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  1. I think he sounds like a good fella as well. However everyone knew PJ tenure was too short which then nleads me to believe we needed a similiar type to continue what he started.
  2. VDB and Melksham lucky but four changes is enough. I think we will win.
  3. The unhappy player playing out of position-Salem?
  4. We will probably put it on back to front.
  5. How much are the First Prize a Melbourne Flag raffle tickets?
  6. Imagine if the WB rule had been applied at inner Suburban pubs and Social Clubs over the past century and a bit. Gee, in the day you could get a smack in the chops for just standing in the wrong spot at a local, imagine saying to a bloke. You are out of order for criticising the Tigers or Pies? Pow, Wham, Zap, Lights Out.
  7. Come on, this is a professional supporters sporting club paying industry salaries. Everyone is under scrutiny and must be held accountable. Talk of taking pot shots siounds like you are having a crack at the Dimboola Under 13 volunteer coach
  8. I felt Bartlett was at pains to play down Jacksons influence.
  9. I think he was there to sign off on the extension for Goody
  10. Lets turn it around. Why are you not prepared to scrutinise his leadership compared to the respected jackson?
  11. No progress they are prepared to confide supporters in with Home ground. Beyond that he is another gun for hire. Boring as.....
  12. Fair enough, obviously I would not have said it if I had known, but that doesnt make it any less stupid.
  13. Come on Goody We all make errors, but time to get this one right and follow the concensus view And just name a team, none of this squad rubbish Finally please do not fire up the mids in a way where to make amends they go pack ball hunting.
  14. Maybe said that, all the while asking a hefty price to play.
  15. He may have been but he never played CHB at AFL level. Distorted selection.
  16. Unfortunately our forwards are full of doubt and confidence has been affected. Imagine the noise stars like Lyon and Schwarta would be making if mids kicked or didnt kick to them as ours do. And then at another level again, Carey, Buddy or Lloyd. There would be hell to pay,
  17. Agree, that one at the start from Viney srt the tone for the day.
  18. We are Goody have nothing to lose now. Caution to the wind.
  19. I understand that but I am talking about timing leads, body positions, doubling back and the like. These are things only gun forwards know. Not suggesting they have anything to do with strategies and game plans.
  20. I understand you need someone to teach forwards game plans and so on but why oh why cant we get people of the calibre of Lyon, Neitz and Swarta to do the occasional session teaching some tricks of the trade. are coaches too frail in ego to have those ex stars around?
  21. The GIANTS have welcomed another GIANTS Academy graduate to its senior list with Canberra's Tom Green selected with pick 10 in the 2019 NAB AFL Draft. Green was bid on by Carlton at pick 10 but being a GIANTS Academy product, the GIANTS matched the bid using picks 41, 56, 59, 67 and 71.Nov 27, 2019 OK, thanks. I see how it works now. It would be intersting to know what they would have matched our number 3 with though. The example above is matching number 10 pick.
  22. How would they have done that if we took him with 3.
  23. And another. Should have taken Tom Greene last year, understanding it was a bit complicated with the Academy situation. So we would now have two AFL ready players, Green and King.
  24. Oliver, the eighth worst kick in the Comp. That is shameful to both player and coaching group. Either he is not getting the help and direction, home truths, he needs or he is not listening or respecting the coach.
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