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  1. I don’t care if you think we aren’t one of the most talented teams - we are more talented than what we are producing. When is his contract up? 2021? Odds on it will be his last year.
  2. Certainly was after half time
  3. Bailey now has the look in the eye when he goes back to kick for goal of someone who is certain that ‘this won’t go well’ as opposed to someone trying to simply kick for 6 points.
  4. At least when he is booed at games, he can legitimately use the ‘boo-urns’ defence.
  5. 40 inside 50 gives me pause as a forward. I didn’t like their game but for 3 quarters we were nowhere as a team. Hard to discern how we want to play and get it to our forwards.
  6. Kid’s not ready. We have better options.
  7. Well reasoned argument. I’m convinced!
  8. It’s where our best players are. So relatively stacked... I think they’re ok.
  9. Midfield is stacked. Harmes is in the backline to break the lines. Which we don’t have anyone for. I think it’s a great idea. Especially if Petracca steps up.
  10. Looks like they ‘took a knee’ in one of those pics in sympathy for Black lives matter. Good to show some solidarity for your mates.
  11. The season was effectively over before it began. Quite literally.
  12. Really dialling up the pressure forward line - we are betting we can keep it down there and away from Oscar’s opponent. Brown over Weideman is a worry but the right decision. Gawn should be right with 16 less minutes out there. Surreal but go Dees.
  13. This is an utterly ridiculous situation. We will have a positive result from an AFL player inside of a week and a half and then the league will be suspended for a month at their own admission. What gets the league back going again? Right now we should be ramping up testing and tracing and getting on top of this and then starting our bloody football games. What a terrible example for young people who will be the reason we may struggle to get on top of this in the next couple months.
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