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  1. Audience in attendance so far is heavily skewed in favour of the... well, 'older' demographic. I wonder if the bloke from the AGM is here who asked... 7. Why are the beer prices at the bar so expensive?
  2. I'd be very happy with McBean. Sokol looks good, but at 186cm he's not KPP size so doesn't really help fill that particular void on our list.
  3. Have we cooled on Murray or just taking our time? The first DFA window closes on Monday and I'm getting a bit impatient waiting for something to happen.
  4. Not sure if I'm more or less enthused after watching that. Certainly got pace which is good, but his disposal looks a bit too much like we already have plenty of.
  5. Sooooo..... someone else can still take him then, as with Hannath?
  6. Just for those such as myself who aren't completely across all the various recruitment methods/rules, does this development mean that subject to him getting through everything successfully, he is 100% ours now? Or is there still a chance the likes of Geelong could still pinch him?
  7. You must be new here. That is Demonland 101
  8. If we take a punt, he comes to us and it doesn't work out, I'd still be happy we took the punt. Shows we are no longer going to sit back and take all the safe "good citizen" / "injury free" options.
  9. Admittedly I haven't seen a lot of Tomlinson, but I've been interested to see various media outlets describe him & Langdon as helping to solve our outside run issues. Langdon, I can see that, but Tomlinson? The KPPish size guy who was pinch hitting in the ruck during the finals?
  10. Plan B if we can't get into Martins ear?
  11. Yep. Just need to get it done. Last club we need to be wasting all trade week with (and giving another club the chance to swoop in) is Freo
  12. I think a player we've really missed this season is Pederson. Didn't set the world on fire and not really a master of any position, but he helped plug gaps when needed and gave us some flexibility. Tomlinson from what I've seen is similar. Can help in the ruck, can play down back, kicked 12.4 last season so apparently not a complete fish out of water up forward either. 194cm, 96kg, just turned 26. I don't really see the downside.
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