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  1. Sam Frost is clearly our best defender this game. Without him we'd be stuffed.
  2. Yeah these big bad North Melbourne players are a protected species. I mean C'mon.
  3. Why do we have to blame one person? Why can't we blame everyone?
  4. The best thing about no major review is that it means there was no major problem.
  5. The whinging in this thread is unreal.
  6. Considering he plays full-back…I'm gonna say no.
  7. One thing stopping me from buying into this theory is that we were as bad in the Prelim last year (i.e., before surgeries) as we have been all this year. Unless all our players went in for surgery on the Saturday morning after we beat Hawthorn, I think our problems run way deeper.
  8. You're happy to write that about Goodwin but oh no Oscar McDonald is off limits?
  9. Before this game I thought "Hipwood's just gonna destroy us." Midway through the 3rd I though "Nah we've done alright." Hipwood's just destroyed us.
  10. Oh Tommy how do you drop that? Team killing fumble.
  11. He does, except he's wearing a helmet over the top of them.
  12. Is Angus Brayshaw a Brisbane spy or something. Honestly hit a target mate.
  13. I don't care about the experience differential. One is a much better player than the other as of Sunday 30 June 2019. May has had his fair share of critics while he wasn't playing too.
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