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  1. I didn’t have Frost in my six best however for me he was probably next in line. As you say the good outweighed the bad, and that’s getting better every week. Was it Goodwin or another of the coaches that said something along the lines of “we don’t always know what he’s going to do with the ball, but then again, neither does the opposition” 🤪🤪. Love his attack, love his run but hold my breath when he gets rid of it!
  2. 6: McDonald T 5: Oliver 4: Preuss 3: Harmes 2: Fritsch 1: Jones
  3. Yuck yuck chuckle, chuckle: very good. Given Goody’s past indiscretion, I don’t think so!
  4. 6: Gawn 5: Viney 4: Lockhart 3: Frost 2: Oliver 1: May and TMac, Salem, Petracca , Hore, Harmes etc, etc.
  5. Thanks for that, Deespicable, a good read during breakfast. However, as a 177cm midget myself, I’m all for the success of the short guys like the 177cm midget Jay Lockhart. Ah, I miss the good old days of the 6 foot ruckman.
  6. 6: Gawn 5: Harmes 4: Brayshaw 3: May 2: Hore 1: Fritsch
  7. Very impressed with Dunkley as well. And good to see KK doing well: I was concerned for him, but he was very good today, may have a future.
  8. Certainly looks impressive. However, the main purpose of the lights is to stimulate grass growth on the northern side of the arena, that side where the sun doesn’t ascend over the norther stand roof during winter. Go to the ground on most winter non football days, as I often do and the lights will be on. Also, because it’s a modular system, sections can be positioned at various points on the ground. I’m told that the system is so successful, the grass grows quicker under the lights than under the sun! Again as previously mentioned, a further impediment to any notion of using the ground as a training facility.
  9. Just a couple of points about the MCG that need to be cleared up. Firstly the portable lighting system used to stimulate grass growth. It’s on most days during the winter, and fills much of the northern side of the ground, thus making the ground impossible for training purposes. I don’t think it’s used at night. And just on facilities for visitors. There are 2 cafes open on week days, used mainly by tradies and tourists. (Enter gate 3). Any thought of returning to the MCG as a training facility is real pie in the sky stuff. I wish it was not so, but it is!
  10. I really like Hore. Our new Brett Lovett!?
  11. 6: Gawn (the one man band) then I suppose: 5: Hore 4: Viney 3: Baker 2: Hunt 1: Frost and Petracca was OK last quarter.
  12. Fake News alert! The first organised match of this distinctly new game ( except it was nothing like Australian Football)was not played between Melbourne Grammar and Scotch, but between Melbourne Grammar and (the then) St Kilda Grammar School. Source: MCC library and documents found at Melbourne Grammar School relating to the date of the St Kilda match.
  13. This was the show that gave Eddie McGuire the platform to launch himself into the Collingwood presidency. This was the show that gave Eddie McGuire the platform to endlessly spruik up the Collingwood football club: best free advertising any club has ever had. Good riddance!
  14. Both impressed me on Saturday. I’m really puzzled as to why Lockhart slipped under the radar, his attack on the ball was really first rate and his maturity is like someone in at least their 2nd season. And I agree about Hore, excellent composure, excellent reader of the play. Thanks Collingwood. And both fitted into the team very nicely indeed.
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