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  1. Loving Garlett's creativity tonight. Doesn't get it a lot, but really opens things up when he does. 2 goal assists already.
  2. What did that Melbourne player do when he caught the ball inside our forward 50? I forgot we were allowed to do that.
  3. I rewatched the Bulldogs-Essendon 2000 game this morning and the quality of footy and commentary in that game just leaves the modern game for dead. The AFL needs to go back to that.
  4. As an expert once said... "Sometimes maybe good. Sometimes maybe sheet."
  5. Swap Jones with Goodwin. Win-win IMO. Jones can't coach, which means the players will play naturally. Goodwin's probably still faster than Nathan, so we gain an extra runner (and on-field coach, aka a "captain"). It could catch on….
  6. Hope the players run through a banner of that next week.
  7. ANB I will continue to defend, but Oscar is one of the worst defenders I have ever seen. I would literally prefer Zac Dawson over that bloke.
  8. Glad I swapped my tip to the dons last minute. I will be tipping against the Demons ardently forever until convinced otherwise. My lord, it's like the Melbourne Footy Club died that day last year at Optus Stadium. RIP my team.
  9. We're terrible. That's a fact. But the Hunt/Kolojfjndfdgbh combo is interesting to me. I want to see more of it.
  10. If Trac ever plays a better quarter than the one he played against the Pies when we beat them in the Jack Watts redemption game, I hope it's not tonight. But yes, Trac is playing ok.
  11. Melksham v Hurley summary: High, high, high, holding, push in the back. No free play on. But yes our problems are still there. Such an easy goal to McD-T Goody's contention is probably that it doesn't matter when all our stars are dominating. But when do ALL a team's stars dominate for an entire season?
  12. Dees might have finally figured out the real stuff has begun.
  13. Lockhart your ripper! Shows what you can get from a bloke who hasn't been Melbourne'd yet.
  14. Good stuff Trac. He should be able to do that 4 times a game.
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