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  1. If that's the case, we're not winning more than 5 games next year. We don't have any other established key forwards which is concerning.
  2. And yet the team who finished second last doesn't get access to any of them.
  3. My side is specific for round 1, not necessarily our official best 22. 1) Petty might not necessarily be in our best 22 but he may be needed to counter West Coast’s tall forward line, seeing as though we’ve lost Frost. 2) Agreed, Harmes is more of a mid, but on paper Viney, Brayshaw and Oliver get first dibs as inside mids. Plus Harmes looked quite good in defence in rd 23. 3) Hunt, Hannan and Lockhart in my side highlight our dire need for a small forward. We may end up sacrificing best available by drafting a small fwd at pick 8. This also leads to me think Garlett’s departure was more of a retirement than a delisting, as I feel we still need his services. Furthermore, I think we miss the goal kicking nous of Watts, Kent and Garlett but they ain’t coming back. 4) I strongly believe VDB and J Smith would greatly improve this 22, by adding a bit of X-factor to our fwd line. Hope they’re available round 1. 5) I agree, it’s not a great 22. Some years it’s hard to do a 22 because if feels as though we’ve had good depth. Next year’s 22 feels the opposite - hard to do a 22 as there’s players with question marks - Petty, Lockhart, Hannan, Weed, Hunt, Tomlinson and even Salem (who I don’t rate as much as others. Great at the 25 mtr stab passes, but what else?
  4. B) Jetta May Lever HB) Hibberd Petty Harmes C) Langdon Brayshaw Tomlinson HF) Petracca Weideman Melksham F) Fritsch T Mac Hunt Foll) Gawn Oliver Viney Int) N Jones, Hannan, Lockhart, Salem I would have Smith and VDB in the side but who knows with their injuries??
  5. Exactly. ‘Something out of nothing goals’ He showed this in his debut vs St Kilda where he snapped a goal from nowhere. That’s why I’m willing to persist with him. But I also acknowledge there’s a fair chance he doesn’t make it past this year, and probably wouldn’t be in everyone’s best 22.
  6. Hopefully he has a strong JLT and earns a round 1 gig. Was influential (3 goals) at Optus in our win there in 2018. Is a natural goal kicker and our forward line is screaming out for that type with the losses of Watts, Garlett and Kent over the last 3 years, all who knew where the goals were.
  7. Did I not eat humble pie above and admit I was wrong?
  8. No they weren’t in my opinion. Salem was very good until about round 15. Then whether it was injury or form, he struggled in the last 6 or so weeks. Petracca had the best year of his career, after a slow start. Was it fantastic? No. Was it a good year? Yes. Gawn and Oliver were the only players to have fantastic years.
  9. Fair call, absolutely. I just thought the below post by LH rang true to me with regards to the usual suspects leading the way in the right behaviours on the training track and on game day. Then yes, I got a little carried away with criticism of a couple of players that clearly upset other posters. However, I’m not backing away from the fact that the likes of Salem and Petrcca haven’t lived up to expectations yet in their careers, but I suppose that’s not the point here.
  10. Speaking of Viney, was watching a few of our highlights from 2016 and he was banging through classy goals from 50, and looked fantastic. Something he hasn’t done recently. Also pulled off a 39 touch 3 Brownlow vote performance in that breakthrough win over Hawthorn. If he can get back to that kind of form, imagine what that could do to our midfield. Hopefully his prolonged injury issues means the best isn’t behind him?
  11. I wasn’t privy to this information as I don’t live on social media. Well done to both lads. Let’s see if it translates on-field
  12. Fair call. Let’s hope they both have a great year.
  13. Pick 9, 2013 Pick 2, 2014 Both need to take another step up next year.
  14. Yes. You can tell the players on our list that want to get the best out of themselves as footballers and for their club.
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