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  1. Could we include in the discussion “players who need a hair transplant” just to even things up and make this an even more exciting and stimulating topic than it is already!
  2. How about AvB, if fit (fingers crossed) will add a good bit of grunt to the midfield!
  3. But he could yap ‘n yap ‘n yap till the cows come home😀! Annoying little bu**er!
  4. Big Carl was captain/coach of the Dee’s in ‘79. I particularly remember his last game against Collingwood where he went about clobbering every opposition player in sight, very entertaining and something one doesn’t see these days.
  5. Geeeee, Bruce’s probably found another love child to replace Cyril. Oh Kossy, Kossy, Kossy (I feel nauseous already)!
  6. To all you track watchers, Not many reports on Ed Langdon, how’s he progressing? Fitting in OK?
  7. Through the fog of memory, I seem to recall Jimmy Stynes very early in his career being shuffled of to Prahran to learn how to play the game. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what I recall. And (again through the fog of time) I seem to recall Jimmy in later years attending a Prahran end of season celebration.
  8. What about the ones who got away/didn’t make it for one reason or another. Lousy coaching, lousy culture, whatever. Watts, Scully, Trengove, Grimes, Toumpas, Stef Martin, Liam Jurrah, Colin Sylvia etc. etc. Lost players, lost opportunities abound!
  9. Who’s better off’? Probably a question best answered by a Jesuit or philosopher. However I’m sure Pendlebury has few regrets about his career (other than not playing for his beloved Demons)!
  10. Just 3? I bet he’s good at tennis and golf as well: lucky b******! And I bet he could even be good at bocce!!
  11. The decade does not finish until the end of next year, so we still have time to improve our ranking! Go Dee’s
  12. Try YouTube, maybe not full games, but plenty of highlights.
  13. Still around is big John Lord, volunteering as a tour guide for the MCC. And gee, not a John or a Peter or a Barry or even a Kevin among the boys named. The world has changed for the worst!😩!
  14. You are probably correct but there would be exceptions as you say: e.g. Steve O’Dwyer! 100 games is also apparently when they are offered MCC membership (full not restricted I’m informed). Certainly beats waiting 30+ years.
  15. I believe there are some restrictions on the number of games played, however when I visited the locker room at AAMI park some yers ago I was intrigued to see so many names on each locker (not sure about locker48 though). I was on a quick tour and had no time to take too much notice. Still I’m not sure if you played just one or two games you’d be given the honour.
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