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  1. Apart from Naughton who looks like an absolute gun, other 22yo KPFs are in the Weideman ball-park: McKay, Curnow, Hipwood, McCartin, Ratugolea, Lewis. Call me when they are instrumental in winning a big final.
  2. at Box Hill City Oval vs Casey on Saturday at 2pm.
  3. Seriously, which ones did he fail to play last year?
  4. I'd like to see Dusty try the "don't argue" on Vanders on ANZAC Eve. It won't happen though, Dusty is too smart for that.
  5. Tremendous work! Love Petracca busting through 2 tacklers to still get a "kick" away. I've got a feeling he's going to deliver some highlights.
  6. I'm also looking forward to Jack Viney renewing acquaintances with Sydney Stack on ANZAC Eve.
  7. Good to see something speculative with some emerging talent. So you clearly don't rate Weid, Smith, OMac, ANB, the Wagners or Hore. Or the chances of Baker, Chandler, Lockhart and Dunkley? I guess KK and Bennell stay njured?
  8. Grundy seems like a really good person and a great cultural influence at the club. Like @DeeSpencer posted, what else are they gonna do?
  9. I think ironically he has lacked self-confidence on field or has been trying too hard to be unselfish. That's been a good step in his development, nothing wrong with humility, but now I feel he's ready to take the game on and explode.
  10. It will be great if one or both of them come on this season and it sounds like there's every reason to have some confidence that will happen. Pick 27 and Pick 33 doesn't sound like a big investment to me, compared with say the pick 3 and pick 10 investment this year - "now that's a knife" What "types" are they and which players do you think we missed out picking there?
  11. One thing you'd like to see in 2020 aside from a Demon flag and Brownlow. I'll go with Kossie to kick 3 when we beat Norf in R23 in Tassie and finsh well above them. There's something about Norf that's hard to like. Maybe now Scott is gone it will ease.
  12. Yes I agree he's currently in the C class and it could go either way this year. I think he could find a role and go onto B class, regular 22, stay the same as last year and probably be traded or regress and be delisted. Sounds like he's getting a good pre season. It has been observed that lack of agility is his negative.
  13. TMac 27yo and Gawn 28yo should be hitting their peak over the next 2-3 years. I've rated Lever and Melksham in the B category and I'm comfortable they sit there for some time to come - some may have them as As currently.
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