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  1. I support the club as I do family or friends, so yes, I'll always renew. Fair weather 'supporters' can [censored] right off.
  2. https://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/afl/jack-pot-numbers/news-story/4438f83bfa5ba85fafa475b7210d1aee?sv=c6f899c993ced28eb488af168026af34
  3. If he puts on 5 or 6kgs and grew 1cm he'd be exactly the same size as AMT.
  4. For those who have seen him play for Casey, what can we expect?
  5. Sorry if a re-post. Just saw it on Reddit. Playing with fire!
  6. I'm overseas and finally managed to find somewhere to watch when score was 11.5.71 to 6.4.40 From that point on we scored 1.11 to 8.2 I believe I jinxed us
  7. About time there was something else to be outraged about. Far too much positivity over the last two days.
  8. Same Still kicking myself for staying at home for the 2008 game vs Fremantle. Haven't missed a match since. Edit... OMac & JWag in for Viney & Weid
  9. At the ground so missed any commentary, but was TMac injured during the game or did he go in bad? Every time I paid any attention to what he was doing he was walking/running with a limp.
  10. Ah, yep. Actually not too displeased with the team this week... on paper.
  11. Frost the only tall defender vs Reiwoldt/Lynch?
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