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  1. Actually Garry is also a 5 time All Aus rep as well, only him and Barassi have done that for MFC. Maxy will go close to that for sure.
  2. What a mess our year really was when i had more faith in Frosty than i did most of our players. Its a credit to him though and a slight on the rest of our team. I love his competitiveness and want to do well, others could do far worse than applying those traits when its not going well for you. Never once did i see him give up. Should finish top 5 in our BnF IMO. Must hold onto him.
  3. All good Rusty, i think one thing we are unanimous on is that we need another good small fwd. Lets hope they prioritize it.
  4. I agree Wiseblood, sadly I think the likelihood of KK playing any really good consistent footy for us is a long shot which is a shame and of course i hope im wrong.
  5. I think Jeff was legit small forward who had years of 40 goals plus for us, to me that's a genuine crumber / small fwd. but yeah we desperately need a dynamic game changing fwd, will be very interesting to see how much we value it now that Jeff has retired. The ones we have are not dynamic, Bedford is a mile off it, Chandler is a work in progress but needs to have year of VFL where his goal kicking just kicks the door down.
  6. Thats the key, could wina one on one on the wing then run. The small guys can sometimes half the contest but then its either a stoppage or a turnover which halts all momentum.
  7. Yep, would have him, offer him 2 years. We need another player in the Fwd line that can help T-Mac and Weid (possibly) He takes a big defender to play on him, and form considered, he probably takes the 1 02 defender, frees up others. Why not. Nothing should be shot down without proper investigation and thought.
  8. excuse my ignorance but whats the go with rookies? like Dec Kielty is a Rookie? does that free up a spot on the list or just something we have to fill with another Rookie? Does that even make sense?
  9. So 4 gone, do we see another 4 going? and who will they be? Tim Smith, JKH, a Wagner?, Stretch, ANB, O Mac? you would think 8 will be a good number. 5 in the draft, 2 trades and maybe a FA?
  10. Excellent post. Please forward to the geniuses at the MFC.
  11. Viney does, but it disappeared with injury and confidence and the leadership (even more reason to take captaincy off him) and Oliver is to busy laughing on the ground and trying to be liked by his opponents.
  12. Hard to argue with any of it!
  13. Couldn't agree more LN, loved Jeffy and his time at the Dees, he was electric and had such good goal sense. Wish him all the best. A Demon forever.
  14. Jeff and Keilty gone. Really sad about Jeff. i was a big fan and he had more goal sense then most of players we have on our list. On his day he was pretty electric. Thanks for your contribution Jeff. a Demon forever.
  15. Now that it looks like we are thinking about splitting the pick to get 2 picks in the first round id imagine if we do this Young will be gone by the time our first pick comes around. Its a smart move if there is good depth in the top 20. Im not sure if there is. I will be angry if we miss out on a really highly skilled beautiful kick though, its what we desperately need.
  16. No, not a metaphor, but interesting turn of events.. https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-08-27/pick-no2-on-the-table-dees-looking-to-split-their-top-selection
  17. Salem became a liability in the last 8 weeks of the season. A season that started with so much purpose and promise.
  18. Must admit i dont know a lot about Karl. Is he outside, does he use it well and is he quick? because if he aint all of those 3 then forget about it.
  19. I think you will find we will abort our obsession on Contested footy over the pre season, its a game plan that doesn't translate to winning games. I would go and get Shaun Higgins for Sure, he is such a clever footballer who coul dhave 3 more good years liek Shaun Burgoyne playing outside and using the ball with his elite skills.
  20. Yeah we was for sure i agree with you., he is a midfielder for sure, my point is we are not trading Oliver, Harmes wont get us anything decent, Viney a bit the same and he isnt getting traded (whether people want it or not- will never happen) Trac has strings to his bow and Sparrow is an investment, so he is the tradeable commodity, best case scenario is he isnt traded and we keep him and he ha sthe mental fortitude to come back and go to the next level.
  21. That is spot on about Small Fwds. We are only a smart trade and draft period from a real refresh on the playing list and adding things we didn't have this season. Then the rest is up to the players and teh coaches to make it work.
  22. I dont think they can, plus we have Tom Sparrow in the wings who is also an inside Mid. Add Trac to the mix and we have a lot of the same players. You would want Salem to go through the middle as well, Jones is still going to be there by the looks of things. Harmes played Back on the weekend and looked good, Viney cant play much else but the middle, you want Oliver in there as much, so maybe brayshaw is the expendable one?
  23. This is our guy for sure. We are not getting Anderson. we need to take Young, get langdon, and chase Cutler as well. That takes us from a slow side with out outside run and skill to a side that has that.
  24. I think Angus is a good player and if i was forced to choose, i would rather keep him i think (although i am constantly changing my mind) I'm not anti Viney like alot of people on here, i think he is one of a rare player on our list that has that competitive mindset, now it can hinder at times, but i love seeing him in and among st it. Take the captaincy off him and tell him to concentrate on his game. His job on Cunnington was great, People wanting him traded is fair enough, but its never ever going to happen.
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