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  1. And the 300k of people in lock-down suburbs
  2. Well, apart from the contract with the MCC that is.
  3. Well except for Kozie, mind you 3 forwards taller than Robo and 3 the same height as him is hardly a mosquito fleet. Plenty of pace and pressure too. No wonder Taylor was "managed". If we get it in there enough the Cat's will have some headaches.
  4. If the other forwards kick 12 between them then TMac will stay in the team even if he doesn't even have a shot on goal.
  5. We may have been called soft for a short period but at least we weren't called the "Hand Baggers" for decades. Apologies to "Jack Russell" just in case she is offended by that term.
  6. I have Fence on ignore so clearly a no from me.
  7. You don't get to 38000 posts by worrying about content.
  8. It appears you are incorrect. And no, I wasn't born at home.
  9. WTF has that got to do with what I posted?
  10. Is there any chance Mckenna was exposed to the virus while in his 14 day isolation at a designated Hotel? That has people who are positive for the virus. On day 10 of isolation he comes in contact with lets say a security guard who somehow has the virus. I've often wondered about putting all the potential virus carriers in the one spot for 14 days. Perhaps a more prudent practice might be a further period of isolation at home (and testing) if you have been in a known location of infected.
  11. So now I'm regretting this because I may have pushed you to far. I'm concerned for you, if you genuinely believe you are faultless in this please PM me and say "relent"
  12. Yep and he should have just PM me and we might have been able to sort it out. Being the "self - righteous ........... person, I am. If I'm wrong I will fall on my sword, issue a public apology and never post here ever again.
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