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  1. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE ( Where is the DRILL) Training finished with the usual freestyle goal kicking practice at the northern end where players practiced whatever they needed to I suppose, set shots from 40 m for some, running snap shots for others. MORE GARBAGE ( Even more so) I asked him about our goal kicking yips and shouldn’t we be working on our technique more and developing routines. His response was interesting, yes they are spooked on setshots but no we have done all that technique stuff, it will only turn around when they stop thinking about it. By which I think he means to stop thinking about the mechanics of it all because that is self defeating. Well ... my response to this is ... We really DO have our heads in the sand.. Goal kicking is an art and needs SPECIALIST instruction. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE under Match conditions "STOP THINKING ABOUT IT... SERIOUSLY???? THINK MORE ABOUT IT AND FIX THE PROBLEM Nup GARBAGE, And the worst is the Club STILL STILL cannot see and remedy a problem!! Hnmmm Thanks for Observations Earl Hood!
  2. About as much cHance of me winning that 75 Mill Tonight!! NONE
  3. Yes yes yes yes and yes is that enough?? You forgot about Jeffy?? Could have and should have kicked 4 last week!
  4. GARBAGE, shows more leadership then Viney and possibly Jones ON FIELD!
  5. Hunt to play lock down role.... Oh wait a minute isn't he our leading goalkicker?? Yikes!!
  6. Ok so what would O Mac attract as a trade??
  7. Dunkley to debut this week is my take!!
  8. As I have iterated time and time again!
  9. LOL you can just see this unfolding can't you !! Has done nothing for an eternity and now when playing us will literally explode!!!!!! and be BOG ! Just so typical!
  11. Yep , And even more so If you agree with me!!!😎
  12. Does that matter?? Good players at any level eat pressure for breakfast. The key is in technique and honing skills in goal kicking through repetition and excellent drill! Its that simple. Peter Mc Kenna was the best exponent of the drop punt from anywhere 65 meters out, angles Never phased him and there were others, Doug Wade. Peter Hudson, were Crack shots on goal. And there is a reason for it. Repetition, Practice, Technique None of this Bulltish kicking from angles round the body where hardly any exists. Its all garbage mentality Ok, I played 10 years of Amos as a HFF I didn't miss to many from ANYWHERE!
  13. Yeah right I could just see Clarko Giving Viney a Gig NOT!
  14. As ieterated Max Capt May VC Clarrie DVC With Lever close by. We need to shake the Fuuuurging joint up!! in 2020!
  15. Sheeeit if he bulks up a little he will be slower than ever!! Nup not the answer!
  16. If Weeds was the filth would kick 5 plus per game!
  17. Hnmm Im much the same!! City hall needs to fire up! Yer gotta wonder what Gary Pert is making of all this?
  18. The whole place sounds delusional, Goody, et al, Cheezus do they ever deal with reality?? Didn't know Magic Mushies grew at Gosh's Paddock!
  19. Jones to Retire and Viney to be demoted or traded out! Dees need to be ruthless , blunt and uncompromising, Really, what does JV really offer as Capt??
  20. Sorry CS is not up to it and never will be. Good VFL player only IMO
  21. Love it need to see this more! REAL LEADERSHIP
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