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  1. Gold Coast in Sydney next week, Hawthorn the week after. Both at Giants Stadium.
  2. Shorter quarters without reducing the interchange cap means mids are getting rotated more regularly and the fatigue is less, resulting in more congestion. Should have reduced interchange cap to 60 or 70, or even lower.
  3. Honestly, just being able to watch the team play on TV this season is a bonus. Where the games are do not really matter.
  4. Saints did pay overs (and for Hill, massive overs) to get the 5 new players to the club. They did also play that style under Richardson, and have had the benefit of 4 games at Marvel. The one game not at Marvel they got pounded by the Pies. They are average at best, and [censored] away a 5 goal lead against North in Round 1.
  5. It was sent out in April (only 40% off this year) and expired at the start of May I think. There is a sale on at the moment.
  6. Going by an Age article, we are off to Sydney. Alice after that would be good.
  7. $280k already is good. Obviously plenty happy to give no questions asked.
  8. What is the chance Geelong do not have to relocate?
  9. Every game this weekend has been terrible. Such poor skills.
  10. We will win the next 2. Think Weid comes in next week
  11. Had to kick to 15 out. At worst it ends as a stoppage.
  12. Someone, not sure who, is not manning up when Geelong go into slow mode, and they get out every time.
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