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  1. Thanks mate. Totally forgot about him.
  2. Not sticking up for Misson as he’s run his race here but who aside from Hogan was out injured in last year’s finals?
  3. Harsh mate. He did keep Lynch to 1 goal and quite frankly didn’t do much wrong for the entire night. Deserves votes tonight and may have to say back until May or Lever returns.
  4. We might finally get that pick 1 we’ve been craving!
  5. Anyone give us a sniff V Gold Coast as that might be the closet thing to a win we’ll have for the next 10 weeks.
  6. Any reason why after years of linking arms around each other’s shoulder for the national anthem and Anzac ceremony we decided not to do it this year?
  7. He’ll be happy with that. Can now wear his beloved Richmond scarf and polo to the game.
  8. That would be coaching 101 to have T Mac playing as a defender tonight. Hibberd on Jack Riewoldt or Lynch probably isn’t desirable as we found out last week.
  9. Any chance Richmond might be a bit knackered from Saturday night and won' have the energy to go on a 16 goal second half avalanche?If that's the case we must stay close with them at half time if we're any chance of a respectable result. Yes I know we alos played on Saturday, but we only ran one way so should have plenty in the tank...
  10. I know right. Puts bank term deposit interest rates to shame. Should really be Richmond $1.10.
  11. Sounds like Hannan and JFK (for anyone that cares) are progressing well and should be back by mid season at latest.
  12. That was supposedly his one point of difference that got him onto an AFL list. Alas his goal kicking has been horrid.
  13. Can’t wait for the Hibberd on Tom Lynch match up.
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