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  1. Flower elevated playing football to an art form. He had the poise and grace of a ballet dancer, the dexterity of a gymnast. He was genuinely a one off!
  2. Robert Flower himself. I well remember a particular game against Richmond where he gave Kevin Bartlett then stationed in the forward pocket an absolute bath.
  3. Dee Dee


    So, is that him, the bald bloke? I remember Tingay well but he certainly has changed: his flowing blond locks rivaled those of Warwick Capper back then. And if I remember correctly he is one of those players to score a goal with his first kick! Against Fitzroy???
  4. Anarcho - Libertarian ideology and team sports really don’t mix.😁
  5. For this mad Melbourne supporter (me) seeing that mad Melbourne supporter (Harmes) living out his boyhood dream makes me very envious. From rookie to best 22: great story, and probably better to come!
  6. Of course the club could save some money and just point the players towards You Tube where they will find many, many instructional videos devoted to the art and science of kicking an Australian Rules football.
  7. Probably his final year! 14 games to go! Will he make it?
  8. How tall is Clarry? When seen standing next to Nick Riewoldt he doesn’t look that much shorter, and he certainly looks taller than “ the chief”! He’ll be a very very powerful lad when he grows up!
  9. I believe this idea was discussed back when Joseph Gutnick was president. Why it didn’t go ahead, I’ve no idea.
  10. That really was a shocker: how so many go to seed, (Bob Murphy excepted). I understand the late E.J. Whitten has made an appearance at AFL House threatening to haunt Gillon McLachlan for ever unless he promises never to put it on again!
  11. 😁I think the Langdon family were in the wine business. Good fit for the MFC!
  12. Thank God it’s not up to you!
  13. We should have applied early on for assistance from the NDIS!
  14. Who else but Max? No one! 6: Gawn, and congratulations on an excellent season-well played! 5: Frost, a bit of a toss up but sh*t you’ve improved this year. I expect even better in 2020! 4: Viney, I still love you even if others don’t! (and, anyone who owns a Bernese Mountain Dog must be OK)! 3: Fritsch, really becoming fun to watch! 2: Petracca, goodonya tubby! 1: Oliver!
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