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  1. Fake News alert! The first organised match of this distinctly new game ( except it was nothing like Australian Football)was not played between Melbourne Grammar and Scotch, but between Melbourne Grammar and (the then) St Kilda Grammar School. Source: MCC library and documents found at Melbourne Grammar School relating to the date of the St Kilda match.
  2. This was the show that gave Eddie McGuire the platform to launch himself into the Collingwood presidency. This was the show that gave Eddie McGuire the platform to endlessly spruik up the Collingwood football club: best free advertising any club has ever had. Good riddance!
  3. Both impressed me on Saturday. I’m really puzzled as to why Lockhart slipped under the radar, his attack on the ball was really first rate and his maturity is like someone in at least their 2nd season. And I agree about Hore, excellent composure, excellent reader of the play. Thanks Collingwood. And both fitted into the team very nicely indeed.
  4. 6: Salem 5: Harmes 4: Gawn 3: Oliver 2: Lockhart 1: Hunt
  5. His game against us last year was probably his best (not great but serviceable 2 goals). Harrison Petty’s debut!
  6. “Go get a key forward and two outside mids” good idea but how, they don’t just grow on trees! Why would you get rid of Jetta? He’s injured, once mended he means a hell of a lot to this club! And let’s see what young Sparrow and Petty have to offer.
  7. Yze has the coaching runs on the board and is no where near an insider anymore. Get Yze!
  8. OK so this is the post game discussion, well let me tell you what happened to me post game! I left the ground in what could be called a blue funk, that is very unhappy, and hurried to catch the tram to the city. Got on tram, tram very crowded with mainly disgruntled Melbourne supporters, doors close, we are packed in like the proverbial sardines. Tram starts and so does the drive! He starts singing the Essendon team song in the loudest possible voice over the PA, then he treats us to his assessment of the Melbourne football team then it’s back to the team song, and on it went. Oh it was great fun, especially with the driver cocooned in his toughened glass drivers cabin. I was really peed of so I got off at Flinders Street and walked the rest of the way up the road to where I’d parked my car. The tram driver was an old bloke (early 60s maybe) who was wearing an Essendon cap. Quite a strange experience and I’m not sure Yarra Trams, or whoever would approve.
  9. Please mods, may I use the above and save me typing. On the long, lonely, drive home and with ( too) much time to reflect on the game, the above was what I came up with! Quite impressed with Hunt! Quite impressed with Lockhart!
  10. Oliver appears to have a sense of coordination and balance above and beyond that of most football players, and certainly far better than members of the general public. I’ve noticed time and again even when nearly upended, Oliver’s extraordinary sense of balance enables him to know exactly where he is in relation to the often chaotic environment in which he is placed. An extraordinary talent, a talent worth $$$$$ in a few years time!
  11. Thanks Ross, I’ll try using my Apple TV.
  12. So, all you track watches, H. Petty. Is he progressing well enough? I reckon he almost (almost) single handedly lost us the Saints game last year. He was thrashed by McCartin and looked really out of his depth. Maybe I’m being too harsh, but that day he was a fish out of water!
  13. One rather annoying problem (for me at least) is the inability to view a replay of a game part way through then come back later to where you left off. Rather, the replay starts back at the beginning, and the fast forward function is very slow!!! Surely this is something the tech people at Kayo could fix? Quite frustrating!
  14. 6: Salem then...gee... 5: Brayshaw 4: Harmes 3: Jetta 2: Melksham and for a bit of encouragement 1: Sparrow.
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