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  1. Exactly the Hawks developed long term plans for financial success which translated into on field success with 4 flags ... the Mfc looked to a white Knight Guidnick and continued to go around in circles for another 2 decades with zero flags & burnt all of their early draft picks & to rub salt into the wound Scully may end up winning a flag with Hawthorn!!
  2. All clubs will be affected in terms of their income no doubt .. clubs like tigers, hawks, WC with their premiership success have built up a war chest of funds along with the pies. clubs like the Mfc who have make continued losses will no doubt struggle & in our case impact on funding a new home base...
  3. Knowing the history of the Afl & how it treats the MFC they will crucify us with more interstate travel & Sunday games & tigers , pies will get 14 home games
  4. Let’s compare Hawks have recruited Patton, Scully, Omera which didn’t cost much & with injury issues & Mitchel who won a Brownlow vs Melb Lever, May, Langdon , Tommlison. lever already done his knee, May come in poor shape & we gave up a fair bit for them the other 2 are only in their 1st season. The question is we lost Hogan a gun forward understanding his issues nevertheless & we recruit a defender in May , nothing against him but why? Don’t understand the strategy & risky expecting Macca a defender turned fwd with 1 good season??? Hawks strategy seems to be on target though with risks in particular Patton x 3 knee recos.. based on history can just see it all working for them as much as I hate them!
  5. 17 other teams are faced with c19 also with some interstate teams having to play interstate, I’d love to see Goody succeed but would need to look at it if we have another disaster like 2019. Only issue I can see would be the $$$ & the financial impact of c19
  6. Hypothetical should the club consider Lyon if he wanted to coach in 2021?
  7. Bottom line with McLean, Sylvia, Moloney all party boys with poor culture within the club @ the time . Strong successful footy clubs with strong culture can pull players into line & weed out the ones who don’t conform . It may not have changed McLeans behaviour but just don’t know. Good on McLean for calling out the tanking at the time as it just reinforce. How much of a basket case the club had become!
  8. A consistent theme in every season they have played finals losing multiple games in a row to miss out on making the top 4 & just scraping in. 2018 another missed opportunity to make the top 4 , lost to the Cats twice when in winning positions. Can’t seem to maintain the intensity & a history of falling of the cliff eg 2019.
  9. They should consider looking at aligning with Port Melb FC some colours & theme song. The fishermen’s bend development will see an extra 20,000 in population growth. The ground is in need of development & opportunity to develop great training facilities along with housing the entire club under one roof. Easier access for members & supporters to access vs what we have now.
  10. Club never evolved as comp become more professional. Never established a home base for its supporters, just look @ Collingwood base which we were offered but rejected & It’s now 2020 & still no home base Continuous poor appointments to people both on & of the field , always band aide approaches with no strong long term strategic plans. After the failed merger in 96 Hawks developed a plan with its members resulting in a new home base & 4 flags. Mfc continued down the same path of just trying to survive & relied on a white knight Gutnick to save the club! Continues poor recruiting with poor culture & development , just look @ all the early top 15 draft picks we took from 07-13 & see how many are on our list, let alone any Afl list
  11. Totally agree in actual fact he stated that was the reason he asked for a trade ...out club was in a mess void of leadership or culture & one wonders if players like him & Sylvia were at Geelong , Hawks, Swans what would the outcomes have been???
  12. Hate to say it but watch afl make the Dees travel more than Richmond or Collingwood
  13. Agree .. that’s what happens when you don’t play each other twice ... both Melb & Coll only beat 1 team in the top 8 in 2018 yet Pies finished to 4 separated by % from WC who beat 5 teams in the top 8 . Perhaps a solution is to play each other once then top 8 play each other again to finalise their positions... the bottom 10 can play a round robin for prize money or draft picks .. this would make it a 24 game season for top 8 & ensure positions earned are fair.
  14. Correct tv rights/ratings continue to shape every season fixture thus compromising the draw! Eg Tigers played last 7 games in 2019 in Vic mostly @ the mcg why???
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