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  1. thanks for time and effort. in for me same as last year fuchsia / team nightmoves thank you
  2. thank you dv for your effort.. could you put -NIGHTMOVES -team in please, if still room.? played last year. thank you
  3. i would like to be in but what am i missing? where is dt league located ? if not afl fantasy team name is;- nightmoves thank you
  4. team name "nightmoves" if spots still available.? ta
  5. having had depression for a number of years & knowing a fair bit about it i was a sceptic about mc 's depression & was thinking this looks & smells like he wants out of a lowly club & wanting to get back to WA with his family; & will make a startling comeback :-).. with freo;. he did NOT tick any box for depression.. it comes from an anxiety that has a catalyst !! either EXTREME emotional loss through a family member or friend' heavy financial loss or burden or EXTREME physical injury or disease ( ie; cancer - loss of limb). he had a million $ plus contract a healthy happy family -lucky to have a beautiful wife & child who is a big support. his extended family inj WA was the only missing link.. to a picture perfect life... this smelled from the get go that after a plan with manager how do i get to freo without losing too much of the green.. as soon as he signed final OUT with MFC his whole body language changed & u couldn't wipe his smile away.. it seems extremely low grade behavior ; but hey i could be totally wrong.. where an apology would be due..
  6. this was great theatre;; thought it would have been posted before now what he returned fire with.. roos; i was devastated actually devastated by article & he stated the article was factually incorrect. he also quite strongly said it was HARD for him to read it still( pointing to on screen quote from colless.) he sent an email off to colless asking for an apology to be put on swans web site ; that colless doesn't want to do;; mike ;essentially its about the kid in upcoming draft who's from swans academy. pushing him to join melb.. roosey; saying ; this is FACTUALLY incorrect.; the boy is very, very, keen to play for the swans but if he chooses not to & go in draft he is eligiable to be picked by any club.; healy;; cannot come to grips about colles saying that quote;; playing peacemaker... mike ; states the swans believe that u will take " george stone' & that u r also after " stewie dew" to melb. who is still under contract. roosey; states that he has had a number of applicants for the senior assistants role at melb. & stew dew is one of those who has applied., but the swans won't let dew interview for the position... which is their perogative, and that there is enormous ANGER coming out of sydney at this time & he doesn't understand why this is happening and that maybe its a message for him that they r both moving on..& things were not panning out the way he had wanted them to..
  7. i think it would be fair to say that one " g healy " was worth an extra goal or 2 in that prelim in 87.. would fate creep in & save all the angst on jimmy.??
  8. for those that missed it; conversation went as follows ; as i have no life; eddie; roos; dunstall ;m.mclure talking issues ie; stadium avail. daisy thomas.etc; eddie; "3 cheers for roosy he's staying at fox footy by the sounds of things ( roos smiles with embarrassment ) u've knocked the brisbane lions back & ralphy youv'e got some info before we get the mail from roosy.. ralphy; states we have- we dont know if daisy thomas will stay BUT rodney eade will stay he's basically put his coaching ambitions on hold forever because he will be the full time football manager @ coll.which is a very prestigious position. he interviewed very well @ melb ? & brisbane were keen as well. & now roosy informed angus johnson due to FAMILY reasons , he would be unable to RELOCATE to brisbane & was therefore ruled out as a candidate.( end quote ) then ralphy, talking to roos saying melb.still think u r very keen or that u r NOT totally ,categorically ruled out roosy , whats going on have u not told them enough times ????.. ROOS; " well i think part of the process is & when i spoke to angus @ brisb. u start to think about things, what they look like from a FAMILY point of view; moving back 10 or 12 weeks ago there was certainly NO CHANCE. i spoke to angus last week i simply can't MOVE to brisbane. UMM in terms of the melb. job- ahh uh u know look there is some MORE interest than what there was 12 weeks ago. will that happen ? ah as ive said to you ralphy as i've said to a number of people, if it does i'll let u know as soon as i know . ("OOH- OOH" NOISES FROM DUNSTALL & EDDIE !@!!! ) ralphy;; would u be happy to be interviewed given that there is a level of interest.. roos; look i've had some discussions with peter & peter has been really honest with me, umm & I HAVE SAID TO HIM U HAVE TO WORK TO YOUR TIME LINE NOT MY TIME LINE, ,, umm & im certainly open like ive always said if he calls me i am always happy to take his call.. dunstall; " ed-this is a significant shift we have just heard paul roos say there is MORE interest NOW on my perspective.. (roos- nodding in agreement.) all of sudden its becoming something thats more realistic" ROOS; well i think yea its difficult when you r sort of talking in a public forum,when i've said u've got to u can't just flick the switch we know -to be a senior coach u have to want to do it u have to be 100 % involved init. so dunstall interjects " looks like u have screwed a new bulb in though. roos; well along the process u start to think what does it look like what effect does it impact on the FAMILY so clearly from 12 weeks ago u start to think about it & u got to make a decision at some point , i've made that clear to melb.that they can't