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  1. Exactly. Round 20 last year, we were even with Richmond at half time. Then as soon the rain came down we fell to pieces and Richmond dominated. I can’t recall us winning a genuine wet weather game in years.
  2. I’m flabbergasted we only went 6-27 under this bloke. What an inspirational speech- one that Ronald Dale, Yabby Jeans and John Kennedy would be proud of.
  3. It has something to do with the WC v ADL game starting at 3:30 so they can head home straight after, and they want a game in the 6-7:30 timeslot, before the channel seven game commences at 7:40.
  4. Any chance MFC members from non COVID hot spots can fly up and get a ticket for the GC or Hawks game? There should be 6,000 allowed to Giants Stadium and we all know there will be bugger all attending.
  5. Speaking of COVID, I reckon that’s what will save Goodwin from getting sacked this year. The challenges are unprecedented - Season on hold, one off shorter games, compromised training, hubs, coaching and staff culls. Sackings are surely off limits this year, but in 2021 he’s going to be under Alan Richardson like pressure, ie - finals or sacking, if things go south this year.
  6. Therein lies one of our big problems. Richmond supporters are one of the worst going around on the forums (particularly big footy) but the above comments were pretty fair and measured.
  7. Serious lack of integrity of selection there. He was woeful last week and totally undercooked as was evidenced by that run down tackle and subsequent holding the ball against him.
  8. All good for me. My kids demand dinner at 5:30pm so I’m set.
  9. None comes to mind but he must have done something right tactically in 2018. We were smashing opponents out of the park from rounds 6-11. And we kept Geelong to a measly 6 or 7 goals in a final, which is a massive credit to him. Also in 2017 we had some great come from behind wins against Adelaide (away), GC and Collingwood, so again he must have done something to turn the tide. But he’s a horrible out of form coach at the moment. How can he not be with a 6-20 record since the 2018 prelim.
  10. We played Fitzroy down in North Hobart. Sadly we got done by 20 points.
  11. I wouldn’t mind Spargo making the cut just for the melts, anger, sarcasm and humour around here for tonight.
  12. Saints have been fantastic this season aside from the one game they didn’t play at Marvel. They'll be on the road for weeks so that will determine if they’re the real deal.
  13. I’d say we can thank Hawthorn for us being on FTA rather than the AFL deliberately putting us on FTA. Hopefully GC cop a belting tomorrow night, lose confidence and our game against them can be more of a 50/50 affair.
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