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  1. Great to see other outside of this website agree with us! Goodwin has doubters and the noise is rumbling Simon! Bit of heat coming his way after Sunday if we lose!
  2. I think Goodwin wants us to desperately play fast ball like Saints/Bris/Tigers but we don't have the skill or systems built in to do so. The one time we did versus Geelong it looked a touch sloppy but resulted in a Fritta goal. I just have no idea what Goodwins plan is? Anyways whatever, I'm going into all games expecting to lose If we beat Tigers I'll be stunned
  3. we need to give him a run - far out even if we name him then he doesn't play is a better sight than seeing Spargo Jacko will be great but we need a tall forward right now
  4. Weed is so gone - yeah I get Brown is maybe a bit more mature but Weed could be our future? Like most I'm amazed he's not even named.... Must of hit Goodwins car at training or something I dunno
  5. we just have a losing culture? like when are we going to shake it? Could look at Richmond as who we want to emulate but it's a big climb for us. I don't know. I'm lost with him and his surrounding staff Just pick a good team this week
  6. I'd actually like to see Bennell, Omac and Weed in Out goes Hunt, AVB and Smith
  7. Is Goodwin all there???!!! What on earth? "Needs to work on..." Goodwin mate, you don't need to play Bennell in the middle or high forward. You can play him off the bench and then deep... I'm pretty close to being done with this guy hey Just play the best players and help them get into form. It's not that hard dude. I swear if AVB plays this week I'll f***** snap
  8. how did Gawn not dominate on the weekend? Actually kinda surprised by it - he should destroyed their rucks and drifted fwd and kicked 1/2. Probably asking a lot because he also gets 15+ touches a game but I just want to see him impose himself more when we need it He lifts everyone and we can't keep relying on Trac to do it every week (we have Viney but he can't kick more than 35m)
  9. I wouldn't rush to bring Jones in yet AVB out, Weed in Melk out, Bennell in
  10. need to see a second key fwd this week wouldn't even be surprised if we don't bring one in
  11. can't drop Fritta? TF are you on about? Melk yes but Fritta is our only decent player up forward right now
  12. if not Weed then who? I'm pretty keen on us really hunting a stronger fwd line - I just don't know who is out there that's decent or that I'd want in the side. The big issue is that our mids also don't hit the scoreboard enough too
  13. Have to get him more gametime now. I like that attacking wing role he plays I was critical of him this year and he's showed a bit
  14. If not Goodwin who? Serious question Ross/Yze? Who else is out there that would want to coach this club? I like Ross but if he brings those awful tactics he did in his last few years at Freo then he isn't it. I don't know who else is out there. Would love to hear some names
  15. Just bring in Weed and stop toying with this developlment Bring him in for 4 weeks - let him have a go FFS it's infuriating the coaches don't see it
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