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  1. Might leave that for @Webber but in my case, the soleus was inflamed by my nerve issue. I don’t know what the scan would look like but a rudimentary assessment was that I strained my calf when I didn’t.
  2. I had nerve issues in my left calf the last two years that the club physio up here said was a soleus tear. I was sceptical; I didn't feel it 'go'. Took ages 'to heal' in 2018 because it was a misdiagnosis... This year - happened again - trusted my gut and did some nerve therapy and was back after a week. I don't know anything about Bennell but it sounds like a 'good' calf issue...
  3. Well, this pretty much assures Jack he will be a one club player.
  4. I'm more excited by Burgess coming on board but at least Richardson is experienced, although he is largely a replacement for McCartney. Chaplin, Rooke, Mathews, Plapp, Egan...and Goodwin... have little experience or had little when they joined. And with Rawlings spending most of the year at Casey - we didn't have much 'pedigree' guiding the players.
  5. Both of these statistics are damning of the forward line, the forwards coaching and Goodwin. We get plenty of it forward but we haven’t set up well enough, or don’t have smart enough players to make the most of it, and our forward line, which has been dominated by ‘defensive’ players with no idea how to play forward, allow the opposition to leave the forward line with ease and we get murdered in transition. If McDonald is injured don’t play him, but if not, he has 10 weeks to work out with Weideman how to ‘compliment’ each other and for the smalls - let’s forget about picking defensive players - play the kids that can play forward and have high standards for defensive pressure. Other than that - get rid of the forwards coach. It’s 6v6 FCS, create a structure that leverages a midfield that is prolific bombers of the footy.
  6. I should have known I needed to do more. Garlett can find the footy in the forward line. 9 touches in the 50 last week, 9 against the Eagles three weeks ago. No forward is prolific but he is the closest we have to a functioning forward who can find it in the right places. I don’t really care, this season is done and Garlett is probably in his last season in footy. But our forward line has been an absolute disaster this year - not all of it is at the feet of delivery. It is also at the feet of how we set up in the forward line and also how the FD place defensive pressure well above above forward nous.
  7. Garlett makes errors but he gets the effing pill. Which exactly no other player in our forward line does. Only natural forward down there. If we are tanking, fine, drop him. If we want to win then play him.
  8. Too slow between the ears. Depth now if he wants to stick around behind Lever, May and Frost.
  9. I think we need to calm down... We have had a terrible start to the year and I really do think that this group having a month less break/pre-season for the first time in their careers is having a pernicious effect on the group. We have played poorly but our midfield finally has a constellation with Gawn, Viney, Oliver, Brayshaw and Harmes, our forward line has a proven goal scorer when in form, and our backline has solid base to build on assuming (yeah, yeah) that injuries are not permanent features of careers. I don't think we can claw our way back to relevance for this year but we are not what we used to be.
  10. It’s stunning how quickly some players can simply lose any semblance of how to play to a consistent game plan. But we do have to face facts - our top end talent falls away rapidly and our bottom 6 players are VFL calibre. That, and a month less of a preseason than we usually get adds up to this nonsense.
  11. I gulped when I saw the bump but... On point once again.
  12. We have had a shortened summer (by a month) for the first time in the careers of all the players. They are not prepared just yet and I hope they get there soon or the season will get away from us. But Goodwin knows, from the sporadic selection of our smalls in the forward line and back line, that we don't have trusted talent in those positions.
  13. Whether or not I agree that we did anything 'wrong' we have been made to face a truth no other club has had to. Every year the AFL allows clubs to sit players and play youth, with the incentive of a higher spot in the draft. We have learnt from it and we are a stronger organisation. But we are alone in that damnation. The AFL are the ones that need to learn.
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