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  1. 25 games - the missing one in Week 2 of the Finals.
  2. Clintosaurus


    I like the under too. Reckon the rock will be pounded a lot more than most expect.
  3. Clintosaurus


    Chiefs 31 Titans 20 Packers 27 49ers 23
  4. I wonder if clubs will one day ask to use Marvel for training sessions? Roof closed of course.
  5. Clintosaurus


    Vikes 23 49ers 24 Titans 13 Ravens 34 Texans 7 Chiefs 17 Seahawks 26 Packers 23
  6. Players can run laps all pre-season but it is the contact drills and match sim where the 'football' fitness comes from and there is no substitute. Having the majority of the best 30 on the track for most of the sessions where the football fitness base is built is crucial. Only having 8 or so is a recipe for disaster, and we saw how it panned out.
  7. Clintosaurus


    0 from 3 and the Bills are the only team I wanted to win that did not. Texans got a few calls go their way in the Fourth Quarter. There was a block in the back not called on a play that got the Texans a first down, and a few others that went the home teams way.
  8. Clintosaurus


    Bills 21 Texans 17 Pats 37 Titans 10 Saints 34 Vikings 31 Seahawks 27 Eagles 17
  9. Clintosaurus


    Saints, Packers, Eagles
  10. Clintosaurus


    Ravens, Steelers, Chiefs
  11. I did the Digital thing - already have a million scarves and not losing the membership card with it on my phone.
  12. Clintosaurus


    Pats, Seahawks, Buccaneers
  13. Same, and I have watched both 3 or 4 times since the end of the season. Round 22 v West Coast has had a couple of views also.
  14. Who cares. Not sure anyone would have expected any different.
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