wait to see what i'm doing they have got to work to their own time frame , but i am certainly open as i have always said to talk to people about it.. mclure chips in with a grim-i think it gives some message to melbourne that there's some hpe there that they may get you. roos then laughs "ha ha ha " eddie; " this is the biggest thing that has happened to melb ( mclure chips in with FOREVER- & DUNSTALL LAUGHS ) SINCE-since john beckwith hit the boundary line I THINK mcclure- "since ah since barassi left" in 66. eddie; so roosy " just again" , roll record everyone @ every news station across the country- just for clarification so there's no ducks & drakes & things- what is your position as far as melb. is concerned? they need to come to you now & put an offer? ROOS; i have had some dialogue with peter & he's continued to talk to me um i've said to em along the process is really difficult when u r asked all the time & i can only answer the question & ive said that a number of times, i'll answer the question when u ask me.& when i started the process 12 weeks ago u can't go fro 0% to 100 % in such a short space of time. there's more INTEREST NOW & i've tried to be as honest as i possibly can be, i'm certainly not & the point now that i can say i will be but certainly start thinking about it u start picturing yourself doing it, what does it look like & all those things,- so where am i at is it 50- 50 ??or whatever , its probably moved from 0 % to around that 50- 50 but at some point u have got to then decide to dip the the toe in the water you have got to be serious about it u have got to be fair dinkum .. mcclure; have u got your phone on ?? ( laughing ) dunstall; i tell u wont hear any more from ralphy anymore tonight he will be busy writing the back page story. (laughing all together ) eddie; one last one you have been really good roosy a couple of weeks ago you told us family situations probably expell u from the process of the brisb lions can i just ask u on the back of that as we just saw angus johnson. your family situation allow u to come to melbourne easier than brisbane ??? roos; just to clarify we have discussed the move from a family point of view & it was not going to work & angus knows the reason for that.. melbourne is an option in terms of melbourne the state in moving, so.does that mean i am going to coach the melb. F.C. "NO" but one of the things u do do when u r going through the process & u think about it logically & work out what's achievable. obviously my family is what's important for me at the moment far above coaching or anything else i do so is melb more of an option yes- brisb is not from a family point of view.? eddie; so melb could be an option if things came to together. roos; yea certainly absolutely.. eddie ; there u go i dont think we could ask anymore honesty from p roos tonight to say that.. dunstall; ( whistling ) eddie; i think they have sung "the grand ole flag once" this year melb all ove raustralia melb fans r singing it as we speak i reckon. ralphy, what more have u got it doesn't matter i think we have got the front & back page lead here tonight. ralphy: all of a sudden the dark clouds have parted @ melb. eddie; the mail from sportsbet is that roos has been wound into a $1.40 ( roos laughing ) with the afl now funding melb. really they have got to back the truck up & get roos. roos; u do have to be committed to it its - money is the result of actually doing but u cant just do it for money, we have seen that in the past u have to get your mind across actually doing it. mcclure; i think we r all glad that u r thinking about it.-thats seriously is the point.( roos nods ) going to the war room . king & lynch;; wer all boring but- mike sheahan is up and about singing the theme song.
  9. listening to 3aw; if roos is out of picture.? & u take him at his word. 1; chocco leading field in MFC job & rocket eade IS NOT even in the reckoning .(both CW & DERWAHINE AGREE that both have heard same thing- ) yeah yea- i know -i know- i know its cw & dr.- dont shoot da messenger. comments & rumblings.back it up; ie; rocket takes job in aust u 23 group that r going to end of season irish game.. Appointment on the 2014 rules committee.. He stated himself that MFC said they " MAY " get back to him !! ( MAY ? read the tea leaves.) If its true that his interview was short ? his work on the insider prog; was a snooze fest & not exactly awe inspiring; will not put bums on seats or bring supporters back.. 2;neil craig to brisbane.; spoken about by gerard h & cw. as high poss...( for what its worth ) considering neil craig is NOT going to work with let alone under chocco. & not to mention the fact that the geel.nth, gws & freo games surely have cemented pj's view if not the committee. p.s A side note from what i remember quite clearly, "jack watts" was asked before his drafting. would he be prepared to go anywhere ? he stated the obvious yes with one exception ;" PORT AD." due to the fact that "chocco " was ( the exact words ?) to the effect ,scary or put the wind up him ..in the interview process. 5 years to change opinion ??
  10. i'm with u brother; this is the old guard not relinquishing power, a right wing -kennet fat cat cuming home to take back the crown,to haunt the hallowed club.all over again..; this bloke has been involved previously with the board when there was divisive selfish factions looking to merge.. hated gutnick & was shown the door as a peace deal in may 01.. one can smell the stench of "old" sticking grimy hands waiting to bring in his old cronies & return the club to a death march ... just a power crazed bafoon.. he's only talked about himself & what he wants & insists pj will have to tow the line as his board will be in charge,, after pj has done the hard yards.. NO WAY HO..
