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  1. No way Oliver or Brayshaw should be anywhere near the leadership group, right now they might be 2 of the most selfish, self absorbed, uninspiring (maybe a bit harsh on Clayton) players on our list, which wills eem liek an overreaction but they havent displayed any leadership this year. Trac possibly and keep lever out for another year until he gets a full year under his belt. Melksham and Harmes could be options for the LG.
  2. He is the furtherest thing from a leader we have at the club right now.
  3. Richie Vandenberg the same.
  4. I Have said it and said it and said it again, but this club is sick, its got something in its DNA that they cant shake. A virus of mediocrity and unprofessionalism. But you cant blame a CEO for whats happening on the ground, the drop off in some many players is alarming and wont improve. Hibbo is the prime example, he is finished as player, he tries his guts out but his weapon was his kicking, its gone. Harmes doing dont argues every time he gets the ball isn't helping, Brayshaw's footy fundemantals are cooked, Oliver is just a smart ar$e, Jones has given up, Viney is a shadow of his former self, Lever is not the player we hoped we would get, we played 7 players that are simply C garde players (ANB, Stretch, JKH, C Wags, Spargo, Dunkley, Channdler).. and i know form history that 5 of them are not going to make it so why see them again? i could go on and on.lets hope they can find a cure for this Illness we have or otherwise at some stage the club will wither and die.
  5. Great post. I dont want to sound like a tool but i have a mate, who is an ex AFL player who messaged me Friday night to say it really looks like the majority of the players are happy just to get their pay and move on, he said it was really stark watching a team with so little care for the game.
  6. Spot on DD Martin was a pleasure to watch, and Oliver has those traits (maybe not at the same level) to burst away and he obviously reads it well, so he can be that player. He just needs to balance his game out. And the laughing and smiling makes me nearly as angry as turning the ball over. Its ok if you are winning and having success, but they should be furious, and not wanting to make friends, but make enemies because of our success. its awful to watch IMO.
  7. If you don't renew your membership then that's up to you, but it doesn't help the club. I am as angry and disheartened as anyone with this Football club, I'm a at the point where they embarrass me and make me a bit ashamed to say i am a Demon fan. But, i will be back, i will switch off over the summer and i will bounce back and hope they can make me proud again, because as bad as this year feels, last year was was magnificent, and i want to experience that again, and when it happens i want to be able to say i never jumped off, i stuck with them and it make sit even better.
  8. Oliver is very good player, but he has lost his way a bit and i watch Martin against the Eagles. He is IMO the best player in the league, he has grownup so much and grown out of that player that worries to much about the other stuff. Oliver and Brayshaw for that matter worry to much about being cool and being mates with other players or smiling or laughing when something happens. Right now they are both in danger of becoming just good players when both could be very very good. Ultimately its up to them. I think they will get there, and i think this year will be a wake up call for everyone in the club, its been a gradual positive build over 4 years for this club, maybe this year alerts them to the fact that success inst sustained without working harder than the year before.
  9. yep, its been a bit groundhog dayish. Anyway, im going to try my best to be positive for the rest of the day, would love a win tonight and i know its probably against the feeling but it may be our last Friday night for a while such has been the year, that a good impact, some good footy, Chandler show a bit, id be happy.
  10. Yep, he has been down a bit, i wont bang on about it anymore, just another frustrating selection. I think there will have to be a change, would like to see Hore go Forward, he reads it so well, great hands.. why not.
  11. Thats fair and i am not having a crack at the players we need to play someone, ibut my point really is all about dropping Jayden Hunt, a guy who has tried his guts out every game and had a good year, and by the averages, he is second only to Melksham of the players playing tonight, even more reason to scratch your head over his omission. 2nd in our goal kicking as well. any way you look at it, its just bizarre in my opinion.
  12. Dropping Jayden Hunt feels like it may be the end for him, i honestly cant believe it. He has taken the most marks inside 50 for us this season, a poultry 28, but he has shown he get son the move and he can separate from his opponent. This is might be the FD's darkest day. Mind boggling to say the least. How ANB can get another game over Hunt is just, i don't even know how to explain it. I understand Spargo and stretch and Chandler getting ago, but ANB is a C grade footballer... at best with not one redeeming feature. Marks Inside 50 - 2019 Hunt - 28* /T Mac - 26* / Trac - 23 / Fritsch - 22 Others in named in our Fwd line: Corey Wagner - 3 / James Harmes 12 /Jordan Lewis - 3 / Melk 15 I assume we are going to kick it along the ground. Our fwd line has not looked this bad since we debuted the Cockatoo Collins Twins in 1996 as fwds and basically tried to just kick the ball inside 50 along the ground. We lost by 127 points to Geelong that night.
  13. Yeah they were, they were fantastic actually. I understand we have done them this year and some of our content has been the best in the league in my opinion. I think 2019 has just worn down everyone, including the digital guys.
  14. Some players play better in the seniors than the 2s.. this may be the case.
  15. Oscar Baker has gone 8D /13D /8D in his last 3 weeks, no impact at all on the scoreboard. I think we have seen him this year, had a couple ok games, back to the 2s and keep learning the craft.
  16. true, its a good point. I will post an apology should it come.
  17. Thanks LN, that all sounds about right, Shoenmakers the interesting one.. I have called for what interest are we showing in a small fwd, but the news of Chandlers debut might answer that, hope the kid goes well.
  18. Remember when we did great vids of players getting the news that they are making their debut.. now we are just photo shopping. see ya 2019, you have done a number on everyone! But great to see the young fella get a go, and so he should, gives some interest to the game now and already more keen to watch than i was. Hope he goes well and kicks a couple and injects a bit of much needed spunk and energy to the team, from what i have seen of him, he has that ability. Who misses for him i wonder?
  19. Again its pretty quiet on the Demons front and who they may have in mind. We know Langdon, and i think most clubs that could would be interested in Hill. But I have not heard anything about potential small fwds, and i know we have Bedford and Chandler in the 2s but we should be into Sam Gray. Are there any other whispers or news out there re: potential trades for us? and would we trade pick 2 and miss out on Rowell and Anderson for 2 picks inside the top 10 (and later pick swaps) be good to get a gauge on what everyone thinks?
  20. I think you are suffering from a case of selective hearing, i listen to him and Roosy and others often say what the Demons need to do, in fact they say it a lot, how about you aim your frustration at the guys inside the club that appear not to know what to do and for the record where was this speculation about him wanting to coach a couple of years ago? he has stated time and time again, that he never wanted to be a coach.. i wonder if other club greats in the media are as maligned and degraded as much as Lyon is, I'm starting to get a bit sick of it.
  21. I don't think that's either true or fair, but it seems when it comes to discussing Lyon on these forums, those 2 criteria don't apply. His attitude is the same as most fair and balanced supporters, that this year has been a disaster and there is lots of things to work on and the jury is out on whether last year one out of the box.. you cant argue with it, its true and until we prove that 2018 wasn't a fluke then the club will be under pressure.
  22. A person of interest for the club should be Daniel Giansiracusa. Has been coaching his own side, is a great communicator, great culture fit, Level 4 coach, premiership assistant. Should be o the radar for us as a club.
  23. This is surely no chance of happening? if the Suns lose him after 1 year it would be a disaster for them, just the optics alone, a new low, that their big key Fwd is gone after 1 year.. What would we do with Weid? surely we cant carry King and Weid? King would be a great coup for us but it 'aint happening.
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