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  1. Yeah I agree the Butler's and Gray's of this world should've been sought rather than keeping Garlett. But to not replace Garlett with anyone externally was strange. Therefore we probably should've kept him just to make our small forward depth chart look a little stronger for 2020. Will Pickett play a senior game in 2020? The varying training reports around here range from "he'll be our number 1 small forward in all 22 games" to "he can't run out a training session, therefore project player for 2022". I'm not happy with our small forward options for 2020 but hope to be proven wrong.
  2. Back to the Garlett discussion; we should've kept him. When ANB and Corey Wagner are the senior representatives of your small forward line department, you've probably an issue.
  3. They say that as long as the player has done the full pre Xmas training, they’re mostly set up for the season. So hopefully this won’t particularly affect his season if it’s the 4 weeks they’re quoting.
  4. Does he look close to being back in the main group?
  5. I think we’re doing well compared to other clubs. For example Essendon have had numerous off season surgeries, West Coast’s two key defenders (McGovern and Barrass) have had significant surgeries and Geelong currently have 4 of their key players in rehab (Selwood, Stewart, Kolodjashnij and Duncan). Most of our rehab have been peripheral players aside from Tomlinson. However, no club seems to have been doing as badly as we did last year which is annoying.
  6. Have these problems arisen since Pert took over, or did the problems exist under Jackson?
  7. Agreed. Needs to consistently nail the regulation 40 metre out shots directly in front of goals, particularly at the Punt Rd end. However, I was flabbergasted to discover he kicked a pretty decent 22.14 last year. A dramatic improvement on the 19.23 of 2018. He also runs at a career average conversion of 60% which is good.
  8. Yep looking forward to the Adelaide hit out at Casey. I would imagine the following players would miss week 1 (touch wood no further injuries) due to still being in rehab: KK, Hannan, Spargo, Tomlinson and Baker. Gawn may also miss this game as he's representing VIC in the all star game.
  9. Hawthorn suppoters reckon Clarko can make him a hybrid of Matthew Scarlett, Steve Silvagni, Alex Rance and David Dench all rolled into one. Good to see they haven't loss their arrogance despite not winning a final in 5 years.
  10. Haven’t beaten this mob in an away game since before the iPhone was invented. (excluding the 2018 final)
  11. I would've been prior to last year due to his versatility. His 2017 prelim performance against Richmond was simply excellent as he played the wing role perfectly with 26 possession and 7 marks. I thought he was very ordinary in 2019. All eyes were on him in the finals and he quite frankly did next to bugger all in the 3 finals he played. 9 possession and 5 marks a games at the business end of the year is no where near what you need from someone brought over on a 4 year contract. And those stats were inflated by a 17 touch grand final shellacking. Hopefully he fulfills his role as a versatile player that can play wing or plug holes at either end. As for KK, the only thing I'm expecting from him is a retirement in the coming months, sadly.
  12. That's very disappointing for all concerned if he's done his calf again. It's obviously way too much to expect the MFC to be involved in a fairy tale comeback story.
  13. It’s a contract year for Trac. He’d be looking for a very good 2 year contract to take him to free agency at end of 2022. Therefore I’m expecting huge things from him this year.
  14. In 2018, we went 8-2 between rounds 16 and the semi final and O Mac played in all those games and played his role quite well. He'll play round 1 along with May and Lever in trying to stop JK, Darling and Oscar Allen. I don't mind Joel Smith but I don't see him as a key defender able to take a Darling or Kennedy. Perhaps he and Hore will be fighting one another for a spot in defence, independent of O Mac.
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