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  1. I know it has been raised that lists may be cut to as few as 35 next year i.e. your mooted 10-15 player cut, but I don't think the AFL will be able to achieve this without some clubs needing to delist contracted players and as you say that will be a last resort. According to @Lucifer's Hero list we have 22 including Rookies out of contract at the end of the year: Not that I'd be happy, but I can see 13 or 14 I'd delist ahead Petty and at least 4 in the 2021 expiry list. Hopefully it doesn't come to that and the AFL reduces lists to maybe 40 total overall and we only need to delist 10 or so.
  2. Petty will be a good AFL player. I could 15 delist ahead of him.
  3. Nice glass half-full! Too many people here are still searching for the glass.
  4. The AFL are currently trying to work out the WA fixture and which 2 teams get sent over there into a hub first, one good thing is that having played WC over there already it's highly unlikely to be us - in fact we're probably unlikely to get sent there at all and get to play Freo here.
  5. If one of Kozzie or Spargo tested positive after breaking the rules and that meant we couldn't have played Carlton quite frankly I would have no issue with the AFL awarding them the 4 points
  6. You mean like our 3 peat in 1939-41?
  7. I guarantee Weid will have a good AFL career, if not as a KF then as a KB. He has all the attributes to make it and just needs the confidence to realise them. I do concede that there is a possibility this happens at another club. I think the reason Weid is not playing is because the FD rate Jackson so highly they can't leave him out. Sure his output was very modest last week but let's see what he can do over a few weeks.
  8. I love and value Max but quite frankly Naitanui smashed him in R1
  9. Good, well researched Gawn vs Grundy article here: Splitting Max Gawn and Brodie Grundy as the AFL's best ruckman is almost impossible
  10. As has been posted in other threads the players love playing for Goodwin and a number have stated they came to the club because of the impression he made. But don't conclude this means he's soft. Renowned hard men Brendan McCartney, Jordan Lewis and Bernie Vince all talk him up and they don't need to. Goodwin has the necessary intensity. Supporters who complain they don't see it in post match interviews should reflect on the Mark Neeld years.
  11. Where can I see this data? I saw it reported for R1 in the AFL Fantasy news.
  12. Traded Watts and Hogan and dropped his mate Hibberd. I don't think lack of edge is a problem.
  13. Some aggressive selection but apart from Lockhart I can't really lament any of the outs. OMac and Bedford are replaceable. Hunt in is a big surprise and Smith a surprise foretold. It's a dynamic explosive pacy side.
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