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  1. An appropriate track from the mother’s of invention album Just Another Band From LA - “Eddy are you kidding?”
  2. Watching the Dees is never what you would call relaxing. Tonight was typical - messy, messy messy. Some good signs though and good selections. Still make dumb mistakes - the cat dived for cover on a number of occasions when I yelled at the tv. I think Rankine will find it a lot harder when teams work out they have to stay goal side of him at stoppages - hello Nev!
  3. Chaos football suited our level of footy IQ. Unfortunately other teams have worked ou how to counter that style and exposed us as having more than our fair share of dumb as dog doodoo players.
  4. Oh lighten up! Tongue firmly in cheek regarding the bye 🤦‍♀️
  5. We have become irrelevant. Two examples; In Fox Footy’s lead into today’s games they had a graphic on where teams would be heading this week - no mention of Dees going to Sydney. On Barrett’s nine things out of this round, the Tiges game had not one mention of Melbourne. We are invisible and irrelevant And I think the only reason the AFL prop us up is so that they don’t have to program a bye every week
  6. Man on man defence is hard work but aren’t we supposed to be fitter than ever? Only time we manned up was in the last three minutes - result was a turnover and Brayshaw goal. Allowed a slower older average team to dominate for long periods by persisting with guarding grass. Also Gawny is one of my favourites but he doesn’t seem to have any communication with our mids. Starting to think there is only one solution to stopping our talent going backwards - Get Clarkson!!
  7. Don’t believe me, big guy? Ask the other 20 or so Demonlanders who were at the same get together as me who heard it. Ex coach was there as recently as last year so work it out.
  8. Last October I spoke to a former member of the coaching staff who commented when asked about what he thought of Brayshaw, that although he thought he was a great guy and full of potential, ”Gus needs to decide whether or not he wants to be an AFL footballer...”
  9. Watched about ten minutes and was bored stupid. BUT am I mistaken, or was there a security guard stationed on his chair on the Southern Stand wing??? Just there to retrieve over the fence - can't think of any other reason for him being there.
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