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  1. Thank God, i would much rather converse with people on here that are not just trying to point score and have a fight for the sake of it. Go Dees.
  2. 2017 is along time ago.. just for the record.
  3. You are old and the only people lacking intelligence is the geniuses at the club that went public with the no review line. You speak in riddles Binamn, and its really boring.
  4. For the record, Oliver is not Thriving, Gus is treading water and Harmes has always had good skills, Take your ridiculous else where.
  5. Mate, seriously, i cant be bothered. there you go.
  6. For starters, this is a knock on the club, so just relax, and no i dont have stats, i have perfectly good eyes though that suggest he is a wreck with the ball in hand from about 30ms out and closer and its getting worse. I suppose you will take an alternate view just to be different?
  7. Enlighten me binman please? Why would a team say they did not review a game that was an unmitigated disaster, They then open themselves up to severe criticism from others saying that they were derelict in there duties not to perform a review. It makes the club look weak, unorganised and unprofessional... which is a coincidence because thats what it appears like we have been for a majority of this year.
  8. There is absolutely no reason though to lie about it.. why would you say we didn't review it if we did review it.. Its truly bizarre and the club has been nothing more than a mess since the PF loss.
  9. Bumping this back on the agenda.. like we didnt review teh PF loss, it feels like Petracca has been allowed to get away with poor Set shot goal kicking for 3 years now. Is anyone addressing this... probably not because we lack that much professionalism its not funny.
  10. Bailey Fritsch is shockingly out of form and if we didn't have such a big injury list he would be dropped, but again, he is played out of position, like Brayshaw is at the moment. Bailey should be High HF / Wing. Anyway this weeks changes should be minimal.. expecting Tim Smith out for Pruess, but if Smith is fit i would keep him in, its pretty amazing the bad run he has had. ANB might be crook from concussion, if so Corey Wagner in for him. Thats it, cannot, i repeat, cannot bring Jordan Lewis back in. this will test Goodwins resolve.. we dont need him in the side at all. not for any purpose, especially against a side as fleet footed as the Giants.
  11. Lachy Reid, who is a mad Demon by the way.. just tweeted that Trac is in Perth, may have got earlier flight.
  12. I agree, but it also might be a very bad game to debut in..
  13. so no Garlett and Trac to go with Lewis, Melky and Hibbo. God speed Demons.. God speed.
  14. Over to the mids to work as hard as they have all year. Going to be a test. Do we give up and concede or do we do what Richmond did in Perth and just go for it. Eagles are not flying by any stretch of the imagination.
  15. yeah i admit he looked really sluggish.. but unless we know you have to assume he wasnt and was good to go.
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