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  1. Out: Hibberd, Keilty, Garlett and possibly Melksham In: Pruess, ANB, Tim Smith and unfortunately Wagner. The well is dry... EDIT: forgot about Lewis. Jeffy might have to stay..
  2. Correct. The spin of the ball proves it was a shank. In saying that Mcdonald really should have held the mark. Anyway...who cares...crap game, crap performance, but 4 points banked and a pantsing awaits in WA next week..
  3. Stewy Dew is also worried about why hot cross buns aren’t available for mother’s day.
  4. Speaking of drinking sessions, thought this might lighten the mood a little...
  5. I believe the club is also looking into whether he stopped for a souva on the way home.
  6. Provocation seems to have a lot more clout over there... If this incident happened in a suburban street (with no one around) and not at the G where there were plenty of witnesses and phone camera footage, the brief would 100% be non-authorised.
  7. Provacation won't come into it when deciding if charges are laid. It wasn't really self defence given the victim was walking away.. I'm curious whether the victim will in fact sign up to a statement however, because of the lead up events. The "offender" could well request unlawful assault charges be laid for the beer slap...it "could" be argued the beer slap itself was done intending fear...
  8. Bit early to be drinking Petraccattack..
  9. Agree wholeheartedly...but let’s just let this topic slide for another week given Frost’s “handball” from the ground in the last 20 seconds yesterday...👀
  10. As there are no apparent injuries to the victim, it is regarded as unlawful assault which is a summary offence, with no arrest powers. A “field” interview is conducted, therefore he is not placed in police custody and can’t be bailed. If charges are laid then he will appear in court via summons. Prior convictions don’t have anything to do with it, until he potentially appears in court.
  11. He was still in the ground standing when it was knocked out of his hand...he wasn’t walking out of the ground. It was a plastic cup which is allowed in the outer. The “disabled” man isn’t so disabled to require a carer, going by his interviews on Hawthorn Fan TV.
  12. Don’t worry...the sack everyone mega thread will be back up and running before you know it!
  13. Just watched the last minute again, my god Lewis wouldn’t want to watch that footage of his effort as Frost tried to offload the ball to him.
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