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  1. Yeah well pretty hard to do when the leadership of our captains is so very bog ordinary! Who are his role models??
  2. Needs more than this. A Royal Commision would go close!! President, Board, Coach, CEO, All staff, players, no one should be spared thorough and systematic appraisal. And if accountability is to be transparent half the club might and should be gone by start of next year!
  3. Well if that isn't negligence I don't know what is? Either arrogance, stupidity, or both!!
  4. Care to profile the Board, King. I would be interested to know the "Bona Fide's of our senior management group. A group mind you that signed Goodwin on for an extention when they really didn't need to. I just wonder if any entrepreneurial powerbrokers out there might try for a Board Spill in view of our performances??
  5. Yes that's it ...... That's the reason.. so we have the Mother of all comebacks next year! Cant be anything else. Reality is .......that's nothing but "A Strange Fantastic Dream" There's a couple of songs on it about our footy club too can you guess which ones??
  6. I think Goody is on extremely thin Ice. Both Captains MUST go. Players NQR Given the boot and be extremely active in trade period! NO ONE is untradeable IMV. Wholesale changes need to be made and if anyone dares to blame injuries I'll do a Linda Blair exorcist Green Chuck! Other clubs manage!
  7. Yep have almost lost Faith in the coach! and agree players might also have and in dual Captains
  8. Ok heres a BIG call Clarko or Ross Lyon to coach DEES in 2021! Interim dont give a Toss ! Nick Krygios would be an inspired choice! Will certainly bruise a few Ego"s around the place!
  9. Would do it in a heartbeat but we wont coz we "Don't play for keeps"
  10. Yep and further this kid was on Melbourne Radar and we inexplicably overlooked him! His Dad was Marty Lyons whose first game of AFL VS Hawks netted him 4 goals I think on debut! Kid can play!
  11. I just Loved the Lions rolling the [censored] cats!! also FWIW Dangerfield is the umps pin up boy, got an extremely dubious free late in the game which could have turned the match. Can't stand the arrogance! Agree re Scott this win has made my weekend!!
  12. Really?? Then our footy Dept has been tracking Exceptionally well of late don't you think?? There are many "Respected" Demonlanders that I think are on the money with many opinions. Dazzle Davey 36 being one! We need MORE heads to roll. I don't think Goodwin has any idea what to do. FWIW I also heard the same story about some player resentment regarding Viney's selection as Captain, and source was a former player!
  13. A very very LIMITED Footballer , close to zero skills and tries to break every tackle. Worst Captain in the league in my book and it will be a deesgrace if either Him or Jones are Captains again next year!
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