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  1. Ah yes, celebrating that proudest of native Australian animals: the jaguar.
  2. Absolutely s-house sportsmanship from Ryan's teammates though. F-logs.
  3. Seriously there is a 50% chance this will end in my death. What a goal from Hunt.
  4. Oh god I think I'm gonna die. I don't think I can take an entire quarter of this.
  5. This is NOT over. We need this win so so badly. As good as we've played at times tonight, it will all turn to ashes in my mouth if we can't finish it off. Led at every change. Finish it boys.
  6. Surely that's a free against Kennedy for the knee directly in the back of Oscar without touching the footy.
  7. Hore + Lever is going to be absolutely glorious to watch.
  8. Our season would have been over multiple times in the last month if it weren't for Hunt. Amazing return to form for him.
  9. Except for when they combine to win it for us. We'll win this game. West Coast look tired, and it's only going to get worse for them from here on in. Season on boys and girls.
  10. Trac and Garlett trying their hardest to lose us this game.
  11. The only chance West Coast seems to have of scoring is for us to f things up. And boy we did not disappoint there.
  12. Smith has been really influential late in the second and early in the 3rd. He's playing a bit of a Brad Miller type role for us if I'm not mistaken.
  13. Stop Yeo, Rioli, Ryan, and Don't kick it to McGovern, and we win this. Get our season back on track Demons.
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