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  1. I think his parents had something to do with it.
  2. I don't care how reluctant he is, as long as he realises (which I'm sure he does) that the big offers stop coming when you are associated with stinking rabid failure. Welcome to Melbourne, Darren Burgess!
  3. We could do with some stable geniuses at the club.
  4. If I had an all-expenses paid opportunity to advance my knowledge of the particular aspect of the world I've chosen to devote my brain to, I'd definitely not go to Vegas. I might see my way to going to LA or New York though. There's bound to be at least one smart person in those two cities combined.
  5. How can I be a fan when he doesn't play for Melbourne?
  6. Can't kick. Can't kick when he plays, but most definitely can't kick when he doesn't play. Can tackle. Can't tackle when he doesn't play though.
  7. Why would anyone sympathetic to Essendon ever bring that whole saga back up again. The only way Essendon will ever fully recover from the whole doping fiasco is to accept that it happened, they paid for it, and they'll never do it or think about it ever again. Sometimes dead is better.
  8. Yeah. A bad year. This bloke saved our bacon vs Hawthorn last year in the Semi though, so he still has my faith that he can make it.
  9. Wild idea: a good coach would be able to make even rogue players stick to the gameplan.
  10. I recommend you stop using Internet Explorer.
  11. The thing about winning a flag is that it's not even like they're rare. They are won literally every year, like clockwork. Only we can't seem to manage it.
  12. A player getting delisted is a reflection on the player. Plenty of greats have played for worse clubs than ours.
  13. Pretty sure it's not here yet. Tigers should win, but GWS has me on the bandwagon.
  14. Supports my theory that the leading reason we were awful this year is that Angus Brayshaw was awful. Get him right and we go a long way to fixing our problems.
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