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  1. I didn’t even notice the umpire was female. All I knew was they seemingly had a relatively high voice and that they were absolutely shithouse. Couldve been anyone. End of the day...shithouse. edit: in all seriousness the admins might want to add the word shithouse to the censored list.
  2. I just wish he would speak like he is speaking to any one of his mates, instead of the robotic rehearsed media training rubbish he brings week in week out. I understand the need to tow the company line every now and then, but for [censored] sake cut the monotone [censored], show some emotion and speak frankly. The supporters deserve it after this diabolical year. It’s too late the stem the bleeding now...
  3. Hate is a strong word and I don’t hate many things in life, but by god I hate the Essendon Football Club. No other club compares....and to think I used to think Richmond and Collingwood came close..
  4. Regardless of how it relates to this thread, watching those highlights make me feel alive again. I could watch the Selwood/Melksham/Harmes incident on the boundary on repeat for the remainder of this calendar year and survive on bare minimum food rations.
  5. Very sad for Al...a man of great integrity and football knowledge. He’s the fall guy for a club with awful administration and years of poor recruitment. Would welcome him with open arms to the Dees.
  6. Yeah...Perhaps evolve into “Stevedamanjordan”. Keep it real for the kids as well.
  7. We did. The overwhelming consensus (as a result) was that Oscar needed to do a mini pre season and thank god now everything is back on track.
  8. That club have been raped and pillaged by opposition clubs at the hands of the AFL. I believe they have every right to ask for compensation. They were set up to fail from the start compared to GWS.
  9. You’re a Melbourne supporter and you are questioning this? Allow me to take you back to 2009...at least they are attempting to win games.
  10. The answer is obvious. Gawn must be traded.
  11. Man he cops a battering on here but think there is a place for him in this side. Granted he’s out of form and possesses physical attributes that on the surface limits his ability in the modern game, however I saw enough last year to believe he can make it. Pace/size of course is his biggest limitation but I think he has the footy smarts and ingrained competitive nature to help him along. Lets keep in mind he is a 19 year old kid who was playing in a Prelim final side last year compared to a 16th position performing side this year, which hasn’t helped his development.
  12. Preuss will play forward from here on in.
  13. Watched him closely today and it worries me the way he jogs towards contests and doesn’t follow up after the ball has left his area. Took two marks that stood out to me today. One great mark on the wing and one that fell onto his chest unexpectedly in the forward pocket resulting in a goal. The problem for me is, he doesn’t clunk the marks in front of goal that he should take when in the right position. I haven’t given up on him yet, but for gods sake hope he learns to take those marks, stamp some authority on the game and get his set shot goal kicking rhythm back. His face looks like the weight of the world is on his shoulders...can’t help.
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