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  1. A couple of sliding door moments: - In the 2005 Grand Final, Leo Barry doesn't take that mark, WCE kick the sealer, and Roos never becomes a Premiership coach - In the 2010 Grand Final, the ball bounces the way it would 9 out of 10 times and Milne kicks the sealer. If this all happened, Roos' public profile would be a smidgen of what it is now - he wouldn't be regarded as a football God, and perhaps, just perhaps, Ross Lyon might be. .
  2. How on earth did he become a Melbourne supporter when he grew up in Perth, lived there up until about 10 years ago (so deep in his 40s), and actually play for the WCE? I don't get it. Not complaining though.
  3. Amen. Glad to see some logic here.
  4. Would you say the ABC is impartial? (like it should be, being publicly funded)
  5. Terrible story. I remember seeing him out relatively frequently in that 2012 - 2015 period. Venues where that sort of stuff was rife although it was never my thing. He was always too slow. Looked like he was 38 when he was 28. Hang on, I'm 38 and look younger now 🙂
  6. Regarding your last line, spot on. Everyone loves Stynes and nobody would ever want to criticise him, but it's important to reflect on a few home truths. . Stynes, Lyon and Schwab were very very close to each other and had been for years. Stynes was the one who brutally sacked Paul McNamee on the spot as soon as he walked into the club as President and appointed his mate Schwab into the role. McNamee had only been in the job for 5 minutes, yet apparently his death knell came when he wanted to recruit Jonathan Brown on a big-money long-term deal. Suitors were hardly reaching out far and wide for Schwab and he didn't appear to leave Freo in glowing colours. It was clearly a boys club back then. Stynes might not have been well when the 186 debacle occurred, but his allegiance would certainly have been with Schwab over Bailey sadly. It continued beyond this. . Garry Lyon became involved and looked after Schwab (along with Stynes), giving Schwab a 2-year deal (which alone should raise eye-brows). Who hired Neeld - primarily Lyon and Schwab. Not one to excuse Neeld because he's clearly shown even in recent TV interviews his lack of self-awareness and man-management skills, something you would have expected he would have reflected on over the past 7-8 years. However, it's still my view that he was initially hired to coach with one mandate from Schwab - to [censored] the players in an old-school militant manner - much because of Schwab's knowledge of their distain of him. The reality in any management position is you can lose your direct reports (or players in this instance) in a single moment only never to get them back again - it's clear Neeld did this straight away and had no way back. Yes, it was his fault. Was it a condition he was hired under? Perhaps.
  7. Know some people will knock what i'm about to say, but one of the first things the AFL WOULD DO if it wanted to save money would be to abolish GWS and GC. It'll be a massive, but courageous, decision. GWS and GC are 30 year projects. The AFL will take well over a decade to get over this, probably 20 years. Sensible decisions need to be made now. The AFL subsidises those clubs completely. Massive money involved. They can hold a mini-draft and distribute the players evenly across the other clubs. This is what happens when wages and persons employed by clubs increases out of belief with little in reserve for a rainy day. Well that rainy day that nobody ever predicted has arrived. Strong leadership is required and controversial decisions.
  8. On the off-chance they do end up playing a 17-round season, my gut feeling would be that we would keep our Collingwood, Adelaide and Fremantle home games - because Collingwood is on Queens Birthday, Adelaide is in the NT and Fremantle is in the first 4 rounds. This would mean we would lose the St Kilda and Gold Coast home games, and theoretically get an extra home game. Probably a win for us, because we'd avoid two interstate trips. In reality, it would be a blessing in disguise if we lost the Collingwood home game if nobody could attend, if we were guaranteed it as a home game next season.
  9. The AFL CEO is the biggest 'politically correct' lefty going around, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this come about under his reign
  10. AGM's were actually in February every year up until perhaps 4-5 years ago, when they changed them to December. I wasn't even aware they changed it back. My understanding what that this member forum was designed to enable members to seek some sort of explanation for the 2019 disaster and raise questions in response to it, rather than act as a forum that always takes place at the AGM. I just presumed the club strategically placed it in mid/late November knowing most people were out of AFL mode by then, and have lost the heat of anger over the pathetic season, and somehow have a level of optimism back again, negating likely negative questions. .
  11. I've seen him in the MCC members in recent years with a Demons scarf on so he is a supporter as well!
  12. Lever or Gawn as Captain. It's hard to know the best choice without being inside the inner sanctum of the club. Lever does speak really well and looks a good fit.
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