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  1. To play 320 games without being reported means he's no sniper. In a footy sense, someone who's a sniper does their work underhanded, pre-mediated and behind the play and cameras would have caught him long before this if he was doing anything of the sort. In the last two weeks his two similar reports have been careless, clumsy and stupid, but they were not underhanded, pre-meditated or even behind the play. Whether he should have got a holiday, got fined or got off is open to debate -and for such a brilliant footballer, he is certainly a polarising figure to fans. However he is certainly not a sniper.
  2. Ironically without 6-6-6, we would not have won Saturday’s game. A goal behind with 49 seconds left on the clock, previously Gold Coast could have just stacked their backline and made it virtually impossible for us to score twice in that time. While the jury is still out on a number of fronts, it at least gives a team a chance in this last gasp situation.
  3. It was a passing comment from King and not really dwelt on. My feeling when he said it was that he would prefer him coming from midfield and going forward hitting up forwards rather than half back moving towards midfield. I don't think he had him already camping inside 50. Agree inside 50s are often set up from half back, but not always. His reasoning was our inside 50s are so poor changing things up couldn't hurt by using our best kick to give our forwards a chance. Times like this it would be good to have two Salems!
  4. King wasn't suggesting Salem be a target but more that he hits up targets from forward of centre rather than from further back. And yes we obviously lose something from the backline, however our delivery inside 50 is our biggest achilles at the moment. Must be worth a try - he can always be moved back again.
  5. David King made an interesting comment in last night’s Fox Footy call. He said Salem should be playing forward of centre as he looks like the only one who can be relied on to hit a target. Don’t disagree with that- although it could be robbing Peter to pay Paul. However at the moment Paul needs all the help he can get!
  6. Daniel Menzel has elite talent, no question. Jack Watts has elite talent also, as does Jeff Garlett. What none of them have is ability or desire to apply the forward pressure required in today's game. In Menzel's case, he may never have had it, I don't know, but four knee reconstructions mounts a case as to why he may not have enough confidence in his knees to do it. Ex- Geelong players at our club, Matthew Egan, Max Rooke, maybe even Shannon Byrnes and Brendan McCartney may know him well enough to know. Simon Goodwin has a game plan very much built around forward pressure. Jack Watts is gone, Garlett is teetering and yet both have more talent than say the likes of vandenBerg, coming off a longterm injury and Spargo, a kid who doesn't yet get enough off the ball, who while deficient in some areas, perform the non-negotiables of tackling and applying pressure. If a player in the 22 doesn't perform these non-negotiables, then the fabric of the team starts to fray at this one seam and then the rest can begin to rip and has to be patched as Watts and Garlett have found out the hard way. I have much respect for Daniel Menzel's elite talents and admire how he has been able to resurrect his career, however I don't think he fits what we are trying to build and would send a wrong message to the rest of the list. Having seen him interviewed, as a person he comes across as likeable, humble and grateful to those who have supported him on his journey and I really hope he finds an AFL lifeline somewhere.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong - but if Watts has a contract and he wants to stay, the club has to keep him and can't trade him against his will. Having said that he may decide to move on rather than stay under a coach who doesn't want him. For all the speculation and with absolutely no insight, I can't help but feel this is reverse psychology being used to try and stoke his fire although I know some will argue that there is no fire left to stoke. He would not be the first AFL player to be on the brink and then stay. He still may be of greater value to us than what we can get for him and as the best ball user and decision maker with ball in hand in the team, I hope he stays.
  8. After the shattering loss to Collingwood, I am perversely pleased we didn't get there in the end. To rely on other teams, West Coast and Essendon losing to sneak us in, would have been a travesty after our insipid game against the Pies. The players need to learn that nothing can be gifted and that they need to do it themselves for themselves and also for us, their long suffering supporters. I actually think that this will stand them in better stead for next year rather than having limped in, likely gone out in Week One and then feeling like they had achieved something. As the enormity of this lost opportunity sinks in, hopefully the disappointment will galvanize them all to have the pre-season of their lives and to work as hard as hell on the skill and mental deficiencies that left us where it did. Nothing but hard work and that burning in the gut will redeem what might have been this year. The determination to make next year the year they really arrive should be their sole focus and mantra. Simon Goodwin will have learnt much about the list under his first full season as Senior Coach playing the game style that he is drilling into them - as well as assessing this game style and evaluating his own performance as coach and the coaching panel in general. The trade and draft periods will also be crucial as holes are filled and not wall-papered over. Having said all the above, we have made giant strides this year under often trying circumstances and let's not forget that. Jesse Hogan had the season from hell yet gave us a lazy 6 coming back from a busted collarbone to remind us not only of his talents, but his desire to succeed and contribute to the team as they pushed for September. Jack Viney played under duress most of the season, particularly in the final few rounds before succumbing - and a tilt in the finals potentially without these two (or playing them injured) would have got us nowhere. They can both now have a rest and full pre-seasons. Losing Gawn and Jones and others for significant periods also didn't help yet unlike previous years we didn't really fall away. The talented younger end of our list is improving and perhaps ready to explode. We are still mostly a very young playing group who have not played many games together. We won two more games this year than last and should have won at least three others and were in winning positions in the last quarter in all our losses bar one or two. The loss to North in Hobart was my biggest disappointment bar the last game. Our percentage remained over 100% all season and when on song we played some exhilarating football. However most teams no doubt lost games they could have won and this should be factored in. However it was our inability to bury teams when in a position to do so that really needs to be addressed, particularly against the lower teams - which good sides do bury. We will need to keep improving and significantly - as all the teams below us, except maybe Fremantle and Gold Coast, also seem very capable of pushing upwards next year. The competition is ruthless, nothing is a given - as the players have now found out the hard way. It is in their hands to make sure that the football world knows that they really do have what it takes to succeed and that the ultimate disappointment of this year was only part of the learning curve and merely a blip on their way to greatness. I await their response.
