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  1. His head was on the chopping block only two years ago, yet he is lauded now...similarly to Hardwick. We can’t do anything about Goodwins contract he is locked in whether we like it or not. What I would like to see him do, is just be himself and answer media questions like he’s talking to mate instead of this rehearsed, robotic persona we continue to see..
  2. I would never go that far...Clint’s Crazy Bargains maybe...
  3. Speaking in metaphorical terms using supermarkets as an example, Essendon v Collingwood on Anzac Day is generally like Woolworths playing Coles. We are like NQR where you occasionally and surprisingly stumble across a quality product, but it’s always ridiculously close to a use by date and is only stocked for a limited time.
  4. If true, what an absolute disgrace and so typical Melbourne. I work with people who do exactly the same job and earn more because they have been there longer than me. I still go to work, do my job to the best of my ability and don’t walk around with a “woe is me attitude”. Simple solution, prove your worth on the field and have your Manager negotiate a better deal accordingly! These guys earn a fortune even at entry level in comparison to the average wage. As I said, if true....What a [censored] disgrace!
  5. Illegal or not, until the Melbourne Football Club chooses to stand up to the “play ground bullies” on field, we will continue to be pushed around and be considered irrelevant. It’s up to the players to fly the flag and show the opposition we won’t be pushed around. We bullied and bashed Geelong and Hawthorn in the finals last year and earned respect. This year we haven’t even let out a whimper.
  6. Won’t be long before the club sucks the life out of him.
  7. Being at the game last night I honestly felt like I was watching the Melbourne side that Roos coached in his first year. We were never trying to win the game...we were just trying to not lose by too much.
  8. Every chance I will not surface from the Frank Grey Smith Bar in the MCC tomorrow night, but alas I shall be there to endure the potential heat from the surrounds and my phone, with pint in hand. Cmon Demons, give me some hope!
  9. Worst rationale I’ve ever heard. IF we had the players...IF we played like we did last year..IF we played like the coaches instructed us to..IF we didn’t have skill errors...blah blah blah.. The fact is we don’t have those players, we aren’t playing like we were, we aren’t playing like the coaches are (apparently) instruct us to and we are constantly producing skill errors! What part of that are you trying to justify? Any team can use these excuses! What a load of horse [censored]! Fair dinkum!
  10. What hope have we got with players like the two Wagners in the side? Trouble is we barely have anyone else to replace them with! The list itself and depth is ridiculously overrated. I know Jason Taylor hasn’t had a lot to play with the past few years, but aside from successful early round picks what exactly has he brought to the club depth wise? The talent is as thin as buggery.
  11. Slow, sluggish and unfit. Excruciating to watch. If he isn’t right then put him I’m for surgery now....the seasons over. An absolute liability at the moment.
  12. They weren’t even trying. Something stinks at the club.
  13. Kent was great for us I thought.
  14. Winking with a cocked hand gun will only get you so far at a press conference or interview though. Ask Bernard Tomic..
  15. They obviously should have played the game immediately after the press conference and won to appease the rabid hordes.
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