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  1. If defensive pressure is what's keeping Bennell out of the side then at least follow suit and make these guys just as accountable. If not MORE so.
  2. Yeah coz we are just a smidgeon of a win..... NOT
  3. Four things I would ask Demonlanders 1 Are we well coached and drilled? 2 Are some players played out of positions where they have in the past been successful? 3 Have our match day selections been logical? 4 Is our game plan working? Well coached, well drilled teams don't make anywhere near as many mistakes because they are well coached and drilled. They are ultimately successful because of this very fact. One other thing that really throws spanners in works is when players are played out of position. Flexibility is great but does anyone really believe that HARMES was a HBF? That Fritsch is a key forward ? That T Mac is a real CHF? Then we come down to another seriously factor.... Our mystifying selections!. If these 4 things are not right you don't Success! You get the opposite! Sunday afternoon is going to be very interesting!
  4. Then WHY pick him for round 2?? LACKS LOGIC! He is a much better bet now than VDB, HANNAN and ESPECIALLY SPARGO! Anyone that can't see this must be living on another planet! The one that needs to step up IS THE COACH!!
  5. if Jones, Jetta, and Bennell are not in the current 25 players to be selected from then The place is PARKED!! They must feel totally peeved! Weeds? Enjoy Collingwood next year where you will blossom son! Seriously, Spargo? Oscar? Give me a break!
  6. PARKK ME two of the slowest players in Spargo and Oscar earn a reprieve?? Pleasze the current coaching Brains Trust cannot be serious! We will be FLOGGED!!
  7. Would have either in a heartbeat rather than the rhettorical..... We will be better prepared next time!!! Yadda Yadda! But your view! You are entitled to it! How many years has it been again??? Do you reckon Simon Goodwin is the man?
  8. Maybe, Goodwin should apply the same standards to our other mids that he applies to Harley! This!!! YEP exactly plays too many favs, Harley B HAS more skill in his sweat , than most of our list!
  9. Nope not Simpson, has a great team, Bevo?? Possibly but prefer the other two Ross Lyon is a "Brilliant" tactical coach and the players play for him, just ask Nat Fyffe and Harley!! Clarko though is just as thorough and really knows his footy! Plus he played for us for a time!
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