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  1. For those that are going to Blundstone, prepare for 25 minute waiting time for a beer or pie and 15 minute waiting times to take a leak. I shudder to think of the waiting time for the ladies... A disgrace of an AFL venue.
  2. Looking forward to commencing another 11 year drought against a perpetually middle of the road mediocre side. Suspect they will risk Max as the head coach looks desperate, concerned, out of ideas and a 100 point belting will leave a massive cloud hovering over him over the summer. In - Petty, O Mac, Lockhardt, J Wagner, Hunt Out - Dunkley, JFK, Chandler, C Wagner, Spargo ANB survives because he kicked 20% of our goals last week, but we need to moving players like him, Kennedy-Harris and Stretch on.
  3. Most members (95%) will be back on board next year as they'll view 2019 as the year where everything that could go wrong did go wrong! It's the year after we could potentially see a severe drop off in members if we have another 5-8 win season.
  4. Couldn't be more impressed with this bloke. An amazing gut runner. Really hope we land him.
  5. Get Ed Langdon please. The bloke’s turning into a gun.
  6. I also would’ve also berated Fritsch as well. ANB would be the last player you’d pass to.
  7. We’ve sorely missed an in-form T Mac and then an absent T Mac. When he finally came good in round 14, he was chiefly responsible for our Freo and Carlton wins. He is a high quality key forward who is one of the best marks of the game, and our forward line has absolutely fallen apart post his absence (see last night’s disaster). I agree we need to have a look at Josh Jenkins and if gets a game over Weideman who (generally) doesn’t impact a game of footy at all, then so be it. Our forward line is the main reason we’re on a 6 game losing streak. The club will be derelict in their duties if they ever put out a forward line like that again (aside from next week.)
  8. Damn. Was hoping he’d take a few centre bounces while Gawn takes his quarterly 10 minute break.
  9. If we have less clangers than the oppo, we win this game. The last time we won the Clanger count (as in less clangers than the oppo) was the Carlton win.
  10. You know we’re not playing finals when all our favourites such as ANB, JFK, Stretch, Spargo and a Wagner brother are all playing in round 22.
  11. If we happen to fall over the line tomorrow night, I don't think we'll be giving it 300% against North.
  12. Richo had no issue playing the G when he met us. Won 3 of 4 meetings at the G.
  13. I would look at Dan Butler from Richmond. Grossly out of form and has lost his spot in the seniors. However was a key contributor in their 2017 flag year with 30 goals.
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