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  1. Big move, pick 4 & 8 this year is excellent. miss out next year on a first rounder.
  2. Good, lets take pick 3, take Hayden Young, look at getting a small at 26 and a tall with out 3rd. Keep a pick for the pre-season or rookie draft and get on with getting the club back on the road.
  3. If we dont take what we dont have and its available at 3 then we are silly. Young is the one we cant afford to miss out on a skillful and quick player. I will be really flat if we dont go with him.
  4. So, Lets just imagine this for a minute, Tom gets injured again.. Weid just does not come on, no Tim Smith, Petty has played 5 games.. and we dont want to get a replacement to have in the wings. Its actually irresponsible and daft to not be going after a big bodied fwd who can kick goals or provide a target. We lost Hogan last year and we will enter a second year without replacing him. Its very frustrating, and what point in the year will the cries come for wish we had a Bruce or a Jenkins.. i reckon after R4 after Goals of 9, 11, 8 & 7 in the first 4 rounds.
  5. I imagine it would not be alot. but id be very surprised now if he ended up with us. Which off the back of a year where we struggled to kick goals we will have failed to address another back up fwd and a small crumbing fwd.. seems pretty strange to me.
  6. Ok, i get it, you dont want him.
  7. Yeah there is an element of that for sure, but the club as much to blame as anyone on this, they created an environment that caused players alot of unhappiness in their workplace, some voiced it publicly some in house.
  8. I cant understand why there would be a reluctance to pop JJ on the list for 2 years. Honestly, the moment we got rid of Cam Ped, we found that we lacked that experienced big bodied footballer. I think Fritsch can kick 30 goals which will be a bonus and a fit Melk could offer 25+ but i still think we need a good back up player.
  9. Use pick 3 - get the third best player in the pool (Young for me). Add Langdon and AT, possibly a Jenkins / Butler type and other picks for the draft to go for pace. Its a good refresh, add them to fit players, second year draftees and get on with business.
  10. It really is a no brainer.. he would be paid the minimum wage. He kicks goals, holds a structure as he never leaves the fwd line and while some people only see the negative Joe the goose goals, i tend to just see the goals, and for a team who couldnt kick any last year, then i cant see the downside.
  11. In June in 2016, Buckenara said the Dees were the closest team outside the 8. Cool Story Gary, you such an expert that no team wants you involved in list management anymore.
  12. Demon3

    Tom Cutler

    Really hop e he is on our radar, upgarde on a player like stretch, and thats what we need to do, upgrade our bottom 6.
  13. Im with you both, we will be better, we have to many good players to be a bottom 8 side. I think we bounce and we bounce into the 8.
  14. Mitch Cleary, reporting on trade radio that although both clubs have said its not happening, he believes there still might be something in it.. Journos hey! But you never never know in an industry where lying is the second language. But i think its 1000-1.
  15. All good LH, I probably didn't explain it to well. Certainly agree that Goody needs help, Hopefully Richo can do that and i hope he himself can step up and loosen up.
  16. i didn't say he overstepped at all, i just think they relied on him to much and stripping it back isn't such a bad thing IMO, there are way to many coaches at a football club as it stands. Look who knows, we will possibly get a strategic coach, but maybe, just maybe, the coach might end up being that. Who knows.
  17. Demon3

    Tom Papley

    Yeah it does and i guess its where the points thing make sit a bit more complicated (im no expert in that field) , i just reckon on face value pick 3 should get you a pick in the top 10.. not sure how that happens. I tend to think we will split the pick now that we missed out on Elliott.
  18. I think there in lies the problem, Jennings became the brains trust for the lot and not the actual coach. I reckon they are stripping it back.
  19. Demon3

    Tom Papley

    I just reckon pick 3 is worth more than 12 & 18. i think we would need at least to stay in the top 10 for one of the picks.
  20. I take it that the Jennings role wont be replaced and it will be just a line coach to be added.
  21. Interesting indeed, but realistically the only way we can get involved in a Papley discussion is if we split the pick, and will have to be terr than pick 9 as thats Carlton's first pick.
  22. I think if we give Freo P22 for Langdon, which i think is totally fair, its probably spot on, then we will split the pick. 2 picks in the first round.
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