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  1. Yes, too true. I am not convinced on Goodwin but want to know where if anywhere was the ex Saints coachs influence on the West Coast game. He is such an irrelevance i cant even automatically remember his name, oh yes, Richardson.
  2. Fair point MS, I am not an advocate of pokies. My main point is it needs to be a Community venue, does not have to be large but must have modern facilities that are in demand by the community. Otherwise I do not think you will find any politician of any persuasion supporting a footy only project.
  3. Yes DJ, lots of probables and highlights how ridiculous it is to have so many professional footballers at 18 clubs. Hardly elite when you have something like 600-700 players in one code in a country the size of Australia.
  4. Social Clubs still work for all sorts of ethnic goups, look at the Venuto Club Bulleen. Successful venues are far removed from the old image of boozy blokes on a match day. In truth, even in the day they made most of their revenue from function booking and were a Community asset. People wanting to come and look at trophies and museum pieces were always a minority. Any half decent marketing/catering dept would be able to have a high occupancy rate for dining/function rooms in a modern venue. Think community, community, community to access Government funds.
  5. G Good side on paper. Hope Jetta and Hibberd can find form in the backine. Not their last chance but need to get some confidence back May and Lever must earn their keep. Get Fritta and Weed leading. Mids work hard and kick to in front of the forwards. Max and Viney to lead the way.
  6. I think a modern Social Club would be something along the lines of what Carlton have at their ground. They have a Cafe area that opens to the ground to watch training. Anything beyond that would need to pay its own way in function bookings and not just rely on drinkers after our home games.
  7. Yes thanks Demonland, but really? I would like to see the Sales figures and bottom line to the Club. Mc Donalds sells merchandise too but does not fiddle with the Golden arches.
  8. What is the point of training jumpers being different to game day jumpers?
  9. Talking about cost cutting. lets just have a Melbourne jumper for the players.
  10. On what basis does Hibberd get a game. Time to shake the tree.
  11. In all my years of following the Dees we have always been undersized compared to the top teams except for when we had the Big Red Engine and Jimmy working in tandem. gee it gave a lift to their teamates and the fans.
  12. Seems a pretty dumb plan to try and keep it in the forward line when the kicks going in favour the opposition getting the ball or clearing it quickly out of there.
  13. I know the search has been going on for decades now but wonder if we have ever had a working party physically go from sporting ground to sporting ground to maybe, just maybe find that hidden gem. Perhaps there is a struggling local club out there somewhere that would jump at that chance to have access to a modern facilities. Remembering local clubs train late afternoon and play games on an oval that we operate and can call home. I know of two such oval in North Balwyn. Clearly council is an issue but I would expect we would have a working propsal to integrate into the community for just such an inventuality.
  14. Punt Rd is a little different. The other grounds were right in the middle of housing communities and the relevant councils were not supportive of prime land being locked away for exclusive elite footy club use. I encorouge you to have a walk around Glenferrie and Pieland and you will see the councils have been proven to ave had the correct foresight. Both grounds are used extensively by the community with people walking sitting, reading books and enjoying the fresh air. Punt Rd itself creates a barrier to that sort of activity for many people, the elderly, Mums with young kids and so on.
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