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  1. anyone wanna watch at a pub? dem onland get together
  2. watching post match, should the MCG invest in some better chairs for the players? They are loaded! Out with Bunnings white plastic chairs and in with some luxury style leather chairs
  3. Citizens Park Richmond got redevelopment written all over it
  4. nice chart very insightful
  5. excellent point seems to be like that
  6. don't take kindly to negativity my source is Chris Connolly and few others, need i say more. wheels are in motion
  7. what we up to??
  8. Take it to the bank, Hogan has asked management of any chance he can be traded back to Melbourne in 2020 trade period. Seeks a fresh start away from bad influences in WA
  9. Where can we listen? gagging for it
  10. Anyone going to the sponsor, Richmond branch, to watch?
  11. It came by email with a code for the $2.50 per month deal
  12. who is in? is this sorry it? if league cancels, no refund!
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