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  1. Langdon Bedford Pickett Lever Weideman
  2. I've heard a number of times that a number of players (numbering in the teens) participated in player driven training sessions at Sandy during the off season. Does anyone know who this was driven by and who participated?
  3. Actually, I was a bit humbled by the response and thanks everyone for the kind words. I must admit, on occasion, to participating in the derailment of a thread and cannot help myself. On "Ology" I have a little permanent quote that goes " Never argue with fools, they will beat you with their experience". I do need to take my own advice.
  4. Disagree, AVB, Trac and Max excepted
  5. Well said D3 there are a lot on here who look for the negative in everything Melbourne and for some only a Premiership will stop that. (Actually the first one will be called a flash in the pan and there will be a lot of negativity about winning another one ). I thought a lot of comments on here were very old school and quick to criticize. I don't think this promo is saying we are back, it's more about the road to redemption and what is needed to get back. Sure we could do something like this after the fact but that doesn't sell belief or memberships now. I also like it because it requires buy in from the players, we want them to bust a gut and go to another level. This promo is not about them being there yet, but it is about the journey.
  6. Yes there is because he nominated us to train with. We would have a financial commitment with him at the moment but not a contract.
  7. Agree, and I think the lack of opposition at training had us all fooled a bit. That old analogy about dancing with your sister was compounded by the sister having two left feet. My observations of training on Monday looked like the sister knew how to dance.
  8. HT lets put this to bed. SWYL has an opinion however Bennell will get a Rookie spot if we give him a contract. By definition Rookie spots are SPECULATIVE. I would suggest that the 6th rookie spot is not the list magic bullet that Bennell would be denying us.
  9. The practice matches will be interesting and I can see a difficult decision coming re Cossie. Is the magic he brings enough to play him even if he goes missing sometimes due to fitness? I did say it will be interesting, I don't have to make the decision so I can vote with the magic factor. It's a long season so maybe you give a few games to him early and then back to Casey to continue building his fitness so he knows how hard he has to work, without burning him out. We know Bedford has a serious engine and can hopefully come in and create havoc also.
  10. Thanks BB, I really wanted to go over to the other oval and check him out but it was so good watching the other boys I couldn't tear myself away. If you are accurate about his return it's not like we don't have any coverage and a nice build up through Casey is fine. Yes, the bigger ground certainly suits, if I remember correctly it's bigger than the Gee and considering how many games we play at the Gee this year spending more time at Casey is a good thing even if a bit inconvenient for watchers.
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