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  1. Sheeeeit, I must be Mellowing... "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" Cheesus, I must be on the happy juice!!🤓 Neeld was HORRIBLE!
  2. EVERYONE... even Gaddy Lyon, is entitled to 1 Mistake!!😎 He would know Dr. Peter B GURU!
  3. Yeah I think so to, Unfortunately!!😘
  4. Agree, I'll go so far and say that if Weid has another season like last he might be traded out! Weids for De Goey sounds fair!!
  5. Pickett has more serious X Factor than any of the other candidates. I reckon play him very early and Blood for the future!
  6. Oscar as default option says it all.... Crazy Horse Cowton played in a premiership for NORF If I recall... Frost our Crazy Horse, Oscar ......... Goldfish Food How could we have been so Blind??
  7. I reckon I would take a punt on Hunt OR ........... Luke Jackson!
  8. Joel Smith , Joel Smith Or Joel Smith. If Oscar plays it is an indictment on the FD Because Sam Frost was outsatnding in very very ordinary company and in spite of faults he is light years ahead of Oscar!!
  9. Decided early he was not up to AFL Standard and as a FP The Major job description is to kick goals. In this instance he has failed dismally! I would think 35 plus goals in this day and age as a small forward earns your keep!
  10. Why after a zillion pages?? Is this Guy still being talked about. Belted a bloke 'Off the Ball"? Nope can we put this to bed!?
  11. Ur kidding?? Fritta was a revelation last year!! Weed tragic underperformer! If Weeds does not perform this year ( Unless injury is a factor) I would move him on!!
  12. In a Word NO! If we don't go DEEP into finals I would call the season a failure. As an Aside if Goody can't get a finals spot this year I reckon it will be "See ya later"
  13. In a cesspool of Collingwood rejects we have taken , Lumumba was possibly the worst one yet!
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