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  1. The team in 87/88 had the drive under Northey. Those players busted their backsides and played for each other. They were tough, hard and driven. Sadly they just lacked the overall natural talent and polish of the Carlton and Hawthorn sides of that era. We punched well above our weight, but those boys weren’t just happy to be in the comp, they wanted to win.
  2. I wouldn’t. The self indulgence would be sickening.
  3. I sat with my old man today, who played reserves during the late 50s golden years and he literally apologised to me, for making me follow the MFC. He is now 80 and resigned to the fact he will never see another Premiership, but is worried I will never see one in my lifetime at 44. I was resigned to the fact I probably won’t see one years ago...yet I can’t walk away from this diabolical [censored] club! I almost wish we’d just fold or relocate. My weekends are so much more enjoyable when I’m not thinking about the MFC.
  4. This is a ludicrous statement. The coach has a responsibility to teach his players the required elements to improve their skills in order to execute a game plan. If the players don’t possess those skills, then the game plan will not work. Dont tell me the players are able to execute the required skills at training and simply can’t do it on game day. That’s BS. If they can’t do it under the pressure of a game, then they can’t do it, it’s that simple. There is of course the real possibility we have brought in players with poor skills and that seems to be the case. But this is the clubs fault, overseen by the coach. While I agree Goodwin can’t kick or handball the ball for them, he is responsible for the implementation of a game plan that works and in turn teaching the players the required skills to be successful under the pressure of AFL football. edit - I will add Saty, that I do agree the players do need to take some responsibility here. I don’t COMPLETELY disagree with you.
  5. I mentioned it at the time on the game day thread. he had the distance and should have been advised to take his time and go back and thread it.
  6. We need two small buzzing forwards like Kozzy, so take Hunt out, bring Bedford in and take AVB out for Weid or Brown.
  7. Why the [censored] did Tomlinson rush that [censored] at goal??!!
  8. We are going to over run these old [censored].
  9. Used to be the MCC logo there, wonder what the go is there...
  10. Just heard Silvagni has a fractured rib and bruised lung....seemed extremely innocuous at the time... I retract my statement. Or do I... 👀
  11. We need Weideman to kick 4 if we are going to win.
  12. I hope Jack Silvagni’s ok...that looked like a pretty brutal flick to the side of his jumper.
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