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  1. Dont get me wrong im not really critical of them, i just thought we had other areas we should have addressed rather than an inside mid and half back flanker. The investment is pick 6 for May and KK could have been King, would be very handy. but thats teh draft for you, full of what ifs. i just hope they can have an impact and show something.
  2. Fritta to play every game, therefor kicking 50 plus goals. I want to see either a Sparrow or Jordan fight for a regular spot, investment wise it was big decision to draft these types of players when it wasn't a priority so they need to start to push hard for selection.
  3. The traditional FF role has changed, you look at our bigger Fwds: Tmac, Weid, Brown, Petty, Jackson, Fritta, Melk, Trac, Hannan, AVB, Joel Smith, Pruess at any given time, any of those guys could play out of the Square. I think its Weid and Brown right behind him. Big year for Weid.
  4. Its definitely an are of weakness, that specific small forward role, it has to be Pickett i think, but its a role that will be rotated throughout the year until someone grabs it. Interestingly enough, toward the end of teh year it may be Bennell if it works out that he gets back,it might work nicely for him to play that small forward role close to goal to ease back into teh game., ultimately you want him up the ground a bit but he is smart enough to play that small fwd role.
  5. For me, as another poster said, Harley Texting Goody is a great thing to hear. Im so excited by what might be with HB.. but also fully tempering my expectations, he really is in the bonus model.. imaging getting 8-10 games out of him on teh way to September, what a prospect.
  6. Great player, ok bloke , ordinary actor. Seriously though, good luck to him, big decision and i applaud it.
  7. Cruel, only thing worse would be him doing it in March. Sounds like teh club will get around him. that places him on teh LTI list and as another poster mentioned KK not looking anywhere near playing footy again, potentially 2 spots up for grabs for Rookies?
  8. Great reports from all, really appreciate them. The key to most good sides fwd lines is the mix.. and it feels like we might have it, Tom and Weid / Petty, Fritta, Melk, Trac. Cant wait 2020!
  9. I had a look this morning. Impressed by the numbers and the involvement, im not a serious track watcher so i cant compare. But a couple players really impressed me. Bedford - he moves really well, looks pretty complete and i will be very interested to see if he can push senior selection.. is there a chance we could go from no small fwds to having 3 genuine types in Pickett, Bedford and Spargo and Chandler i suppose as well. Anyway Bedford is tracking really well. Trac - have no doubt he has steeled himself for a good season and that will include being on ball. He looks as fit as i have seen him. Great signs. Like everyone, really appreciate teh update son training. Thanks.
  10. This is what keeps Omac on teh list ahead of Frost in my opinion. He is a lovely kick Omac..if he can find some desire i still think there might be a place for him.
  11. Am i right in saying no one else can draft him except us? Or can he get going in Jan and Feb and then another team swoop on him? not sure how it works? possibly been answered on this thread , but you know... 54 pages..
  12. He is durable and works hard. its 2 good traits, and lets be brutally honest, Tom Mc has had one good year as a fwd and Weid hasn't come on yet, so for a cheap acquisition that could play and imapct its a good decision IMO.
  13. I hope this is just management, i think Jack is vitally important to us. Hope he has a good run at it.
  14. Everything about the Wizard was just beautiful, except the leaving part but he is a demon legend, perhaps the most popular since Robbie?
  15. Accept your apology, and its cool, i respect your right to disagree, its the beauty of supporting this team, we can have all sorts of different opinions, but ultimately we love our team. I stick by my opinion that i think we didnt perform like a professional team, no where near it and to lose a prelim and then only win 5 games makes me sick, might sound over the top but i found it hard to digest, that is genuine disappointment. Unqualified support is there, it does not and should not stop a paid up member of 20 years being disappointed. If it wasn't unqualified i would not have signed up again. Its all good, what we can agree on is that we want them to bounce back have success. Have a good day Binman, no hard feelings.
  16. Im not sure what your problem is and how you can react like that to my post, but thats your problem not mine. I have been a member for over 20 years, during that time i have given unqualified and unconditional support, where in my post did i say i was quitting the Dees? seriously? i think i have earned the right to be disappointed with the club, lots of us have. I You seem to want to pick a fight for absolutely no reason at all? disagree all you like but im not sure your response is warranted, if you were being honest, you would have to feel the same way about this season, it was a mess.
  17. I was pretty disappointed with the club this year like everyone, the coaches, the players the admin, it was just a very poor year full of amateur mistakes, wrong messaging, underwhelming leadership and quite frankly a rather sickening response to a poor exit coming off a good year. So i applaud the changes, the desire to make amends and the fact we have not sat on our hands and just expected we will bounce back. Goodwin is a relatively young coach, and all coaches face challenges, he did this year and im sure he will have learnt a lot, Richo will be a great addition to teh club. The Recruiters have identified areas where we could be better and gone and got players, Jury is out on Jackson for me, but i will embrace it, i love teh selection of Pickett, its a need we have. Im now prepared to let the last 12 months go and throw my full support behind the club. The past is behind us and the future in front of us. Go Dees.
  18. Lets take teh player who has the best skills by foot. Simple.
  19. haha.. i like it mate, good on you, yeah its easy to be glass half empty, i need to be a bit more positive. im on board!!
  20. Hope you are right Deemania, because if the plan is to use him forward i would hope that he can kick well.
  21. Calm down Paulo, we are allowed to voice our opinions, my problems with the selection of Jackson will be that we dont "need" him but we do "need" skill based players. Its the old argument of needs v best available. I like Pickett at 10 because we genuinely need that type of player. Thats all, but as i have always said, if it is Jackson, then i will throw my full support behind him, the moment he is a demon then he is one of us.
  22. Just watched him on AFL.com.au and he spoke terrifically well and looks like he has that bubbly nature and would be annoying and in your face and be up all the time. Type of kid that if you didnt have him on your side you would not like him at all once he starts playing!!
  23. So Max plays 90% in the ruck ( give or take..) and should and culd play another 6 years.. and we got Pruess as a back up, Jackson wont have a serious impact for minimum 2 years, he is not a natural forward at all. So why are we going to take him at pick 3? You can never have enough good mids or skillful players. Im not convinced on this bloke at all, im trying, im happy to take Pickett at 10, absolutely a player we need..
  24. I just watched Jacksons hls, He moves well, but im not sure he can kick that well. That is not exciting to me!
  25. I think this is a great post, i have my reservations about Jackson at 3, but i do like that we are going against the grain a bit. You, want it, you go get it, its what we have done for Lever and May, why would drafting philosophy be different? You should never regret anything that makes you smile and i guarantee Pickett will make us all smile.
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