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  1. Jeez I musta missed that. Then again I'm not getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to see it, so I have an excuse.
  2. If I had an agenda (and Clarkson does, just as we all do), I would play to that agenda. In this case the agenda is benefited by Melbourne being "a Finals Side", crippled by the rules. Of course we all know that's a laughable proposition. Melbourne? Good? Meh-heh-heh-heh!!! what a larf!!!
  3. Unfortunately I can't foresee a situation where Tom McDonald will ever take a mark again. I just don't see how it could occur.
  4. Feels weird playing a game this weekend. Usually we play once every 3-6 months.
  5. Why not just play chess. Take 21 players off the bench. Make teams of 1. Opening up space, causing players to think harder to check. If checked without a move, it's a game loss. 21 players in reserve, for any who can't get up if sick.
  6. I regularly clear both my nostrils of snot while running even in Summer. Crap tweet.
  7. I mean I'll take it but by gosh and by golly what a train wreck this club is.
  8. Can I just say I picked Trent Rivers to play 22 games this year. I will be wrong only on a technicality.
  9. "I'm impressed." – Me, about every boss I've ever had
  10. I dreamed last night that Max Gawn decided he would leave the Dees to go elsewhere. If Moloney hadn't done the exact same thing (in real life), I might have considered voting Moloney over Gawn just based on that alone. Reality hits, however, and I must vote Gawn. #KarmaIsABitch
  11. Jackson should not play this year unless we get injuries. He's a kid. A tall talented kid, but I mean c'mon it's like putting a baby giraffe into a battlefield. Yeah the giraffe might stomp someone but it's not the place he belongs.
  12. Brown will play between 22 and 26 games for us this year.
  13. Langdon streaming down the wing? I like to see that.
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