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  1. I meant risk with injury, nothing to do with off field stuff.
  2. Like Richmond with Dusty and Stack and Pickett.. they have reaped 2 flags, idiots!
  3. This is really good news and like others have said, this is where professionalism is important, get the right people to assess and make the decisions. You have to review, ask questions find out for yourself, adapt, it feels like we are doing that. Bennell is no doubt about it a high risk high reward proposition but when there are 44 spots on the list, 1 being taken up by a player with immense upside is worth it.
  4. Imagine being good at something you love and then it gets taken away from you because of concussion. Really heartbreaking for him. I hope the heroes that have had a crack at him take breath and go away. I for one hope he just finds a place where he is happy and can function, footy should be secondary to quality of a life.
  5. 1 and that will be the ANZAC eve game. There is not a hope in the world we will get any more. What can we expect. Maybe a Thursday night and a couple Saturday nights i imagine. Personally i would rather Saturday night games anyway.
  6. Maybe they would have been a lot worse without him? Lets not be so quick to punish the club for trying. The HUN talking it up like its a major coup, maybe.. just maybe.. its just good management and we see this role as an important part of the puzzle, it takes a few pieces. The club really is damned if they do and dammed if they dont.
  7. This is the thing, Young plays R1 and is almost our best by foot, his impact is immediate, it has flow on affect, it releases Salem which adds another class player to the mid, takes pressure of Hibbo and Nev, they can just lock down a bit more. Lever intercepting and giving off to a guy that can pin point a 40m kick on his left out of the danger zone. Thats gold right there.
  8. Id argue that Young is almost the perfect pick, he is a top 5 talent and he is what we need.
  9. We do need another big forward, but this guy is going to take 3 years minimum to make a real big impact. I will be FILTHY if we ignore what we need so desperately, skill, poise and pace off half back. its right there for us, we desperately need skill in the side. if we pas sup Young then i will be seriously disillusioned with my club.
  10. A player that would have made our bottom 6 better. i hope they have plan to add another hardened player on the list.
  11. I'm team Jack. I love his attitude, i love his desire, i love his aggressive nature. I think it takes a while to be a good captain, and i think he can be that, he has plenty of footy left in him and i think he will thrive now that there is no Nathan Jones, it's his capatincy now, Max might join, but its his. Go back and watch his finals in 2018, coming off hardly any gametime or prep, he was huge.
  12. To be pragmatic about this, of course the club should be wary of injuries and baggage that comes with him, the upside is of course pretty big, imagine if he plays 15-20 games, the impact would be significant, But we are not that club. I want him, but the club will go with others.
  13. Absolutely not, we cant trade out a top 10 pick for 15 and 20. we need to retain 2 top 10 picks at a minimum IMO.
  14. 1. Bailey Fritsch - could be the surprise of the year, has a 40 goal season in him, can create, draw opponents, play tall and small. Everything Jack Martin is and half the price. 2. Jake Lever - Another sub par year will cement his recruitment as a bust. Is a terrific leader and really hope he gets a good run at it. 3. Jack Viney - People forgot very quickly about Jack, they started to concentrate on what he cant do, rather than what he can do. The calls to trade him on this site were hard to fathom, but truly believe he can be the player he was a couple years ago. 4. Angus Brayshaw - Which year was the anomaly? he has mirrored the MFC in the last 2 years. Needs to care more about using the footy and get back to that team first mentality. 5.Joel Smith - what is he? who is he? can he play? if he can its a bonus and could be the swingman we need.
  15. You do whatever makes you happy Dees247. i dont blame you.
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