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  1. I didn't say he lacked courage or couldn't play a bit, I saw enough of him to make the judgement that he did not have the elite kicking skills some on this site suggested! That's all!!
  2. I saw James Strauss gather the ball in the back pocket and kick it 20 metres to the opposition resulting in...... A goal! Elite kicking skills??? I think not!
  3. SOLD!! get him in on a two year deal with a trigger for 3rd!
  4. Limited skills just blasts away when he has it . I reckon you have nailed it. Got the type of pace Oscar can only dream about!
  5. Why are we still talking about a bloke that has Zero relevance to Dees??
  6. Agree, take him Weeds well you never know what ur gonna get. he would want to show sustained improvement in 2020 otherwise we will struggle to kick goals. Take Brown for Insurance I reckon and he might just surprise
  7. Yep and yep Sad I still think of him quite often, I posted ny Ode on quite a few occasions, As I said to some of his close acquaintances, "Where has 5 + years gone?? Great player!! Better Bloke!! there can be no greater legacy!! Always remembered! Thanks for posting
  8. Most of my fingers look like that normally!!
  9. OK I've tempered it But Inane?? Yeah well up to you! Entitled to opinion I would have thought!
  10. Hnmm! Foster would have needed him but not Fish Creek!! Magnificent footy club Have seen a GF or two!
  11. Sheeeeit with the mo he looks a lot like Freddie Mercury!!
  12. Based on what I have seen on his highlights reel and the fact he is related to Byron gives me goosebumps. i, Too would select him over Weightman. The other interesting thing about the Hun article this morning was that Byron has two sons around the 12/13 mark. Hey Dazzle, have you any info on these two? sons of Byron? PF
  13. Bout time we grew some Nads and took a chance. Hopefully we can have a Win here!
  14. Hnmm Pity we could do with someone Exactly like Toby Greene with ATTITUDE!!
  15. Well done Moon, you also got my best angle!
  16. Thanks why Richmond were Premiers and we were an abysmal 17th! Bloke is right on the money! Its Simon Goodwins job to develop players... If he has another Shizen start to 2020 he will be gorn by about round 8-10
  17. In spite of optimism,, I couldnt imagine a Worse start to 2020!! Goody under pump right from the start!
  18. Id back myself in and Im over 55 That should be OL 55
  19. Spoke to somone connected with the Stingrays on the weekend who I know as an aquaintance. More a good mate of a mate. Anyway he suggested very strongly that we would be negligent if we didn't take this kid. He further suggested he would be a future Captain and 200 gamer. Convinced me, not that I needed too much convincing already.
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