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  1. A HUGE yes from me Dazzle Man!
  2. Taken out of context, I meant to say wouldn't be back in the ones this year.! Prefer to play others and see whats on offer! Not out of the club. He is contracted !
  3. No he wont, for the many reasons already stated on this site!!
  4. Yep, I think this is on the money and probably should be, earns a game in whatever position plays his 300th but no more than 1 more year. True and valient servant for such a long period of time! Ive changed my view a little!
  5. Thanks for some perspective. Would still like clarry at around 85 ish!!
  6. So why did Clayton Oliver, Only spend 74% of game time on the ground? Still played an excellent game. Compare Nat Fyffe 94% I remember thinking Clarry seemed to be off for longish periods of time. Can't be fitness! I hope the rotations are keeping our best on for longer periods rather than shorter. I can remember him pacing the boundary line in the 3rd Quarter desperate to get back on the ground. Just also Gus 71% Viney 81% Recon we should be up to 90+ % with ourn mids, If Fyffe can do it why not Clarry??
  7. Was at the "New Member" function yesterday, Please no pack drill Why, who etc! Anyway special Guests were Jeffy G and Dunks. Both spoke impressively and well. In fact Jeffy Garlett came across as a very honest, shy, gentleman His arm was in a sling and seeing surgeon tommorrow is the word and will almost certainly need surgery, same shoulder he cooked in the pre season He was happy to have photos taken, sign anything put in front of him and have words to supporters. I don't reckon he is done yet and I hope he stays around for another year AT LEAST I do believe he CAN get back to something near his best and reality is he can kick goals he has in fact kicked 312 of them over 178 games I hope MFC keep him around as I feel he still has plenty to offer Nice Guy Jeffy oh and by the way the gourmet sangas, hot savouries, spicy burger sliders and garlic chicken balls were sensational Well done MFC
  8. Ah I thought this Thread was about Oscar?? Ah no, depth only
  9. Cant have it all ways! But I saw the Remnants of what we were like in the finals last year. GROWING BELIEF and playing with some Abandon.. but Strangely more belief in the way defense was set up.. May was enormous, so too Frosty, Now just get LEVER back and Hnmmmmm Still many deficiencies but with Sage recruiting, development of existings Et AL we might be Ok In 2020
  10. Ah yep have to agree and add Gus, Clarrie when going got really tough, Viney, Maxy, Frosty AND.. MAY!
  11. And played a wonderful game inspite of being tagged !!
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