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  1. How is Joel Smith tracking? Looks to be running OK in the pic above.
  2. Sadly Durdin bumped a Cats player. Lucky to only get a week under the Hocking system.
  3. Have we got $15 million form the Federal Government yet? I follow Parramatta in the NRL and they got $15 million today for a new training facility.
  4. Went outside and put a brick through a picket fence when the Suns hit the front and missed the Hore goal. Did see the winning point though. All happy then. 😁
  5. Everyone just trails their opponent by metres every time.
  6. This is worse than the Geelong game. Just horrible.
  7. It was a volunteer whose birthday is today going a club FB post.
  8. What a cheat. That is 50 every day.
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