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  1. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/582067/i-m-already-missing-the-routine-jones Uh-oh, they haven't reviewed the game. Like Prelim 2018? Trying to pretend it didn't happen? Biggest mistake of 2019 was not dealing with that loss. It had to be one to those "never again" moments, but it wasn't...
  2. Native of Glenelg though.... Might be hard to pry away. Cameron is from Dartmoor, if I'm not wrong, and barracked for Demons as a kid, if I'm not wrong again...
  3. We need a half forward. Are we making a play for Jeremy Cameron? Is Weid going to become a footballer? Now is the time to do something.
  4. Shots of Goody during the third qtr saw him looking like a rabbit in the spotlight, like Don Pyke in the 17 Grannie. Where was the passion? The Fire? Bloody hell, Dimmer gave the Tigers are rev up at 3 qtr time and they were well up. Goody was cold, and he doesn't inspire his troops. The game plan doesn't work. The game plan doesn't work. The game plan doesn't work. Nothing has changed for the better.
  5. I was out today and, fair dinkum, I saw a locust....
  6. Thank God for those thoughts and prayers! Where would we be without them?! Oh, if only God would actually answer and send me more toilet paper! . . . Oh, never mind, I know where I can get some. Off to the distant mountain....
  7. Pretty sure I can think of other uses for them . . .
  8. Remarkable level of agreement around this topic.... See, Mum, the internet isn't all bullies and porn!
  9. Vita-brits were better. Wary of starting a fight here....
  10. Quote from big-wig at AGM: "There is movement at the station." Ahem . . . "the STATION."
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