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  1. My hope is; better analysis plus specific targeted individual programs (think Burgess, Lewis etc), combined with better planning, will equal improvement. Contrary to what Chookrat says, it is not just words, there are real actions taking place.
  2. Whilst I deserved that, I think you can do better and thanks for the public humiliation.
  3. This is the real problem, you left out the word "my". There is a difference between presenting an opinion and pontificating. We all should hope every player reaches their potential but when they don't meet our expectations the amount of criticism here can be way over the top.
  4. I'm still waiting for a facepalm emoji.................don't think I've forgotten Andy
  5. How do you know they are on holidays overseas? Did they all send you their itineraries for the off season. I assume from your comments Burgess has CC you all their individual program's as well. I would be very disappointed if any of the players came back and were not ready to go this year and to steal Chookrat's mantra "I'll believe it when I see it". I am interested to see what "condition" Langdon and Tomlinson turn up in. Anybody seen anything of these two yet?
  6. An awful lot of preseason to happen before any of the above makes sense. Hannan, Hore, Dunkley, Lockhart, AVB, ANB, Pruess, Smith etc could all have big preseasons and push for a spot on the IC bench at least.
  7. Couldn't hack it as a firefighter where you quickly get found out for being an O2 thief . Wouldn't have liked being lambasted when his ego got in the way. Much easier in the media where you can say what you like and have pot shots with impunity.
  8. If he had of gone to the pre-season draft where would everyone have him? And Dunkley for that matter.
  9. Yes, that's what GP's say......experts in the field however are experts for a reason
  10. Damn you, I didn't know it had got to 50mill again and me not getting a ticket 😣. Had to go check the numbers, phew jackpoted to 20 m next week. Accurate as ever Dieter or just lazy?
  11. I will mention one strange thing at the ground though, you can only buy Light /Mid strength beer. Why strange? You can buy Red and White wine and mixers that are all higher alcohol content than full strength beer. Not that it would worry we superior Melbourne types
  12. Sorry, disagree, have been down there for 3 of those games now, fly down Friday come back Monday. Take one of the ferries across from Hobart/ Wrest Point. Red and Blue everywhere. Went to Salamanca Market before the game this year, Dees supporters everywhere, awash with Red Wine, Beer and Seafood. One day, a win will just be icing on the cake. I can tell you where to have the best breakfast afterwards as well.
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