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  1. There were to many.. the umpiring in all games is a great concern.. decisions that are paid versus ones that are not is out of control.
  2. Some key takeaways: Hannan - 8 possessions - 4 score involvements - great 8 poss game Oliver - the most pressure acts for Dees and 2nd most on ground. Trac - had a good night let down by some poor decision making - but showed maturity - worth more than anything. OMAC - solid as a rock and all we need him to be. Viney - you can questions lots of things about him but never his competitive spirit. Him and Max HUGE Lots to like, started at selection, Kicked 10 plus goals and looked at times like a really good side. Confidence will be the biggest thing we take out of that.
  3. Demon3

    Gary Pert

    haha.. yeah i seem to have a problem with my " the's" or my "teh's"
  4. Demon3

    Gary Pert

    People have a set against Pert for some reason.. the y way he finsihed at teh Pies probably teh main reason. Facts are he was a very successful CEO at teh biggest club in Australia, and he has haelped reduce debt, managed to attract sponsors, been largely head down bottom up approach. If you think Pert is teh problem then your head is in teh sand, teh problem comes from teh coached box. thast teh place you look first.
  5. Its time to try a couple things.. even if its just a little refresh.. to make it look like teh coaches are seeing it like us.
  6. I hear Adam Cooney on teh radio yesterday who i actually think has a pretty good way of looking at footy say Mitch Brown is as good a defender as he is a fwd.. maybe wotrh a try?
  7. Understand all that. Begs teh question why re went and recruited more on ballers in the first place.. bu that another thread i think. All good, just an observation.
  8. I just went and did some historical research.. found 3 articles without even trying saying Steven May is basically teh missing link for Melbourne.. AFL media are the most unaccountable, hypocritical, sensitive, hyperbolic sensationalist group going around.
  9. Yep i agree with the sentiment, but facts are facts.. 3 seasons without a nomination is a bit stark..
  10. Our effort is great when we can be bothered.. problem is.. we cant be bothered for 4 qtrs.. we played close to what we are capable of for 4 qtrs we would be 3-1.
  11. Really? it meant a lot when Hogan won it and it means a lot to the club when you get a nominee.
  12. Article failed to mention that we have not had a single NAB rising star nomination since 2016.
  13. Im going through the 12 steps of a Demon supporter. Today im at "who cares" All you get from this club is talk talk talk for 18 months.. untill there is a pattern of change i just dont care because they will keep letting us down. Im in lockdown for another 6 weeks and watching my Footy teams is worse.. thats how it is.
  14. So who do you blame for Goodwin's appointment? Yep Neeld was bust, the list he had was arguably teh worst in history, and he never got going. Bailey let the players rule the roost, blame others inside teh club. Ox's ramblings do nothing to help teh club, entitled to his oponion, and he is hurting like all of us, but thats sort of response hurts teh club even more, rational discussion on what the problem is will be far more beneficial. Time to move on from teh Lyon bashing for appointing Neeld.. its along tiome ago.. i dont see Carlton people bashing Kernahan for sacking Ratten and appointing Malthouse..
  15. Sadly we would have to think about it.. I love Jack, he is a goer and he has been a captain in more of our successful times than any other recently. He is a Melbourne man through and through and you only have to look at out 2 finals wins just how hard, important and central he was to those wins, coming off a bad year of injury, i think people forget that. He is suffering at the moment because others are not doing their job properly, and others are suffering because Jack isnt doing his job properly, its a whirlpool of mediocrity at the moment. But who else gets us into teh first round? Does he even get us into teh first round.. maybe end of first round.. its a deep problem when you trade away a commodity like a first round pick then completely stuff the season up and potentially give away teh first pick. Disaster and teh most Melbourne thing to do. Something will have to change, names will be offered im sure.. its going to get nasty i reckon.
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