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  1. *hit yeah and Mrs W. Rusted on and people are way over reacting, not helped by the media spin. "Is it the truth or did you read it in the Herald Sun"
  2. 2nd, he played against Sandy as well and was an absolute wall in the 3rd qtr and set up that win
  3. I'm not so much interested in the differential as I am in the result of For and Against frees. It would be great to see something based on a points system like Supercoach with points deducted or given for Frees resulting directly in goals or denying a goal, momentum killer frees would be an interesting stat also. The amount of times I see us awarded a free which halts our forward progress and allows the opposition to flood back does my head in. Would love to see the breakdown for individual umpires as well. That might confirm or deny long standing bias. Anyone know for certain that the Umps have stats recorded against them and what kind?
  4. Heading down to this game, does anyone know what the parking situation is?
  5. I liked the fact Goodwin was trying something different with him when he tried the tennis ball training however it probably emphasized the short kick problems. Trac is a pretty good kick from outside 50 and I would love to see how he would go simply treating every kick like it was outside 50. I would have him blindfolded for a while and just move him around saying x is how far out you are. It might stop him incessantly flipping the ball around as well.
  6. Preuss's role would be to: A/ Mark the ball (funny but I see him doing this more and more) B/ Crush whomever is foolish enough to get in his way. Sorry, but I don't see too many playing at FF who are instrumental at locking the ball in. B/ above is the go, it should be a team rule that nobody jumps at a ball directed to Max or Preuss (floating in from the side excepted). So many times I see opposition players go 2 up against Max and Preuss and the opposition players end up sprawled on the ground. Much easier to defend the forward half when to oppo defenders are on their arze. Our players just need to recognize this more often.
  7. If you listen to him in his On the Couch interview I think it is a fair explanation of his up and down statistics.
  8. He is our Shane Crawford, do not underestimate his value to the ethos and culture of the Club. I saw Crawford relinquish the Captaincy and struggle at times in his last years and yet play a huge part in the flag that had eluded him. If Jones can still perform at the level he did on Sunday I think he deserves to be part of the team next year and reassess at the end of next year. When Crawford retired after winning the flag the Hawks went on to be a powerhouse for many years and had a fabulous culture. I'm not saying this was all down to Crawford being treated with respect but I would remind all of you how well we have performed after treating well respected players and the Red Fox ruthlessly. I've yet to see who is proposed to push Jones out of the side on performance and as long as that is the case IMO we stand to lose more than we gain.
  9. Myself and Mrs Worship went out to Coburg on Sunday and met up with a regular Training and VFL watcher /devotee. We had an extensive discussion regarding Preuss and our friend pointed out that in the previous 3 outings watching Preuss he had been dominate in the first half and also kicked multiple goals but ran out of legs in the second half. We proceeded to watch this occur again although it wasn't as obvious as previous. This may have been because the ball was camped in our forward line for 75% of the game. We came away from the game thinking Preuss will get his chance when his engine improves or heaven forbid, Max misses a game. As an aside, this is the second Casey game I've been to where the 3qtr time huddle has broken up and I've observed Maxy walking away with Preuss and Maxy coaching and encouraging him. I like this a lot. I would not be at all surprised if Max's opinion isn't being sort when it comes to when Preuss gets a call up.
  10. Went last year for the Suns game and had a fabulous time (winning helps). We really liked the ground and the viewing is terrific, think Marvel without the roof and the seating as you go back isn't as steep. We are flying up again on Saturday flying back Monday. Having lunch at the German Club on Sunday (great pork knuckle) and then a few bevs with the QLD Demons at the Pineapple prior to the game.
  11. Had a chat with The Lord on Saturday he said he was aiming to play the last 5 games of the home and away. He's not on a restricted program anymore just needs to do what he is to get his fitness back up and then return through Casey for touch and confidence.
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