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  1. Also delivers the ball low and flat into the forward line which is something the rest of the side fails to do.
  2. The delivery into the forward line for Pedo hasn't been great either.
  3. When it's dry, we bomb it long and play wet weather footy, when it's wet, we over possess the ball by handballing it thus playing dry weather footy!
  4. Adelaide look scared to pick up the footy! Great aggression from us
  5. My brother was the coach of the Wagga Tigers for a few years, coaching Max King as an upcoming kid. He's definately got the skills and will need a few years to get the endurance and size. He'll be a keeper.
  6. Geez, a bit tough on Max King! The bloke has had a few injuries this year and especially for a big bloke who will take a bit of time to come good.
  7. Rookie mistake. A bunch of rolled socks that can be collected and used again at the end of each quarter does the trick.
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