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  1. While I agree with some of what you say I can find no excuse for the blatant ignoring of a dangerous tackle and the awarding of a free kick for the tackler. Jetta even held Smiths head against the ground at a shocking angle accentuating the dangerous action. This wasn't crowd influence this was either complete incompetence or something completely without integrity.
  2. There is a reason International Cricket now has a NO local umpire on the field rule.
  3. In every job I've ever had, the policy on conflict of interest has been clear, that is; it's prohibited or you must excuse yourself. This is true even if it is only a potential conflict. I'm sure the 2 Umpires in question (and supported by the AFL) would say they have integrity so there isn't any problem. Then again the AFL is run by a Dill.
  4. Below is an extract from a petition being promoted by Freo supporters regarding the local "derby". Enough is Enough! Fremantle Dockers supporters have long known the umpiring bias displayed by the terrible 2, Margetts & Daglish at every WA AFL derby. Both self proclaimed West Coast Eagles fans and both having no shame in socialising and publicly displaying their love for the West Coast Eagles, why does the Fremantle Football Club and the AFL continue to allow this ongoing and disgraceful umpiring bias derby after derby? Sunday 29 April was one of the most disgusting displays of blatant and bias umpiring ever witnessed in a professional game of AFL. It was the tipping point for all Dockers fans and this is their call to action. All Dockers fans respectfully request that both Dean Margetts and Jeff Daglish are no longer allocated to umpire the Western derby games. Dockers fans will even go as far as to commit to paying a $1 umpiring tax on their tickets for all derby games, in order for the AFL to fly and accommodate a neutral umpiring team that are no way conflicted. We cannot accept or allow conflicted umpires who publicly support an AFL team, to regularly officiate and make decisions that have many times changed the momentum of games to their team, the West Coast Eagles advantage. ENOUGH is ENOUGH, no more Margetts and no more Daglish for WA AFL derby games pleas
  5. Is the Casey game being streamed today?
  6. I've always referred to them as "mental health days"
  7. You where better off to stay silent, if you have read all the previous posts and watched the clips then how about a comment on the "victims" previous behavior? Or is your outrage only reserved for 7news reports? I will assume you wont reply.
  8. Yes he did but we don't know if that's true. What we do know is his brother can be heard saying to the Dees supporter "Stop, stop he's disabled". If you take a look at the 7News clip and compare it with the clips of the "victim" in his normal behavior, something doesn't quite gell. Don't get me wrong I'm in no way condoning the actions of the Dees supporter however I think you are behaving a bit like the Media ie shoot first and ask questions later. I don't know if you bothered reading all the previous posts but I doubt it. If you had you may have picked up a hint or two from other posters about previous form on the part of the "victim". If you want to do some further checking a few of the D supporter facebook pages have some instructive comments from a number of women and families who have had to move away from where the "victim" sits due to the aggressive and obscene language used.
  9. Just to put this into perspective, perhaps the innocent "disabled" victim might not be the best spokesperson for Tasmania or the AFL. Apologise for the language but I think it is important that people know who the Media are portraying as the poor unfortunate.
  10. Went back and checked the second one and Harmes did enter the protected zone (10m) looked like about 7m. Problem was OMac skipped sideways about 5 times, away from the Mark and made it look like Harmes was much closer. Can someone enlighten me why OMac would do that? I understand why it is done when someone is kicking for goal but not in this case.
  11. Actually, I think Red Ed had his President hat on and I'm pretty sure he was being ironic
  12. Agree on the first one but will have to check the replay on the other. It looked to me that he needed a teleportation device to get out of the protection zone.
  13. You stand corrected but I can't be bothered proving it to you.
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