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  1. Lachy Reid, who is a mad Demon by the way.. just tweeted that Trac is in Perth, may have got earlier flight.
  2. I agree, but it also might be a very bad game to debut in..
  3. so no Garlett and Trac to go with Lewis, Melky and Hibbo. God speed Demons.. God speed.
  4. Over to the mids to work as hard as they have all year. Going to be a test. Do we give up and concede or do we do what Richmond did in Perth and just go for it. Eagles are not flying by any stretch of the imagination.
  5. yeah i admit he looked really sluggish.. but unless we know you have to assume he wasnt and was good to go.
  6. Might be harsh, but go back and have a real good look at his game, just watch him.. i think you will find its borderline despicable.
  7. Unless it comes out he has broken his leg, he should have made a better effort.
  8. All fair points YB, i think he has had a so so year to be honest, his Centre Clearance attendances are down, so its different than last year. Its just my opinion, he had a great year but he has regressed and Pendlebury doesn't fumble.
  9. it was good wasnt it, and as Bad as Oscar's lack of smarts were , Hore's were very good, read the play very well. Has become a really good player. The Vision of Oscar is what frustrates most of us the most.. no urgency at all, i don't care if he hurt himself getting tackled.. be better, be more desperate.. just perceived pressure can be very effective at times.
  10. I reckon he is way off, and his game on Saturday night was despicable, it was full of fumbles, looked slow lacked care and had no purpose in his game. It seems though he is playing slightly different position, he has had less inside the square time than the other mids.. why would this be the case, why would a bloke who had a career year in the guys, be forced out of his domain. Its curious, could it be because we are trying to find a spot for Jones? it seems weird. one thing i do know a fumbly footballer is a liability and a player who is lacking confidence. Didnt think i would say that about Angus.
  11. I really like Tim Smith, he does something that no other forward is doing at the moment, he can take a contested Mark. Lets be honest, he hasnt ever really had a good run at it.. I think he should play. So updated changes: OUT: Lewis (rested /inj) Hibbered (inj) Keilty (out) IN: Pruess, ANB, Smith.
  12. Regardless of injury or not, i would hope Goodwin has the sense to rest Lewis, Perth is a big trip for a veteran. So i though the game was utterly disgusting on Saturday night with a fantastic ending, but we were horrible, in so may areas. Billy Stretch offers the team spread.. and thats it.. nothing else, will be very lucky to keep his place. I would like to give kudos to Frosty and Nathan Jones, i thought they were fantastic. Gawn and Oliver Huge in the last qtr. and Hunt's game was a classic case of even if you are not hitting the scoreboard, you can have a great impact. So Changes this week, not the game to bring a first gamer into in Perth. Baker has another good game in the 2s then get him in. OUT: Hibberd. Lewis IN: Pruess. ANB
  13. 26 years on air would suggest otherwise. Take it you didnt like it but it was far from one of the worst shows to ever make it on TV screens.
  14. No Pruess for me..im not sure who comes out for Jack. Wagner was good i thought last week, maybe its Billy? he did provide a bit spread for us although he really adds nothing else to our team apart from that.
  15. No doubt its going to be tough to win, even if we were in really good form, the Suns have shown they are a much better and harder side to play against. It does feel like they only have one real avenue to goal, so that will be the key, our defence to be really on and we can counter attack and score.
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