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  1. I'm overseas and finally managed to find somewhere to watch when score was 11.5.71 to 6.4.40 From that point on we scored 1.11 to 8.2 I believe I jinxed us
  2. About time there was something else to be outraged about. Far too much positivity over the last two days.
  3. Same Still kicking myself for staying at home for the 2008 game vs Fremantle. Haven't missed a match since. Edit... OMac & JWag in for Viney & Weid
  4. At the ground so missed any commentary, but was TMac injured during the game or did he go in bad? Every time I paid any attention to what he was doing he was walking/running with a limp.
  5. Ah, yep. Actually not too displeased with the team this week... on paper.
  6. Frost the only tall defender vs Reiwoldt/Lynch?
  7. Luke Darcy was saying the same thing this morning. Getting a downgrade to one week was a "good result" because we "all want to see the stars of the game playing"... Deadset joke.
  8. Oh please. Would it not be extremely poor list management if we didn't have a half decent backup for Max? If we went with a small forward or outside runner instead of Preuss, who are our genuine ruck options if Max goes down? Preuss will be fine once he gets fit, and he's got the best ruck in the comp to show him how.
  9. These threads are depressing and I have no desire to read all 9 pages. 2nd quarter aside we were total crap, but I can only hope someone has raised the absolutely disgraceful umpiring, again. How many 50/50 calls did they get (that we didn't!) that directly resulted in goals? Livid
  10. +1 Preuss is not match fit. Yes it was @#$%ing hot in Shepparton but he was cooked 3/4 of the way through the FIRST quarter, FFS. AND he dropped everything that came his way. Defintely not the answer to our current problems.
  11. When are umpires going to learn to be seen and not heard? They are there to officiate the game, not be a part of it, FFS! Sick of watching a game or attending a game and the umpires being a major talking point afterwards.
  12. Ah, right then! Though think there must still be some running as saw a Hurstbridge bound train stopping at Jolimont to drop a load off
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