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  1. Haha It’s the way you type it mate!
  2. Is there any guaranteed way of getting banned from this site until November 27? I can’t take another 6 weeks of this discussion. @olisik can you offer me any advice?
  3. We traded ours out and kept Hawthorn’s second rounder for next year.
  4. You do realise if we split the pick we will likely still have two top ten picks and in top of that regain a first rounder next year? There is no Cripps available to us in this draft. They are both gone in the first two selections or to GWS with Green.
  5. They can make pick trades with other clubs prior to putting a better pick trade to us.
  6. We will see. At not one point since obtaining pick 8 have I thought we will take picks 3 and 8 to the draft.
  7. All eggs in one basket for short term “success” that won’t amount to anything. Meanwhile they sacrifice any decent young players coming into the club for the next two years.
  8. Sorry guys, all the nuffies on the Melbourne Facebook pages are up in arms, so I’m afraid this trade period is officially a failure. May as well close the thread please Admins. Ive given us a B, however our trade period shouldn’t be officially graded until a minute before our first selection on draft night. If we manage to walk into the draft with picks 6, 8, a second rounder and get a 2020 first round pick back then it’s an A grade from me.
  9. Not if they make another pick swap prior to us it isn’t.
  10. Which of the idiots are we talking about exactly @Pennant St Dee?
  11. I don’t believe that will happen. I truly believe we made this deal with North today off the back of what GWS has promised us by the end of tomorrow. I guess we shall see...either way I am happy with where we are at.
  12. If this happens and we manage to go into the draft with 6, 8 (possibly a fourth rounder included) and get back into the the first round next year for pick 3, it will be a massive win for Mahoney and his team.
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