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  1. No. i think the last 6 weeks will be awful. i cant see us wining another game and i think we will look back on this year and consider it worse than any we had in the Neeld years and any since. Neeld didnt have much of a list to be honest, this list made a prelim and teh fall has been brutal.
  2. First of all i really appreciate the measured response. I admit it is harsh and probably pretty premature. He may well turn out to be a really good player for us and i honestly hope he does. My observations are not just off the cuff, i watch a lot of footy and i think he has areas where he needs to improve, dramatically. Happy to re-visit after 2020 and hopefully im proven wrong.
  3. And we could have had Ed Richards (pace) and Xavier Dursma as well. Its all speculative isnt it, much like Jake Lever and his future.. for me, its a big watch. Respect the chat.
  4. Its not a massive over reaction at all, but thats fine, thats your opnion, this is my opinion and one that many share.
  5. Carlton indicating they are into Sam Gray from Port. He would be great for us. You would hope we are inquiring. Sadly though, it may be that the Blues are already more appealing to FA than us.
  6. The question will be What can we do with Gold Coast and how can we work our way into a big position of strength. They will have Pick 1, they wont get a PP until end of 1st round if at all. They need experienced players, they need ready made AFL depth. We would love Rowell, he is legit ready to go Sam walsh ability with Dangerfield strenght and Selwood leadership. Think outside the box and how we might get our mits on PIck 1.. a swap of first rounders, players swap, future picks swap? Do we have a Luke Hodge type in our midst that might be of interest? ( i mean we dont but..)
  7. Hogan wouldnt make an ounce of difference at the club right now, Dunstall would struggle.
  8. Thats what they selected, we could have selected others.. anyway, its kind of missing the point, i just think Lever has a long way to go to convince me that it was the right decision. i hope he does convince me.
  9. To be honest, I am not sure what we got out of it, more about what we gave up, but Petty looks to be getting a bit better each week and Hore, as i said, is a pretty handy and has a lot of Lever like qualities.
  10. Yep fair point, he is young and i acknowledged teh Knee injury was bad luck. But in my eyes, and a lot of peoples that i know, he would want to get a hell of a lot better for us. I hope does, because those 2 first round picks we gave up for him could be very handy for us right now.
  11. One more.. i think the Lever acquisition may go down as a move that really stifled our future. Hindsight is wonderful, but he cost us alot.. a lot.. and his Knee injury is bad luck, but i reckon he played 2 maybe 3 ok to good games for us before he did his knee. I think he is poor with ball in hand, often gets in the way of other players, has no obvious pace and is not good one on one. Basically he is Marty Hore, but Hore is quicker. Lever may have a good footy brain, but i dont think Stephen Hawking could help our players sometime. Waiving your hands around and acting like a general cost us 2 first round selections.
  12. Oliver should have kicked the goal. Brayshaw shouldnt have called for it. It was real smart alec stuff, those 2 think sharing the ball is fun,, like the Cats used to do, except they would win games, and premierships .Oliver is a very good player, but he wont be a great player unless he adds goal kicking to his arsenal.
  13. There is merit in it, but he isnt on his own in having an ordinary season.. most of them have. We will have pick 2 or 3 you would think, we add them, we trade and draft smart we have a chance to climb again next year. There is aplayer on the list tat the moment, ANB that is by far the worst player to have played nearly 70 games for the MFC. It sounds harsh, and i know he might try and might be a popular kid, but he does not have one redeeming football feature about him. Its a travesty that he gets a game. If the MFC decide to keep ANB on the list and delist Garlett then im done. and they will.. so im likey done. Also bringing Jetta back so soon was sign of desperation and sadly consistent stupidity. The end is coming very quickly for Nev like Jones. The game is too quick. Brayshaw is a concern, but we have plenty of them, we should be getting rid of the no good, and getting the good to improve. If
  14. I get that he had to be down back, but now that we have our core backs returning, he should never cross the defensive half way line.
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