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  1. He has had Essendon in the top 8 for all parts of the ground - not sure I put much credence in his assessments.
  2. Were we interested in Frank Anderson last year? I would think a season in the VFL has done him the world of good. Jake Ricciardi is another I think is worth a shot.
  3. Carlton have too much influence at HQ. Libba admitted Carlton tanked and there was crickets from HQ.
  4. Actually saw one last night here in Hobart. Beautiful looking car.
  5. Exactly. To me it all comes back to Bradman saying the best preparation for playing cricket was playing cricket. This aligns somewhat with Burgess saying the footies would be out from Day 1 and it seems every day - that the best preparation for playing football is playing football?
  6. Clintosaurus


    Ravens, Chiefs, Rams Slim pickings again.
  7. That is how I see it playing out - our highest rated player at 3, and if who we want at 8 is gone, trade down. I think 8 for 10 and 22 with Freo would work for us and also for them assuming a bid for Henry does not come before 8 (or by us at 8).
  8. Clintosaurus


    Colts, Packers, Cowboys
  9. Some of the turnarounds suck. Sunday night in Perth to 1.45 Saturday v St Kilda is ridiculous.
  10. Another game in Hobart it seems. Also, [censored] Carlton. They have done nothing to deserve a single prime timeslot. Shows what clout at HQ can do.
  11. St Kilda are the away team in Darwin, according to Channel.7.
  12. Clintosaurus


    Seahawks, Packers, Buccaneers
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