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  1. Calling it! cant win a game if we cant get the ball or try to get it back. Pressure and tackling are shocking. we have taken 3 big steps fwd this year, today we are tacking one back!
  2. hold our structure.. man, i will need a good physio after this game because i have not stopped shaking my head since this game has started. not calling it yet, but wont be long.
  3. If we're as good as we think, we should have a plan B.
  4. tackling is for life, not just for xmas boys.. it has to be EVERY week.
  5. out played and out coached in the first qtr. Bailey's good few weeks could stand for nothing if he is reactive and not pro active!
  6. not allowing corridor footy. we need to be smart or we will look like one trick pony's!
  7. Shocking start, shocking game. We are flat as the proverbial Sh!t carters hat!
  8. Lighten up Rhino, its good to see Col out there and any demon player, no matter what the vehicle.
  9. No. to make top we have to beat geelong, st kilda, dogs, collingwood. mmmm, still no, but top 8 is something to aim for. funny season, would not have thought that 4 weeks ago. i will be happy for 6-8 wins and then who knows.
  10. Another big call, Its a nice big call though, Chip is getting better, no doubt about it, and i think he could be AA in a couple of years. dont forget Reiwoldt should have kicked 6 on him last week, so some perspective is needed.
  11. Dude, im no prude, but i reckon your avatar is pretty poor. think you could do better. She is no angel, but i think we (dee supporters) are classier than that.
  12. to borrow a line from the hunters and collectors... true tears of joy. what a great time to be a demon!
  13. Dwayne wont be calling this weekend, so we can breathe a sigh of Releif. Matthew Campbell will call.
  14. i agree with you about Dwayne usually.. it is obvious to hellen Keller that he hates Melbourne, his pathetic rant on Jack Watts last night on AW's sports tonight was just horrible and frankly a little embarrasing for him, it is time he got over it. In saying that, i reckon he has called really well on the demon games the last few weeks.
  15. Melbourne does just not rate on FTA or Fox for that matter. its sad but true. And as soon as they become a team that has more good games then bad, then i am afraid we will be on Pay. Not saying i agree, but they are the facts. we have a small supporter base and have been a rabble in terms of wins for some years now. If you look back on our history of big games on FTA its not a very bright picture.
  16. yeah not sure, i agree with the OX, having him at the club makes me feel better. Love him!
  17. Yep spot on Rogue, was going to say the same thing. You only hear from Connells when we need to divert the attention away from our poor form or something negative.. He is probably working on new material, hoping he never has to use it!!
  18. I think he has been really good. he plays tall and small. I dont get why he is under some scrutiny in here. Experianced and a cool head. here to stay i would think!
  19. Yeah, Scully has had his best game for sure, did all the right things, Allthough i must admit mate, i reckon he stuffed a couple handballs up, so dont get to carried away. Brett Lovett wasa fine handballer. All good though!
  20. Look fwd to Footy Classified tomorrow night. I know Lyon does not think much of Sheedy at all and they have had a long history of jibes at each other, i expect G to return serve tomorrow night, actually i almost guarantee it!
  21. Show still rates, and while alot dont like it, there are plenty that do. I reckon people take it waaaaaay to seriously. A show that keeps rating like that after 15 years is doing more things right than they are wrong. For what its worth, i reckon last nights show was ordinary, but on a whole i have enjoyed it this year!
  22. Demon3

    Ricky Petterd

    I dont think the club would "Rig the B&F" for the sake of boosting market price. very weird comment!
  23. He was screaming for the ball when he did find space and it wasn't honored alot, he seems to be playing a style that doesn't suit or isn't expected by the players around him. Calling for the ball further down the field that where and to whom the resultant kick goes to or leading to a side of the ground the ball doesn't end up going to Sometimes with really smart footballers they struggle a bit in the lower levels as they dont get the service of the pill delivered to them than more adept and smarter players in senior level will deliver. Watts is no doubt in my opinion only playing to get some games under his belt, and while i know D-Bay has stated a few times that players have to earn their spot, i reckon watts will come in soon and we will see some of his footballing smarts come to the fore.
  24. Demon3


    Thats a great call. I reckon he would be. I love having a player down back that when the ball goes down there you can rely on him to win more often than not. Smart, Brave and Skillful. Great hallmarks of past Demon Champions!
  25. Lynch Has Gold Coast written all over him!
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