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  1. I'm happy for the club to have my membership dollars.
  2. Our blokes just do not stay with their opponent when we don't have the ball. Application not fitness.
  3. How did the dud centre bounce straight to Naitanui not get recalled? That was just a joke.
  4. 1998* * are only put there by opposition supporters. Except where cheating the cap, or what the Astros did.
  5. Sounds like our girls have been bent over by officialdom.
  6. It seems this is perfect timing for the AFL to implement Dangerball - shorter quarters, less games but Patrick still gets paid the same $$$$$$$.
  7. Outdoor gathering limit is still at 500. Guess there will be a game tomorrow. Indoor is now 100.
  8. We could still play a 22 game season, just over a longer timeframe than normal. If the players want to play 22 games, let them.
  9. Forever Unclean would like to join if spaces available.
  10. West Coast and Brisbane games both had people standing outside the temporary fencing watching the whole time.
  11. Think NRL can keep going with Warriors staying in Sydney or Brisbane.
  12. And my boys got the 2 points. Crowd (21363) was down on what was expected.
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