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  1. They won't play May in ones fresh from injury either. Once bitten twice shy as they say.
  2. Complications after eye injury and surgery according to HSun. Very sad.
  3. Terribly sad news. Thoughts with all of their families.
  4. I actually reckon it might be the other way and we flew Pruess over as a bit of gamesmanship. I think Goodwin has conceded that we won't beat westcoast in the air and will endeavour to play the game on the ground. That's my take.. I don't think he got outfoxed, they'd have played Pruess if they'd wanted to.
  5. He butchers it by foot and rarely kicks to advantage side of a contest. One of the easiest components of kicking a football. His technique is fundamentally flawed mostly by his ball drop. He's in the team as a valued runner and his competitiveness. He is not best 22 though, imo.
  6. My feeling is WCE will be prepared for us to play the Port styled lower dirty/chaos style ball inside f50 and will play majority of defenders in front, if our guys can pick off a few targets inside 50 early, have a bit of luck and put some scoreboard pressure on, we could be ok. I think our midfield is actually in pretty good form at the moment, and this is being clouded by our poor forward 50 entries, I like Baker in, but would like to see him forward. Should be a bloody interesting game tonight.
  7. MFC must just practice stoppage work all session, and from what I've seen the forward craft is just marks up at the end of training. I was a fan of this when TMc was clunking them, but it seems he is completely and utterly devoid of confidence.
  8. I love how you talk about 'ignorance' but open with, "I think you'll find..." and your assumption quite specific, but completely wrong. Not a big clip, just funny. He got onto fasting from speaking with Cooper Cronk, he consulted the club nutritionists and they ok'd it but said to monitor the situation. It isn't something that has been pushed by the club. I fast myself, regularly, and it has amazing benefits if done correctly. One of the issues Viney has admitted is the unknown about gameday, and from a preseason interview said he would have to see how it went on game day.
  9. Easily Max and not just for the reason that he is an elite player in the comp and one of our greatest competitive advantages, but also for the fact that we don't have a replacement and the club has traded in a complete dud in Preuss, would much rather we'd recruited another journeyman ruckman who at some point showed some remote form of footy IQ at AFL level, either that or a lanky bean pole like max 7 years ago.
  10. Agree with what you are saying, but it's a combination of both decision making and execution. Both are poor and he really shouldn't be in our AFL side if we are serious this year.
  11. Any side with Stretch is surely taking the Mickey. He is so fundamentally flawed at AFL level. He butchers it like we haven't seen since J Grimes. Absolute howlers. We are meant to be a serious football side now.
  12. It's not a reality check if we lose. It would be a reality check if we had Watts, Jones, Salem, Hogan, Garlett etc. running around tonight and got done.
  13. We're back out over $2 at $2.02 with Crownbet, Swans in to $1.83. If Hunt is ruled out Swans will hit $1.70 and we'll end up losing by 5 goals.
  14. Don't agree with this. Jack lacked elite talent in the context of the modern game. Great leader, great person, bad kick, slowish, poor decision maker, and as someone rightly mentioned the combination of this had a compounding effect, where Jack being slowish brought more pressure on his kicking and decision making (and options) in open play. I was criticised over the past 4 or 5 years over at 'ology for being critical of Jack, the player, but I've maintained all through that period that we wouldn't play finals with Grimes in the team. He lacked an elite attribute physiologically. I don't think he'd excel if he came into the team as an 18 yo now, moreover, if he was at Geelong and Hawthorn during their golden eras, he wouldn't have played 100 games. Our most exciting talent either has power, skill or both. Think Hunt, Petracca, Oliver (wow) these guys all have elite attributes. Hunt ridiculous speed, Petracca power and x factor and Oliver with best hands at the club. Put Jack Grimes' brain, passion and approach into Colin Sylvia's head. You'd have a player there!
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