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  1. Brayshaw needs a kick in the behind and I wouldn't be 100% shattered if he's dropped for round 2. They could drop Brayshaw, bring back Salem in defence and release Harmes back to the midfield where he plays his best footy. Brayshaw just seems to be going at the moment, and has been since round 1 2019, not adding any point of difference to his game (for someone that has no pace) and even missing shots he'd normally get. eg - he kicked 2 behinds in a minute in the third quarter. Need a serious rocket in him when the league resumes.
  2. I’ve got a feeling Freo will jump out of the gates early. Need to be within 4-5 goals during the third qtr if we’re a snow flakes chance in hell of getting our first win of the season.
  3. Stephen Powell played 2 fantastic seasons for us (2000 and 2002) and is the exact type of midfielder we lack today - a midfielder that kicks goals. Kicked 32 goals in 2000 including 7 over the prelim and GF fortnight. Left the club at the end of 2002 over a finance dispute I believe, which was poor management by us. Can’t make the list due to his brief tenure, but he was fantastic player that was picked up on the cheap (both for us and then St Kilda).
  4. Given Collingwood and Richmond are 2 of the 4 clubs that are allegedly bullet proof financially, I would hope that Melbourne are scheduled at least one home blockbuster next year - either Anzac eve or QBday. I know we’re not scheduled to host either marquee game next year, but it would be a kick in the guts if the other mobs get the gate revenue for both events. Perhaps Collingwood and Richmond will agree to split the gate with us just for next year. And then business as usual after that.
  5. So on the one hand we're playing games from Thursday 11 June, and on the other hand the doomsayers reckon it's 18 months until we can leave our houses when the vaccine is ready.
  6. I fear that’s the very game they’ll show. One of the most humiliating losses of the decade.
  7. Or what about Melbourne V Freo - 2008. A bit of a come from behind win to say the least. The home teams from round 2 were the winners in each classic game they showed last week, aside from the North V Brisbane 2003 draw. So I expect a Melbourne win will be shown. Conversely next week for St Kilda V Melboune they'll show a St Kilda win.
  8. If the entire season is played behind closed doors, then Casey should absolutely be an option, to save us a few bucks and utilise that shocking wind out there to our advantage (local knowledge!) They've played annual pre season games there since 2017, and most years since 2008, so they've already had a foot in the door in terms of hosting top flight games. Under absolutely no circumstances can they play a game there in front of a crowd. There is no elevation, per most suburban/country pre season venues.
  9. What about AFL members - can they expect a refund if all games are played behind closed doors this coming spring?
  10. It was a poor performance by the club despite the positives that Gawn was banging on about post game. Eagles led by 38 points late in the third quarter and the game was essentially over by quarter time. The turnovers and inside 50 entries were appalling, and it was essentially round 24 2019. But I'll cut them slack. 32 degrees against a team that's 21-6 at their home venue. Not to mention the COVID-19 dramas while flying across the country. They need to tinker with their game plane if we're going to be any chance of finals this year.
  11. Sadly, all of the round 1 games will be etched into history. So, unfortunately Spargo's 7 clangers will remain. I like your idea otherwise, but would assume the AFL would be keen to stick to the 17 game plan that was announced prior to round 1. If I was to take a stab in the dark, I reckon it will be a September - November home and away season spanning 13 weekends with 3 mid week games per club, in order to get the remaining 16 games in. Then December finals.
  12. He was so disappointing for us considering what a good player he was at Essendon, particularly during their dominant 2000.
  13. Why on earth would they consider a best of 3 grand final series this year when they'll be lucky to sneak in 5 weeks of footy at the back end of the year.
  14. I know you shouldn't overreact over one game, but please add Charles Spargo to the chopping list. I'd keep Jones on the list and delist lesser skilled players such as the Wagners and ANB's of the club
  15. GWS threw that game away due to their inaccuracy. Normally it’s us giving the game away to the oppo.
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