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  1. It's a shame about bartram not running in the group he has potential to be an elite footballer if he ever get's over this injury.All i can say is he won't be the same as he was on field.
  2. To gain graham i feel we should trade miller rather than travis because we can get a better deal with travis
  3. Tate Pears-192cm, 90kg-East Perth-(CHB/HBF). Played at CHB for WA in the champs and played well. Like Collier is probably a bit short of the prototype CHB but he simply gets the job done. Plays tight but knows when to run off. Like his team mates he gave WA great run from defence. He has shown he can spoil well and has played forward at times with East Perth colts and kicked a goal. Pick 15 to 40. Cale Morton – 192cm , 75kg – Claremont . Tallish wingman/halfback with superb skills and a lovely long kick of the footy . Is very much an outside player who tends to be the playmaker or handball receiver but he doesn’t miss too many targets. He links in well in this role and can kick a goal from outside 50. Needs to build up a bit body wise. Has good endurance and his pace is ok. He knows how to find space and is a one touch player. If he isn’t receiving a handball he is running to space and getting a mark. Great talent. Top 15 pick Lachie Henderson-196cm, 90kg-Geelong Falcons.(Fwd). Hard to line up this year because he has been injured and missed a lot of the season. Played some good footy last year and he was good around the ground and a good mark. Played pretty well in last years TAC Cup finals which pretty much has to be the guide as he has only played two games this year for the Falcons and I have only seen one of them. He has played in the ruck a bit so far but I don’t think he has the height or leap to be an AFL ruckman. His kicking is good for a big bloke. I am not really sure where he will go in the draft. Pick 15 to 40 Alex Rance-194cm, 87kg-Swan Districts. ( CHB/FB). The star defender of the National champs. His run out of defence was great. His defensive work was excellent. Has good pace and skills for a big bloke. He worked in well with Browne and Meyers to give WA the killer dash from defence. His handballing was creative and he hits targets by foot. He is simply a defender that every club will rate. Top 15 pick. champion pickups they are
  4. There always is the kepler bradley option but i think he is a crap footballer who is slow dumb and pathetic at footy seeing as he cant make a game at essendon and thats just sad.
  5. You never Know pick 4 could be the greatest player in history(very very very very very very doubtful) still he could be an amazingly skilled player stuff what history has told us this is the present.
  6. i'd go for bolton he is much more experienced and has great ball sense. Henry Playfair has been struggling to make it into the seniors and hasn't got the best ball skills in the world i would prefer bolton. Though i feel we need a tall CHB rivers isn't a CHB he is more of ahalf back flank player i feel. What player in the draft fits the position CHB and is tall if you know please tell me i would be greatly appreciative.
  7. basically i think over the past year hawthorn have been edging themselves over to tassie 1. there guernsey says tasmania in big letters 2. they use launceston as there home ground now 3. They anounced there new logo on the spirit of tasmania doesn't it seem inevitable they are going to be the tassie hawks soon
  8. have a look at this Port Adelaide Geelong West Coast Melbourne Sydney Hawthorn Adelaide Brisbane Kangaroos Collingwood St Kilda Fremantle Western Bulldogs Richmond Essendon(They lost there coach and champion player they dont have a chance) Carlton
  9. is robert tarrant related to chris tarrant?
  10. i feel that we need a tallish defender possibly Tate Pears. He looks like an okayish pickup considering that carrol played crap all year and got into that [censored] overseas.
  11. haha i know i just wanted to make it blow up a bit
  12. i read in the herald sun today that meesen was involved with another player in a sex scandel on myspace does anyone know more
  13. i figure that aswell he was useless when he played for us and he is useless playing sydney bugger them they can keep him!
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