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  1. It was probably the same peanut (Vardy) who pushed Gawn over after he injured himself in the goal square.
  2. Spot on with May. We’ve got a bit of a weapon at our disposal with May. Just hope he can snag a couple if thrown down forward. However with Darling, Kennedy and Oscar Allen, you’d think he’d be required in defence all day.
  3. Our constant injury excuse wears a bit thin when you see an undermanned Essendon missing high quality players, win a game in hostile territory. Or maybe sides like Collingwood and Essendon (who can win with numerous injuries) have far better depth than us.
  4. And sure enough we don't pick Smith who did a great job tagging McGovern, and instead pick two of the most uninspiring and ineffective players in the Wagners. If Preuss has another 1 mark 0 goal performance, the two ruckman experiment will surely be disbanded.
  5. ANB had 23 possessions, 3 goals and 3 charlie votes in the Alice game last year. An astute selection by our master mind coach.
  6. 100% agreed. Was terrible last week in tying to get a ground ball. Very unlike a highly skilled player in Jones. Age is obviously catching up with him. However, should play another year if he wants.
  7. Last time we played in Alice Springs we won by 91 points with Angus Brayshaw BOG with 37 touches and 3 goals. ANB got the 3 brownlow votes with 3 goals and 23 touches. I'm expecting much the same this weekend.
  8. David King also brought up those stats last night on AFL 360. Hard to argue with them, and hard to see us being anything more than a 7th-10th side next year if we do have a bounce back year.
  9. “We’ve just learnt over that last 48 hours that he’s now under pressure” - David King on Simon Goodwin, AFL 360 tonight.
  10. Brutally tough call re:Lever. In 2017 he was acknowledged as one of the upcoming rising star defenders in the AFL, and was duly recognised by being named in the All Australian squad of 40. He started 2018 poorly with the MFC, however hit his straps by round 5, got a couple of brownlow votes in round 9 and then left the club and its supporters devastated after doing his knee in round 11. The following 3 games we fell to pieces. Lever's a lot better than what he dished up last week. He should be judged after a full pre season and a full 2020 season.
  11. Good points. Preuss provided absolutely nothing on Sunday aside from a couple of hit outs and probably justified why he hasn't played all year with Gawn. If he's not first ruck he shouldn't be playing.
  12. Agree with you that the Dogs probably didn't put much homework into Petty and will find the going tough against a much better defensive unit in West Coast, but should not be dropped after an encouraging 3 goal performance. I don't mind Hannan as a player but must be dropped after a 3 possession game. It would be a serious lack of selection integrity if he's retained. He hasn't played 1 half decent game since returning from injury. IN - T Smith (to tag McGovern per last time), JFK, Out - Hannan, Dunkley (apologies but an average of 8 possessions a game isn't cutting it.)
  13. On the small sample space that he's rested up forward, the answer would be no.
  14. He actually did get pinged for HTB once in either the second or third quarter but agree with you that it was by far his best game of the year which was pleasing. Hopefully he can end the year on a high, enjoy a healthy pre-season and have a career best 2020.
  15. That sentence reeks of Angus Brayshaw.
  16. You know you're struggling to think of any gains when Jayden Hunt's going to win the MFC leading goal kicking award with 25ish goals. Players that have had career best years: Salem, Frost, Hunt (although he was probably better off half back in 2017) and possibly Gawn. You're not going to go far as a team when only 3 or 4 players are having career (or equal career) best years.
  17. Aside from his ordinary kicking, he's pleasingly back to some good form to the point where he was in the best 5 players on the ground on Sunday. Also looks to be moving much better.
  18. You can use all the injuries and off season surgeries as an excuse, but he can't be finishing 17th with a list that got them to a prelim last year and could've finished second after round 23 if we actually held our nerve against Geelong twice. Sure it's not the end of the world he missed finals, but we still should be around the 11-14 vicinity. Not 17th (after next week!) Unless the club can't afford to pay him out with a sacking, he should be under severe notice next year by his CEO and board.
  19. Should be the first of a few players to be put in the rack to ensure he's ready for pre-season training - 9:00am day one. I hope from a footballing point of view that he's injured as that can somehow excuse what a horrid season he's having.
  20. Agreed. Could be the making of him if he can step up big time without our key forwards.
  21. We’ll miss Weed’s 1 goal and 3 marks.
  22. Hore does make a ton of mistakes both at ground level and turning the ball over via foot. Has been impressive in his first year but I wouldn’t have as automatic best 22 next year.
  23. Who will be omitted from last week? Petty, Lockhart, ANB or Dunkley?
  24. Assuming Gawn plays, is Preuss a certainty to keep his spot considering they're so reluctant to play Gawn and Preuss in the same side? In - Lever, Gawn Out - T Mac, Hore Jetta to have another week at Casey (IMO) considering he's missed 10 weeks and didn't even play a full game at Casey on his return. JFK would probably be border line. He probably didn't deserve to cop a bullet after the Adelaide game considering he was only promoted for 1 week after a long lay off, and has regularly been in the best for Casey.
  25. When's Oliver out of contract. Should be our biggest priority, no ifs buts or maybes.
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