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  1. We will never ever win a Flag with Pert at the Helm, Bookmark it!! Come to think of it it won't matter who is at the Helm.. after 55 years , Im not sure another 55 will make much difference!!
  2. Ahem, when was the last time he kicked three goals as Jeffy did last week?? Maybe U/12 s
  3. Won't matter, I have played Footy and Cricket there and in Summer it is a good a place as any to play. I swear by the fact that if the tide was coming in the ball always did more than when it was out! Took some good Wkts there! In Winter I played 1 game of footy there on a shizzen day, a south wester with rain coming in sideways. I reckon I was close to Hypothermic and therefore Death by the end of the first quarter. Picture this 18 blokes at half time in the showers trying to get warm still in footy gear!!! If it rains there it is ALWAYS Shizzen!! At least the game is on Sunday which gives selectors flexibility and Casey some options
  4. How can Spargo get a gig when he didn't play last week was dropped for poor form a fortnight or so ago and gives little.??
  5. There is no God.. but I agree Pruessy plays for the rest of the year with one direction Go do a Mummy anything goes Clearly start to cause MAYHEM!!
  6. Gee would love Turbo to run through him!! Legally of course!
  7. Yep No doubt! No Big names no outrageous presidents, limited profile, and a soft target! yep.. Umps on solid ground!
  8. Yeah right... limited players with limited ability don't, tend to improve!! ah lets see eh?
  9. Hnmm Ok Ill play, ball Played nearly 150 with De La Salle OCFC I was a highly skilled HFF, Think Bruest that's the way I played And a few with what was known as Melbourne U /19 s before that And you ?? Next Question?
  10. I was also at Casey heavily disguised in case Dazzle man noticed me and wanted to "Chew the Fat" Agree Lever looked rusty but confident on his knee and did a few good things. He does look fit and wasn't blowing greatly on managed time. I also noticed him in the dugout playing coach and barking some instructions on the side. Will MFC take the risk and play him next week?? I tend to agree with Dazzle on this one Other comments LEFAU NO 79 Gee liked the look of him a New Zealander reminded me of the way Goodes played Tall good turn of speed, Goal sense, a touch of the unpredictable an example... At one stage in first quarter in traffic gathered the ball baulked , then blind turned and delivered goalward!! Plays tall ! Unless we have someone well and truly in the frame for mid season draft gee this guy has a lot of upside! Other points Pruess is far too good at this level and the benefits of playing him with Max then is depending on game it alows Max to fill a hole up back or play tall up forward. Corey Wagner also did some nice things Dazzle .. what was your perspective on LEFAU??
  11. Ok my comments are taken out of contexts and I should have said AS OF NEXT YEAR re Captains NOT THIS YEAR! Hope I have clarified my comments?
  12. Gee what an interesting observation and u know what the answer is dont you!?? Also Re Fritta as natural a HALF FORWARD FLANKER as I have ever seen. Reminds me of Robs younger brother Tom Flower who was also a beautiful left footer. Once kicked 5 On a flank vs the Filth! Just saying
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