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  1. Great Bloke Bails and a sensational Cricketer Batsmen and Fielder!
  2. Spargo Delist?? Why wasn't it done at end of last season?? Brown gets another go But Weeds comes in for sure! Jackson plays rest of the year. Maybe Rivers as well. Hibberd Gone!!
  3. Absolute Fruitcake of the highest order. Tried to Snot Robbie Flower in a practice match. Paul O 'Brien saw red and tried to snot Jacko Fruitcake of the highest order!!
  4. Brett Bailey IS an Fireman so there is your answer!!
  5. Cale Morton....Gawd how Dreadful!! Bate.. not much better!!
  6. Ok OUT Spargo never to play again. Brown was average but can see some advantages! Need Weeds to step up!
  7. Well, I wore a jumper of sorts and have associations with the club and players! Since 64 GARBAGE... except. for glimmers of HOPE ! and plenty of time to get it right!!! Or am I being "Obtuse"
  8. TARZAN GLASS!! One for the ages!!!
  9. Yep and after ahhhh how many years........56 you can find some positives??? Give me a break. The amount of bungling, shocking draft selections,inability to develop players.. Over many many years ,Has meant we are almost still STILL a basket case!! Oh tell me that the 20 or so points we lost to West Coast 2 weeks ago was an aberration!! We were MILES of the pace. Look carefully at some of the players who STILL can get a game!! Spare Me!! Sorry!! Goody aint the answer and u can write of this year. Make no mistake we are still Pretty GOD damn ordinary!!
  10. Quality Bloke and yet another example of MFC s inability to develop players Ahhhh!!
  11. That is an insult George Lakes was a much much better player than Jimmy Toumpas!!
  12. The Collingwood /Melbourne connection yeilded Billy Barham John Dellamarta Henry Coles Wayne Gordon All but Barham were solid enough at the times they played!
  13. Or as Black Adder would say.... Ah I see so... all the noble minds in the world cannot find enough Gold and yet you Lord Percy have created it from Green Snot??
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