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  1. yeah i tend to think Stretch will retained for cover.. if JKH & Wags get cut then it would stand at 7, plus a Frost on the way out maybe and possibly 1 more.. like Jayden Hunt who might look at opportunities elsewhere (hope not and just speculating) so we might be looking at 8/9 changes. its about right.
  2. Yeah good call with Walker, forgot about him.. and yep Frost on the way out and i agree, i think we may find there is another contracted player on a clubs list.. so yeah you may be right, it might be 10, that's close to a 1/4 of the list. big turnover, not opposed to it though. My only thoughts on stretch and JKH is that they would likely be told by now unless they will be used as pawns in other trades?
  3. I think 8 changes to the list is the right amount of refreshing. It allows some flexibility in how we conduct the trade period. Gives us 2 /3 looks at FAs 4 draft picks which we need, we need to keep adding youth and finding good players and then a fresh rook or Pre season pick.
  4. I was a really big fan of the Bull, was hoping he could fill that Cam Pederson role, but you cant fight the body. He should be really proud and hope he goes well post footy. So that 5 gone..(Jeff, Jordy, Maynard, Dec & Bull) who else gets us to that magic number of 8?
  5. That's a good list and i like the Collins name thrown into the mix.. Im a fan of Giansiracusa, but cant see him leaving the dogs. Of the 4 sides left in it: Scarlett would be great from Cats - but cant see that either. No one at GWS apart from a Lenny Hayes but has recently re-signed, at the Pies i like them all, Harvey, Hocking and Longmuir, plus Matt Boyd and the Tigers have Kingsley who is very well regarded.
  6. For me, the lack of noise and action on this now suggests its not going to happen.. and you would have to assume our sights are set on coaches that are still in the final 4, because we have at least 2 spots to fill? Macca - Richo Jennings - ?? Rawlings - ??
  7. IMO.. Bonar is not the player we need if this deal goes ahead.
  8. thats your opinion, mine is that ooze was a star and having an ex player back who has done his time under the best coach of the modern era is appealing,, if you cant understand that then its not my problem.
  9. To be honest its more about the Clarko influence for me, being an ex Demon star doesn't hurt though.
  10. Good points and i agree that it would be a good win for us Patches. Time will tell i suppose, hard to make a call either way right now.
  11. Last nights AFL 360 was just about as raw as tele gets. It so great to have a laugh, good for the soul, but its also great for the soul to have a cry.
  12. spot on and Brian lake, and Stewie De.. we should be looking at what he can offer us, not what he wont offer us.
  13. No way the GC are going to let King Go.. they will dig in, they cant let a player go, it will be counter productive to there push for priority. The AFL will make sure that they dont trade King, they get picks 1 & 2 and that they will hope like hell the environment gets better so King wants to stay.
  14. yeah saw your post and swapped Smith for Fritta!! depth is good though..
  15. HF: Melk, Weid Trac FF: Elliott Tom Mc Fritta Different.
  16. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-make-offer-for-magpie-jamie-elliott-20190912-p52qqm.html Its happening...
  17. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-make-offer-for-magpie-jamie-elliott-20190912-p52qqm.html How would we feel about this??
  18. I think Frost is pretty thick with the McDonald boys and Maxy.. you would hope they got a round him. in a list of 45, not everyone is going to get along, or at least its unlikely they will.
  19. This should be close to happening if it is going to happen, cant see what the real hold up would be? Both teams not in finals, both teams have made announcements about new signings and departures (Melbourne anyway) What would be the hold up? Contracts waiting to end?
  20. it would really surprise me. He is invested, whether we like it or not. I cant see him leaving. i can see Crows asking, but not likely IMO.
  21. 100%.. thats why Tom cutler should be on our radar, wont cost alot but is better then the bottom 6. refresh the depth, and inject a couple "need players" and get some kids.
  22. This neither filled me with any great confidence or made me think he isn't the right man and i guess that's where I'm at with the club, its just so meh.. at the moment. I dont know if he can get us back on track, i dont know if the players are going to take responsibility and atone for this year, i dont know if the FD will be stacked with enough talent, i dont know of we will get our list refreshed, i dont know if we will make the right choice when it comes to the draft. That's my mantra for this club at the moment, "I dont know"
  23. Yeah its interesting to see where the other delistings will come from: with 4 outs already in Lewis, Maynard, Keilty and Jeffy, i would expect 3 more, 1 of them to probably be KK, JKH and probably Guy Walker? That gives us 7 spots to fill. Langdon - for 2nd Round / Tomlinson FA Leaves 5 spaces.. 3/4 picks in draft 1 x Rookie 1 x Pre Seaosn..
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