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  1. If we throw him into the ruck in 2020 he will be cut in half. I would play him on a flank if he plays at all. Our hand might be forced if injuries are anything like 2019 but I see Pickett as a stronger chance to play 15+ games than Jackson.
  2. Brown is a competent lead up mark who gets in the right spots and contests. Its a shame I see him as a threat to Weideman’s position in the best 22. And can we play Gawn and Preuss? I don’t think the jury is back in because 2019 was a dumpster fire; who knows if they can play together in a good team...
  3. The difference between depth and valuable role player is simply that they effectively play that role. He can play plenty of footy and we can still win games. One does not discount the other.
  4. Our forwardline in 2018 was greater than the sum of the parts and that was because we were functioning through turnovers. We pressured and won ball back in our forward half. The cattle is not quite right; injured, young, one dimensional, out of form for periods... I am a big believer in structure and that can really help; we should create a central contest with numbers to the footy that was constantly coming through our mids. Pickett will assist to some degree, but we have to forget about the ‘indIvidual’ style of lead up 1-1s we strangely had with that cattle. But yeah, we are not too 4 unless McDonald is healthy and Gawn can rest forward. And forget about Jackson making a meaningful impact in 2020...
  5. The warning signs being...geography?
  6. Love this pick. They obviously targeted him and see him Round 1 addition (which is good because Luke J will be at Casey for a bit I reckon). Never draft for needs but if it’s an even field... we have such a need at SF! Decent forward structure and this kid running around and we will shoot back up the ladder.
  7. Those with memory know my opinion on taking ruckmen early... He looks to have something more about him that maybe he can play a role on a flank or a wing if he has the lungs. Otherwise, see you in 2025... maybe...
  8. This trade simply makes it a top 10 pick this year instead of next; the rest of the picks are now a wash. And it will all depend on where we finish and who we pick. I hope they get who they want and that they are right.
  9. The only understandable trade would be in real time if we can’t get the kid we want - otherwise, why do the trade with NM in the first place? We would be giving up next years 1st round pick for to late first rounders in two trades entirely made up of picks? No following that logic path.
  10. Might leave that for @Webber but in my case, the soleus was inflamed by my nerve issue. I don’t know what the scan would look like but a rudimentary assessment was that I strained my calf when I didn’t.
  11. I had nerve issues in my left calf the last two years that the club physio up here said was a soleus tear. I was sceptical; I didn't feel it 'go'. Took ages 'to heal' in 2018 because it was a misdiagnosis... This year - happened again - trusted my gut and did some nerve therapy and was back after a week. I don't know anything about Bennell but it sounds like a 'good' calf issue...
  12. rpfc

    Jack Martin

    Hi Jarrod! Nice fellow.
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