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  1. Sydney were 3 men down against West Coast and won. Enjoy the win mate.
  2. My thoughts too. Hope he doesn’t get booed but hope he has a dirty and undisciplined day.
  3. We’ve gone from $1.85 to $1.67 over night. Firstly why are we favourites? Secondly who had a big nibble on us last night and does he have some insider trading?
  4. He started the season poorly (and who didn’t!) but came back for the Hawks game and played well, and I was surprised he was dropped the week after. 1 or 2 year extension is hardly going to make a difference either way to the club’s fortunes. Strikes me as the sort of player that only plays well when the side plays well, which is not an overly great attribute.
  5. I reckon Hogan will have a much better second half of the year and those modest stats mentioned above will skew the other way. He had a heavily compromised pre season and also fitting into a new system. I, like many others, got seduced into T Mac's season last year and was all too ready to punt Hogan.
  6. I reckon Weideman isn't far away from a break out 4 goal game. Had he nailed his last set shot V's Collingwood he would've had a nice 3 goal performance against Darcy Moore who's clearly one of the premier key defenders in the league. Slowly but surely he's getting there.
  7. Joel Smith | Groin – TBC Misson now won't even bother with a one liner with his injury anymore.
  8. Not sure Petty is needed. May can take Hogan. Frost can take Cox. Hore can also help out in the key defenders department. The rest of their forward line are full of dangerous smalls such as Walters and Matera. Hoping the Petty selection isn’t a waste of time.
  9. Takes me back the infamous Melbourne V GWS game in 2014 (Roos's first year) when they didn't have a fit player on the bench in the last quarter but still out scored us: 5-1 to 1-5.
  10. In fairness Collingwood probably had as many best 22 out as us on QBday.
  11. Someone said Hibberd missed training so I'm guessing he's back on the list?
  12. Each to their own. I like Thursday Night Footy. It Feels like the weekend has come early and it gives you something to look forward to during your Thursday work day. Hopefully they can increase TNF from 8 this year to 11 next year.
  13. Geelong are woeful after the bye so Port might be good money at $2.80?? Reckon Brisbane might have another road setback, this time against St Kilda. Sydney should keep Hawthorn to a very low score. Hopefully Essendon get flogged tonight.
  14. I'm guessing Lever was rushed back for the QB game because our deluded coach genuinely thought we were a chance for finals.
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