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  1. The season was effectively over before it began. Quite literally.
  2. Really dialling up the pressure forward line - we are betting we can keep it down there and away from Oscar’s opponent. Brown over Weideman is a worry but the right decision. Gawn should be right with 16 less minutes out there. Surreal but go Dees.
  3. This is an utterly ridiculous situation. We will have a positive result from an AFL player inside of a week and a half and then the league will be suspended for a month at their own admission. What gets the league back going again? Right now we should be ramping up testing and tracing and getting on top of this and then starting our bloody football games. What a terrible example for young people who will be the reason we may struggle to get on top of this in the next couple months.
  4. Jackson isn’t ready from what I have seen. Weideman is not guaranteed a spot either but Jackson is doing things that raw talents do and a mature club with a set team and an idea on how to develop players wouldn’t play him unless forced to through injuries.
  5. You talking about practice?! I agree old friend. I agree.
  6. Forward pressure up. Midfield presence through out the ground helps And that is desire and fitness. Every team wants to control the ball, so I think that is a bit overblown. We don’t seem to be as manic with the handball like we were a couple of years ago but when there is a space we are off - that’s just maturity to me tho... As an aside, don’t like Fritsch as FF - he lapses into thinking he is 6’5 bodying out and doesn’t work the space well (from what I have seen). Excellent forward but I would have a deep talk most times to manipulate the space for Fritsch and Melksham. Other than that - I’m a bit ‘Allen Iverson’ about these games but glad we are winning.
  7. Best sign was the turnovers we created in the forward half. That’s a return to what made us so dangerous in 2018. And I have always thought that players like Petracca and Martin are so damaging because they can win contested footy but have the strength and talent to escape or power through the contest and get the ball well forward. 27 CPs and 645 metres gained is mouth watering.
  8. If we throw him into the ruck in 2020 he will be cut in half. I would play him on a flank if he plays at all. Our hand might be forced if injuries are anything like 2019 but I see Pickett as a stronger chance to play 15+ games than Jackson.
  9. Brown is a competent lead up mark who gets in the right spots and contests. Its a shame I see him as a threat to Weideman’s position in the best 22. And can we play Gawn and Preuss? I don’t think the jury is back in because 2019 was a dumpster fire; who knows if they can play together in a good team...
  10. The difference between depth and valuable role player is simply that they effectively play that role. He can play plenty of footy and we can still win games. One does not discount the other.
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