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  1. I heard not long ago that pick 3 will head west to Freo, leaving us with 7,8 & 10. 3 picks inside the top 10. Cue.. who's your source and all that, but thats from someone who would have a good idea.
  2. Demon3

    Jack Martin

    I am on the record as saying Jack Martin is no where near the what he is being valued at. the only thing that's going to affect us is the perceived public and media scrutiny for not "taking a risk" or "having some pills" to draft him. Stuff that, i guarantee Martin will never win a game for you, would rather draft Jack Newnes.
  3. Realistically, out of our delistings and trades only one player was really best 22 and that is because of circumstance in Frost. So we clear out: Lewis, Maynard, Garlett, Stretch, JKH, Keilty, Smith, Walker &Frost and we Bring in 2 best 22 players in Tomlinson & Langdon, add that 2 top 10 picks and possibly a DFA then our list has improved significantly.
  4. Its Young.. then one of Stephens, Kemp or Weightman i m imagine, they are the players that fit. Assuming Serong will go at 5, 6 or 7.
  5. I like all the players (even the ones that really frustrate me...) and i feel for them when there time ends, but the facts are they both had chances to make it, especially JKH and they have both shown they are excellent VFL players but offer little in the AFL.
  6. Not a shock, but both are better footballers than ANB.
  7. We will really regret not taking this kid at 3.. he has skill,poise and speed. i would say they are 3 of our biggest hole o n the list. We simply cant ignore whats we need and when its on offer for us.
  8. 100% with you on this, also good overhead as well. I think he should be a legitimate option. Will be better with another pre season under his belt, and like all small fwds are better when we have function talls.. thats the issue i think.
  9. Yep, that would not surprise me at all. its an awful rag each Journo with their own agenda and egos out of control.
  10. The HS rankings were embarrassing and the "Journos" at the joint are an absolute mess, they think they are bigger than the game, they no longer write stories about what has happened, its all about ramifications and putting themselves on TV or radio. Its a 2 bit rag run by 2-bit operators.
  11. We didn't take a calculated risk with Jenkins when we should have IMO but i really like what we have done. 2 first rounders inside the top 10 is perfect for this club that has not had a lot of top end talent lately. Langdon is a great pick up and i think Tomlinson make sour bottom 6 stronger, and that's the key, upgrading your depth because we have the talent. My concern is we dont have a first rounder next year, which potentially could be embarrassing, but we back ourselves in to rebound. B.
  12. Demon3

    Jack Martin

    His price of $700k will rule us out, its apipe dream, plus he is not a $700k per year player. He has lovely skills but i honestly cannot remember seeing him rip a game a part, in fact i cant even really remember watching him play and thinking this guy is a gun. Bailey Fritsch is everything and can be more Jack Martin is and we already have him.
  13. Yep, they may need that, thats exactly why we hold the aces, if they dont want to give us that then its 3 & 8 for us.
  14. yes, good point, pick 40 will be pivotal in the bidding for Green. Something else then please.
  15. That's true, im not pretending to know anything but i am coming from this as an outsider and its my opinion that it seems silly after not addressing issues after the prelim loss that we are not addressing another issue. JM says theya re backing in the fwd line of 2018 where we were the number 1 scoring side, thats great, but what if we end up having a 2019 season.
  16. I dont think it will be aplayer, not this late. It will be Pick 6 and next years First. As i have said, we need a bit more i think, GWS need this more than we need it, so let them pay the price. if we gave up 3 picks for 1 with North, then we need to extract the same from GWS pick 3 for 3 picks (6, 40 & 2020 1st rounder)
  17. So there are quite a fe won here that say Jenkins is no good, no one wants him and the Crows want him out so why would we want him. Well the Cats are going to swoop on him, for 200K a year. But no, we dont need a big fwd for a couple of years as a back up in case our star fwds TMac a defender turned fwd who has had one good year as a fwd and has injury history and a speculative talent in Weid who i could count on one hand the "Good" games he has had, and Petty, a dude who has played about 5 games.. Seriously, we are not a team who can afford to pass on bargains like this. As Nick Reiwoldt said this morning, there are 45 players on the list, Josh Jenkins would take 1 spot and could prove to be a great asset for a couple of years! Its crazy we have not had a good go at him.
  18. I think we get 2 good players with 6 & 8 still so its good, i think we need to somehow get back mor ethan just p6 7 next years first rounder.We hold the whip hand here, so if we are going to help GWS out and make no mistake, we are helping them out, we are helping last years Grand Finalists become even better so that has to be taken into account, we need to ask for: GIVE: PICK 3 GET: PICK 6, PICK 40 & FUTURE FIRST PICK 2020 They wont hand over a player, its counter productive for them. we will miss out on Young if we trade pick 3 so we need to be strong on this.
  19. Or maybe we think 2 picks will get waht we need right now and we can work teh rest out next year. I doubt very much there is a big name coming to our club, in fact im 95% sure. I think what we may do is still split one of those picks.. turn 2 first rounders into 3 first rounders, which can be done right up until and during the draft. And for those bemoaning we dont have a first round pick next year.. who knows what will happen, we might trade back into the first round next year.. lots can play out. I love having 2 picks inside the top 10 as it stands.
  20. Cant see anywhere Jenkins has gone to GWS?
  21. of course.. you reckon thats going to happen?
  22. its good we keep pick 3 and have 2 picks in top 10.. not sold o giving up 26.
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