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  1. Also by those of us who are in Melbourne, but can't make it. Thanks all!
  2. Have a look at the size of the mits on Rivers
  3. I knew about Byron obviously. Dont know about Uncle Nev!
  4. Some more videos here, including a couple from the combine: https://sanfl.com.au/draft-pick/kysaiah-pickett/ Apologies if posted previously.
  5. At least they didn't announce the top 10 in reverse order this time.
  6. My MFCSS instinct told me they weren't happy tears, shes upset he'll be on other side of country and will be in his ears for 3 years to come home... 😕 Wrapt to have him though. Exactly what we need zipping around up forward, capitalising on all the entries we never seem to make the most of.
  7. I don't get the some of the angst. We still have two selections in the top 10 I'd imagine who we want at 8 will.probably still be there at 10 We've upgraded our third selection from 97 > 28 🤔
  8. Surely a bit less of a lottery than having 97 as our third selection?
  9. Because 22 was previously ours and if I'm of the correct understanding we can't receive back a pick that's already been traded out
  10. I didn't catch the name when mentioned at the forum, but Burgess rates highly and said "anything <name> doesn't know about sport science isn't worth knowing". Assume it was this fella?
  11. In response to a question re the role for Jones next season, Goodwin said they want to play him high forward Apologies if already mentioned, but something else I liked hearing from Burgess is that he doesnt want players running laps at training. He wants them ball in hand, getting into the drills, skill work.. etc
  12. They said they had several people present for the role and Stafford was far and away the best.
  13. Yep, massive cringe at that one. The guy seemed pretty proud of himself afterwards. Someone asked re Jones and his role moving forward considering he played a bit on the wing and we've brought in two wingers in Langdon & Tomlinson. Goodwin said theyll be looking to play Jones high forward next season. Also wanted Fritsch off the wing and up forward too. Few questions re forward line, and (to me at least) they seem pretty ok with what we have. Petty, TMac & Weid as the talls, Fritsch, Melksham, Hannan and co as the support. Also said Petracca will spend more time in middle, but we've heard that before so I guess wait and see.
  14. Audience in attendance so far is heavily skewed in favour of the... well, 'older' demographic. I wonder if the bloke from the AGM is here who asked... 7. Why are the beer prices at the bar so expensive?
  15. I'd be very happy with McBean. Sokol looks good, but at 186cm he's not KPP size so doesn't really help fill that particular void on our list.
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