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  1. All fair points DV8. As i said, its an oponion game, i respect those who disagree, iI' in the camp that we ignored our most pressing needs and didn't react to a major loss. I hope the players we drafted really do make it, time will tell. Go Dees.
  2. Its not an easy out because Ill tell you exactley .. and it goes back to the original post, if a proper review was done of the West Coast prelim loss then they would have identified they need to get some serious leg speed into the team.. rather than be seduced by what they think they need.. another big defender.. ridiculous. Take pick 6 and get Zac Buttress , dont use pick 27 on another inside mid like Tom Sparrow, go for Ian hill, quick outside player with great skills, Nick Hind was the quickest player in the VFL.. but we take a bloke called Aaron NIetshcke no one has ever heard of.. i could go on.. Matthew Parker is electric.. the Saints nabbed him at 47. SO there are heaps of examples.. but im a bit over the to and fro Wiseblood, i respect your decision to disagree. Hope the Dees can turn it around.
  3. I think we should ask our skillful players to provide the skill and our grunt players to provide the grunt and our running players to provide the run.. then we might look like we are playing as a team.
  4. Reckon the draft and trade period would have been a good place to start..
  5. But we should have got it over the off season. Thats the point.
  6. Could ANB tag Martin? Has the tank, give him a job to focus on, run with him all night? I like the changes to be honest, i mean it would be better having AVB and Hannan come back in to the side, with May and Lever, but thats not happeing.. so get some pace, get some Rn and get some aggression, as i stated earlier somewhere, Tim Smith should be told to hurt blokes.. make them earn everything, take Grimes out of the contest..
  7. Why did Shiel go to Essendon a club who hasn't won a final in nearly 6000 days..
  8. yeah i agree with what you say DJ, but by expendable i mean a talent that might recoup a high pick..
  9. Never been more important for our midfield and fwds to keep the pressure on.. hamper the supply to them and then they dont kick 8 each. this will be the game to show if we are willing to work for each other and who sacrifices their game for the betterment of the team.. will be very very interesting.
  10. Yeah i agree, I love Trac and he seems like a great kid, but he also seems like the only expendable talent we have on the list.
  11. The point is.. Not enough was done and i dont think anyone can argue we ignored the changes and the adaptation required to improve. Its from the coach down.
  12. Cool, you go with what ever makes you feel better,.. i mean you you said it yourself.. they didnt do a normal review.. its basically the same thing.. yeah review other clubs great call.. dont do proper review of your own team.. its crazy and most logical and sensible supporters know it. dont make excuses for them, it should have been reviewd with an inch of its life.
  13. It beggars belief we are not mentioned in any race for Coniglio.. he is the star we need, i understand it might be heard to get him.. but lets get creative.. would you trade petracca? Get rid of: Lewis Ret / Jones Ret / Stretch / JKH / ANB / Maynard / J wagner - thats 7 delistings. And some big money free'd up.
  14. Hard to imagine any other organisation not reviewing a poor performance and then expecting the problems it highlighted will just go away. The Prelim final loss opened up such glaring and gaping hole sin our system.. as a club you would think that would be enough to go.. ok we can beat some sides but most now have unlocked the kryptonite.. lets address it and lets systematically go about making sure we prepare for it. But we decided to ignore it, publicly state that not a big review was done as that didnt represent the way we play. Its is absolutely astounding that this was the approach. Im just so over this clubs continual contempt for professionalism. Its got me, im a passionate supporter.. but i feel drained. and let downs are piling up. Last year was a great year, but im afraid, that is as close as we will get.. for how long im not sure... and thats now the worry.
  15. I am as disapointed as anyone on here.. i said in another thread 2 weeks ago we would finish bottom 4 and a couple posters seemed to think i was over reacting.... nothing i have seen suggests we wont. Seriously i couldn't believe the hysteria around Nathan Jones game v Sydney, credit to him for a couple of goals and they were important but i saw nothing to suggest he was back and playing team orientated footy.. plus the swans are the exact replica of us right now. so a win against them was never a season defining or changing win. How every person in Australia knew the Saints will be to quick and our coaches didnt and bought in Lewis and Nev. That is the biggest concern for me. But seriously, we cant hide Jones and Lewis right now.. so we have to quickly accept that this year is gone and now we just want to be competitive.. just writing that sentence makes me angry. There are circumstances, i get that, injuries, and form.. but its a leaders job (captains / coaches ) to cultivate spirit, they are devoid of spirit and its pretty Sad. But to this Wednesday night and what we can do: here are my thoughts: Harmes to go back to basics... hard tag on Dusty.. Tim Smith to come in for Tom Mc. Tom is a liability right now, he needs a rest and a reset - Smith to play out of the goal square and sacrifice his game and drag Grimes away from the contest. Garlett in for Spargo - no brainer Lockhart , stretch, baker in.. have to play the kids now. possible ins: T Smith, Lockhart, Garlett Baker Stretch Smith Keilty possible Outs- Tmac, Spargo, Viney (inj) Lewis J wagner. Richmond have 4 speedy small forwards plus Lynch and Riewoldt - Frost and Keilty or O_mac - what else do we have? And play a hard man on man defence.. we cant defend the zones when we are getting beaten so badly. get a man.. go with them everywhere. Fight fight fight, make it hard for the Tigers, I dont think we can win but we should still have the intestinal fortitude to make it hard for them.
  16. The whole "clearly you struggle" is just rude, and you have no idea of my personal circumstances.. so i suggest drop the unnecessary smart alec stuff, i was never rude or indicated that i am a know it all. I just made an assumption, it seems it was wrong and thats fair enough. Hope you a have a nice night, try to chill out a bit and no hard feelings.
  17. I wasnt, but you be all defensive about it, maybe you should coach our backs.
  18. This is the problem, our biggest Is Stretch the only outside player we have? Seriously is he?
  19. fair enough and thanks for the balanced reply. I hope im wrong, trust me.
  20. Its really not, and all you can go on is the first 3 rounds, yours is a typical we will get better and it will click response. So dont tell me to relax, i am relaxed because i have accepted it, you should have a cup of tea and take a minute to properly assess the situation, then you wont be so flippant.
  21. good point and correct he will be a help with that aspect, but the fact we need him to be that person is an indictment on our coaches and our senior leadership team.
  22. I imagine this means its all a bit OTT and its being to dramatic? Time will tell and if you are not at all worried about the situation then thats your right.
  23. Thats because we are zone defending and guarding space, its beyond ridiculous when we cant do it.. you say its poor craft, it might be, but its poor coaching.
  24. You would think we are but the reality is the other teams have caught up and we cant go with them, its a great competition, it might be a case of us just being the 14th best side, not the 4th worst.
  25. I understand picks are speculative the higher you go, We traded 2 first rounders for Lever, it was way to high and left us with out a first roun pick.. and then the picks we have chosen have been one dimensional. We can defend it as much as we like, but we are not well set up for how the game is evolving. But i respect your reply and and its just my opinion.
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