also in the car, was wearing a Melb jumper... In fact, I seem to recall TWO kids in the car, and BOTH wearing Melb jumpers, which I thought at the time was a bit of a tick for MFC and a dig at C'wood. Anyone else remember that??
  11. Yep. An absolute [censored]!! Who, in their right mind, would give up the role of MFC Runner to Coach an opposition side?!! (And, to several Premierships to boot!!)
  12. You volunteering, KoD? Would at least add spice to the pre-season training reports! I can see the headline now: "Kiss of Death needs the Kiss of Life after his first 50 metre sprint waddle."
  13. Where would we be without "Frost-Ball"?? One of the few things left that I look forward to in our games. Frosty gets hold of the ball, and takes off like a headless chook. Always fun to see what happens next...!! (And, as a bonus, a lot of his kicks of late have actually hit their target!) He's a keeper for mine!
  14. Yes, another of the old firm has departed the scene. So very sad. I'm afraid old Father Time is catching up with us all. My sister turned 71 yesterday. I wished her a belated Happy 21st (albeit a full half Century late!) Condolences to Bluey's family.
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