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  1. I’m surprised aged care facilities allow internet access to online forums such as this to be honest.
  2. Searched google maps for directions from hell to “back” and got nothing. So I’m stuck here.
  3. You clearly haven’t looked at the breakdown of interstate players on our list, let alone the list of every other club in Australia. If they leave they leave, you can’t confine yourself to just Victorian selections off the back of selective player choices.
  4. Robertson first picked to Brisbane. Bianco to Collingwood at 45.
  5. Speak for yourself...the amount of times I left my seat to go and get another pint during the games this year broke national records.
  6. I’d be excited if I was him too... The bloke can finally go on an absolute bender on Friday night!
  7. Nothing surer than us taking Jackson and Pickett, then receiving a C+ draft assessment in the Herald Sun On Friday. ”with two high first round draft selections the Demons chose to go with need rather than best available. Will it pay off? Time will tell...”
  8. I’m imagining it’s well and truly open for trade as well..
  9. I’d be happy either way. Prefer if we nabbed Green though like you said.
  10. I basically agree with this prediction although think it will be Jackson at 3.
  11. The only thing I’m sure of is that if we use pick 28, it will be on some random that Fox Footy don’t even have a profile picture for and Shifter Sheehan will pretend he knows him.
  12. I have to keep reminding myself in these threads, the draft hasn’t happened yet and we haven’t actually selected anyone.. If you’re getting worked up about something that hasn’t even happened yet, with limited knowledge compared to the recruiters then you seriously need to book a decent holiday or hit some 420.
  13. Vic country didn't win the game. WA took it straight down the other end and kicked a goal.
  14. You mean he's going to make an immediate impact, develop beautifully, remain injury free and play 200 plus games?
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