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  1. Ed Langdon said in his pre game interview they were on the same flight over as Freo who were heading home after Saturday’s game...weird. That seems far too late to me...
  2. Imagine having forwards who led up and took marks from decent delivery, forwards who could beat their opponent one on one (not have to compete with two or three defenders) and forwards you could rely on to kick the ball through the two larger posts....
  3. Perhaps I am being harsh on Oscar dazzle I apologise. I probably emphasise on the negatives more than his positives...he just really leaves me underwhelmed as a whole, but 1 goal and 8 possessions for Darling is commendable for Oscar’s efforts you’re right. This game was just a kick in the balls for the rejuvenated hope I gained since last August..
  4. Let’s face it, Hibberd, Oscar and Spargo should never play a senior game again. Oliver is way ahead of himself. He has become lazy. We have no forward line. Tom McDonald is nowhere. 27 points flattered the [censored] out of us.
  5. They’d actually be doing me a favour if they ran out.
  6. “To hell and back“....to hell again. Thank [censored] Dan Murphy’s delivers.
  7. Make no mistake....We can secure the flag if we win by more then ten goals today.
  8. Mate don’t even worry about it. Don’t make me angry said the $5 for two months is a complete waste of money.
  9. The missus reckons I‘ve said “[censored] this [censored]...I hate both these [censored] teams”, early in the first quarter for the past 4 years..
  10. Beetle


    Confirmed out for up to 3 months with a broken foot.
  11. Whilst anyone would jump up and down about taking a pay cut and naturally so....the players are on ridiculous money compared to the average Australian worker. I know they are paid in accordance to their occupation, but there are businesses out there that will simply not survive as a result of this and in-turn employees that will not get paid at all. These guys have it good, let’s face it. Yes they train hard and we get that. But man...getting paid big bucks to play a sport, afforded the luxury of living in premium suburbs whilst being able to travel the world on your time away from your job with ample leave? You’d like to think some perspective might come into this and the players would be prepared to take a small hit for one year of their sporting life, for the betterment of the game.. But then again..these are different times.
  12. It’s been scientifically proven the virus can not be transmitted after the 25 minute mark or each quarter.
  13. Excuse my ignorance because I’ve been at work and only just got home. Is there any confirmed date yet as to when the new modified season will start?
  14. Yeah....ummmmm, I wasn’t actually being serious. But thanks.
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