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  1. The majority of the board are MFC supporters from the president Michael Happell down, so one more is not a bad thing. However I suspect Howcroft’s appointment to the board has nothing to do with his former affiliation to the footy club.
  2. So was I, all the phantom drafts said so! And isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing, Max would have been a tiger, the team he supported as a kid! Seriously, hang around for a decade or so and re do any draft, you’ll get a different result!
  3. I had real trouble trying on line a couple of weeks ago so in hope I phoned the club and got through to membership: so they are there just waiting to hear from you (and you and you and you also)!
  4. I was at that game Dr. G, the crowd flooded onto the ground and surrounded Clark, he had no hope. Umpires should have given him a clear run but the crowd would have become unmanageable (or more so than they were). Gee Windy Hill was such a nice place😡!
  5. I remember that game very well: the umpires (forgot his name) decision was so bad he actually resigned a few days later citing that as the reason. And we cannot forget another Jim Stynes incident in 1987 - the worst of the lot!
  6. McCartin has other health issues as well: I understand: he is diabetic and needs insulin injections regularly. That together with the spectre of concussion hanging over his head (no pun) makes for a too risky prospect I believe. As far as I can remember his only good game was against us in 2018 (opposed to a very immature Harrison Petty)! And don’t forget Petty was showing a bit of ability up forward last season and we have young Jackson to debut if ever the football season starts again.
  7. Have the Rugolo brothers been mentioned, Frank and Joe? Short careers at the end of the last century if I remember correctly. The Rugolo family had/have a large panel beating business on Mt Alexander Road Ascot Vale.
  8. I’m not sure Is quite the correct adjective to describe many of these players. Was Scott Thompson ever obscure? Darren Kowal? I remember them well, as I do many of the others! Basil Onions, can’t remember him but I wish he played today, roving Brian would have a field day!
  9. We could be Geoffrey Edelsten’s plaything or maybe Clive Palmer’s! No Thanks I like the idea of being a member of a publically owned footy club!
  10. I took out a$15 per month 12 month sub a few weeks ago, can cancel anytime! So no sport, no continue!
  11. Just checked back on the replay: according to McDonald it was Petracca. Makes sense really as Salem is a wee bit more reserved while Petracca has a reputation for being a bit of a card!
  12. I’ve just watched the 4th quarter again especially for Tom McDonalds excellent comments. Quite insightful they were. He’s a pretty smart bloke! Nice to hear his thoughts on Max as captain and the whole leadership affair.
  13. I’ve heard it said that being a member of an elite football club is like being in the army: a 24 hour a day job where you are told what to do and when to do it to such an extent that on leaving one feels lost! A big reason the club encourages players to study for a life after football. And having just watched the video, I’m going to have a cup of tea a bex and a lie down!
  14. I found it an interesting insight into the club, and it’s also playing at a cinema near you I.e. the AFL web site. Just think of all the nice comments it’ll receive from all those wonderful opposition supporters!
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