  9. Thanks for the detailed analysis of this year's rankings - you have put much thought and work into it. I would just like to seek to clarify your rankings. Are they based on output to date this season or by importance to the team, with an eye on any future development - or even a combination of the these? While I agree with many of your rankings, Max's output has been decimated by his injury so number 3 is too high based on output, however his importance to the team and what we may have achieved had he not been injured makes him arguably 1, 2 or 3 in importance. And poor old Cam Pedersen has been relegated to 30 on your list but based on output to date since he came in and his importance to the structure, particularly in the absence of Gawn and Spencer, would have him rocket up the list to perhaps ahead of Bernie Vince. You qualified your ranking of him by inferring that if he was 20, then he may have been rated higher, but if we are looking purely on 2017 alone and not on past or likely future performances, then he has to be much higher on your list. He has also played one more game than Jesse Hogan who is ranked 11, who for various and obvious reasons has not performed as well as Pedersen. Again it's performance versus importance versus potential. Of all your other rankings, you could argue for players to be placed one to a handful of rungs above or below where you have them, but for me anyway, the Pedersen one is the only big anomaly. Well done though on a great exercise, and it will be interesting to see, albeit with half a season to play out, how this aligns with the B & F placings and whether your own rankings change much after the season is over - hopefully deep in September!
  10. I've just taken out the Lifetime Subscription and should have done it ages ago. I don't contribute much but read the site daily and really happy to support the massive work you do for us diehards (deehards?) Thanks for giving us all the forum to voice, to vent and to celebrate.
  11. I think there are a few psychologists that do follow this club.
  12. I have absolutely nothing to base this on, and have also been on the Darcy Parish bandwagon, however I'm now wondering whether Sam Weideman is in the frame for pick 3. I think Jesse Hogan would love to have another big young tall come through the ranks with him, forming in time a lethal tandem attack. To my mind Weideman is unlikely to still be there at pick 7 and he also appears to be another competitive beast in the Hogan mould and thereby may help excite Jesse enough to sign long term. Preliminary discussions with Jesse apparently laid out the club's future strategy which were according to that article received positively by him, and I would bet it included the key signing of a partner-in-crime. Weideman may be an injury risk from his own article, but hey - so was Joel Selwood at his time of drafting. We wouldn't need to rush him till he is physically ready anyway - and just develop him properly as we now have the scope to do. We just can't wait another 12 months to add a key forward that may not be there anyway unless you trade for one - and who would unlikely be an A grader - we need to develop our own, like Jesse Hogan - and hopefully Sam Weideman. With Dawes not performing and much older, Pederson handy but not the future, Watts not competitive enough and more a third tall anyway, TMac while a possibility in the forward line - probably needed elsewhere, OMac, Frost and King still very much unproven, we need to bite this bullet the more I think about it. This pick number 3 needs to be something out of the box, hopefully setting us up for a generation in the key tall forward department with Hogan, and as much as Darcy Parish looks impressive and will be a top player, his kind is more available and his lack of size may also count against him. Weideman from the recent article has also played alongside Petracca and there seems to be a rapport there too. Taylor may be prepared to risk Parish getting through to pick 7 which he won't - and instead be more than happy to take Clayton Oliver who likely will slip to at least 7 and is probably more the size of the new midfield prototype anyway. He has stormed through the field after a sluggish start to take the Morrish and looks to have a great upside to work with - and is another big competitor! We just need an outright specialist key forward and an outright specialist midfielder in this draft. As I said I have no real idea - but after consulting the tea-leaves, this to me anyway now logically makes some sense. But who knows what the recruiters think? And they have done far more homework than I have!
  13. Hence the exclamation mark so that that part could be seen as a bit tongue-in-cheek - but hey that's ok. As far as Watts and others being eligible to play for Casey tomorrow, I'm guessing that as both the seniors and Casey are playing this weekend there is still a natural selection process even though Casey's game is a final. This wouldn't usually occur but the AFL finishes a week later this year. It would be the case for all VFL teams if so. So maybe the number of games to qualify rules don't apply this weekend. As I said I am guessing though so perhaps KC or someone could clarify. And as stated above, a late change could well bring Jack Watts back into the team tomorrow. Nathan Jones must be highly doubtful for one.
  14. Conspiracy theories will abound over the coming weeks that Jack Watts may well be put up for trade. However to me it seems a little strange to drop him for the last game if trying to maintain his trade value. Jeremy Howe could similarly have been dropped several times for indifferent form during the season but wasn't. Again theories on keeping up Howe's trade worth were touted as reasons for not doing so if he chose to leave - or the club wished to move him on. My theory on Howe was that they were keen to get him to 100 games in case a spring-heeled baby with a great work ethic came along and we could take him as a father-son! My theory on the dropping of Watts is that while his form has been better in the second half of the season, he still has some work to do over the summer and the clear message is for him to not get too comfortable in his own skin. McCartney and Goodwin have put alot of work into him in terms of improving his competitiveness and the results were starting to show. He is such a great decision maker and user of the ball, I would be disappointed to let go what the team has been crying out for in that regard. This may also send the same message to the rest of the playing group that there is still much to be done and everyone needs to improve. If Jack was sick or sore for this week's game, I think he would have been listed as such. His eligibility for free agency next year and Roos' views on potentially trading away a year before only adds intrigue to the situation. I hope he stays.
  15. I know someone who knows the Watts family. I was with him at the game with yesterday and it was touch and go whether Jack would play. He was being assessed right through till game time. However I was also told it was more a migraine than the flu for him.
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