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  1. When is this filthy sniper going to get his comeuppance? https://www.afl.com.au/news/2019-07-08/littleknown-clause-puts-serial-offender-on-tribunal-tightrope Ever since he punched Bernie in the guts and laughed about it I've had it with him.
  2. Only the blind, biased or stupid couldn't see that we've adjusted to a more possession based game plan since the bye. Average marks/game pre-bye 83.7, post-bye 103.6
  3. Preuss playing or not will be a clear indicator of Max's status. IMO I can't see why we'd risk Max, this is what we recruited Preuss for. Or at least play both of them so the load on Max is reduced. Mysterious business ...
  4. In another thread you are advocating that we recruit Ben Brown. At the end of his corresponding season with Weed's current season he'd played 11 games for 18 goals.
  5. Weed not as good as Schwarz at the same age. Schwarz who at the time was compared favourably with Carey. We are in the presence of football genius.
  6. I think it's unlikely that Omac (or Weed) could develop significant improved strength and bulk from just 3 weeks in the gym. But they could definitely realise the strength they already have in concentrated positive weights sessions that they othewise wouldn't have. More likely they build self belief from the mini pre season. When I read between Misson's lines that's what I see. "He looks unbelievable now". It's all about confidence baby.
  7. ND Pick 51-70 average career games = 48.3 https://www.draftguru.com.au/analysis/pick-value-comparison
  8. AFL knew about this prior to QB and yet allowed him to play and he starred, receiving coaches' votes and likely Brownlow votes. That stinks.
  9. I'll be keen to hear what regurgitated humble pie tastes like.
  10. Is there a limit to your vanity? To be able to differentiate at the top of the list you'd need to have a higher IQ than all of them.
  11. So much doom and gloom! We're not that far off it, we need an injection of class and we probably would have won yesterday if Sidebottom was playing for us. May and Lever in the backline were a glimpse of what's to come and with Jetta coming back in there it has a ripple effect through the team by freeing up other players to move up the ground. We may have our necessary midfield class already developing on our list - Salem, Fritsch and KK (who was very promising at Casey) can move onto the wings and give us an injection we need. Sidebottom was tracking something like Salem at the same age. TMac and Viney are clearly playing injured but we've been persisting because Goodwin wants to win if possible, they do need a rest. We're really missing Melksham in the forward line, but Hannan looks to be finding some touch and Weed looked back to me. Hunt is also making some good progress and provides a point of difference. I don't think we need another KPF, we need more midfield class and run. I'll be looking closely at Ed Langdon in our next match against Freo. We've been linked to him previously and he's out of contract this year. I'm confident Goodwin is the guy.
  12. Yep really annoying that players are not wearing their MFC numbers
  13. Isn't coincidence amazing! Outspoken aboriginal player receives unprecedented booing.
  14. It is a complex issue and you are free to remain paralysed by nuance and equivocal in your view. I choose to understand the essence of the Goodes story - that the booing of him had a signficant racist component.
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