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  1. It will be interesting, the other scenario for us is; Max doesn't need the same rest because of the shortened quarters . He will need some rest but why can't he switch with TMac as he has in the past. This also gets TMac more involved in the game. The biggest issue I have with the interchange at the moment is Mids. I think we have to include Sparrow for that to work. The bench would be made up of 3 forwards if we go down the path being suggested.
  2. "Oh Picket"; said in Gawny's "Google" ad style.
  3. No, and if you look closely at him during the broadcast he is a little too satisfied with his own commentary. This would be the same Whateley that did 2 episodes of AFL 360 recently with that other mupput Robocop. Robocop showing serious signs of "illness" proceeded to cough and splutter during the episodes and proceeded to wipe his hands across Whateley's face. Whateley just giggled in his normal fashion, great look..Not. Public transport hasn't been suspended, every school hasn't been closed and workplaces haven't been closed. The bans have only been applied to gatherings above 500. An AFL match without spectators would be well below that. In the AFL's favour the Club's have acted early to isolate themselves from potential exposure unlike the NRL. It's already been stated that the first player to test positive will suspend the season. Let Whateley have the courage of his convictions, stop broadcasting and suspend all AFL 360 episodes but I have never expected credibility from muppets.
  4. This is one of those times WYL where you need to recognise you are just adding to the panic of the general public. I know you have an opinion but your emotion is skewing everything. Go back and read what Trashy posted. He wasn't advocating that a few AFL players become infected nor was he saying that would be ok for the sake of entertainment. In typical fashion you have put on your ABC persona, mounted your white stead and proceed to lecture all and sundry. Trashy had a go at me about being self-righteous, you make me look like an amateur. Don't bother replying and trying to justify yourself, that might save you from more ridicule. Yes, I understand what exponential means and potentially where this virus could lead. AFL teams are the least of our worries if Binman's prediction of "by October at least half of all Australians will have been infected." I don't know what the final outcome will be and nor do you or Binman but lecturing people about "growing up" serves no real purpose. Yes , yes, now I sound like I'm lecturing, cue the normal posters who will feel that they will need to point that out.
  5. I'm pretty sure the first thing he did when he got his new contract there was to fix his teeth ...... don't know why he bothered, no one there would notice.
  6. So you're saying you haven't bought a Membership this year? And don't intend to? Mind you that could turn out to be a saving the way the virus stuff is heading
  7. I was talking to a friend today, about what I call the fuzzy logic going around. What miraculous event occurs on Anzac Day?
  8. If I'm going to Bolt's page I'm hoping there is hand sanitiser available.
  9. Might finally have a use for the Herald Sun
  10. I'm pretty sure it's targeted at a different demographic to the average Demonlander.
  11. Mrs W said tonight "well I hope we get our money back". She changed her tune when I said the Club will need that money and I'm happy for them to keep it.
  12. Not exactly true, and then there is the Hospitality boxes at the back. One was full of Woods supporters during a QB game and they had the front windows open and were giving us an earful. That was until we came back and won in the last qtr. They closed the windows.
  13. Nothing wrong with that, I don't see you on here talking about how krap the Club is.
  14. To be clear Ding; I wasn't having a go at people who don't commit to the Club by buying a membership. I was suggesting that if you don't buy one you shouldn't winge and moan and bag the Club.
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