  11. Williams will get the gig.. read the form guide ie; roos; akin to chasing windmills ... (the lady doth protest too much methinks) eade; has committed to aust team to play irish @ years end & taken a job on rules committe for next year( he is moving on ).. wouldn't take either if he thought he was in with a shot. neil craig SHOT himself in foot with the geelong game on sat & all the neg.press about the lack of troop movement... pj hasn't come this far to go backwords.. williams ;;glowing endorsement from ex port players ie;cornes & rich.players . & held in in high regard by pj @ afl ingeneral... thats the field. !!! @ $7.00 quoted with "sportsbet" to win a max. of $500 pretty fair chance considering tab offering only $4.. but u cant get on for anything reasonable. or has been suspended.
  12. very much so !! with limited exceptions.. 40 YEARS OF RUBBISH FROM PEOPLE IN CHARGE . UPSETS ME..!! maybe not u.??
  13. what a lot of total garbage !!! find out the real facts before slinging back..!! as per quote from published article; MATHEW FORSTER who is general manager at MISSION FOODS ; also happens to be a passionate DEMONS FAN ; had all but gifted the partnership to his club only to see it slip away by a series of last-minute DEMANDS FROM MELBOURNE ..!!! quoting that ." another one had gotten away"...!!!!!!!! cs doing the hard grind ? gimme a break !! The MISSION FOODS fiasco in 08 which then led to HANKOOK in 09 with de la rue ( another club supporter since 1958 who has contributed 2.5 mill !!!!.in sposorship & donations ) walked away in disgust !! at the end of 2011.. de la rue was cast aside.. then car giant VOLVO had its problems & chose to cease its second-tier sposorship with club in 2011.. of course this was after the KASPERSKY insult which came about in oct 2010.. who were originally signed due to LIFELONG DEMONS SUPPORTER one " ANDREW MAMONITIS".. !! AGAIN hard yards by CS ?? methinks not.. 3 major sponsors organised by demons supporters !!! & 4 LOST by one CS...!!!! oh but u CAN give him all the credit for landing ENERGY WATCH if u like....
  14. what a corrupt arrogant atitude !! what have u got to hide..? thats what this clubs admin & boards have availed themselves of over the years.. keep things on the qt & keep the majority of supporters in the dark for long enough ,so that when it does show up,they complain about that being " old news." & that it doesn't help to bring up past misdeeds.. & the old stale & dated cliche. we have to" MOVE FORWARD". the truth being aired no matter how old, only helps !! as those who have nothing to hide hide nothing.. knowing the full extent of the past & airing same, makes the "conceited narcissists" with god complexes, who lack reality checks & balances to think twice before committing appalling behavior again.in regards to a public institution.. as well as them being weeded out before being allowed to inflict their incompetance on this club at least.. unfortunately journo's tend to drag the chain where the truth is concerned & as such supporters r treated like plebs... i want to see every dirty little detail & every person responsible ostracised so they can't pervade the halls of this club again.. thank goodness for GLEN ARCHER coining a new phrase on air about these types of creeps. LINIMENT SNIFFERS.who r only there to suppliment their own ego's & line the pockets of old boys club members. CS went from not needing the job in the first place in this tenure & only doing it to to please JS. to a legacy of borrowing 200k from club. alienating & treating with contempt; kaspersky & mission & hankook. which involved millions in lost deals.. which were set up by employees who were mfc supporters.in the first place. but he himself sought out a criminally bogus deal with the incompetant co. 'energy aust " manage to produce, direct, & star in the series that he hopes will be picked up in syndication.& reruns in: "whiteboard wednesday".. not to mention the old stylish charm of those pretentious old school jackets; & bugle boy.. disenfranchise the FD & playing group whereby the players went on strike ala "186" . after which he looked so bedraggled ( ruffled hair no jacket or tie ;when have we ever seen that before ?) & packing death. at the bailey sacking due to thinking he had lost his job & therefore income.. & his contract probably not being renewed in the remaining 6 months left.. to; having his contract renewed by his buddy donny mc;.6 months later. & with his hair coiffed full metal jacket & tie looking cool calm & suave & controlled & pleased with himself.. fall on his own sword, knowing he gets a big payout due to having a new contract in place.. at his sacking come resignation. 48 years of these types of individuals for crying out loud.after .. NS stated PUBLICLY !!! (to air & shame them.) that the club is "slipping its slipping" & we have to get rid of " these blokes"..( merger types ).. even hassa mann,in his hall of fame speech, named -"dr.don duffy" as the president who threatened him to keep quiet in 65. air all the dirty laundry & give it a jolly good cleansing, after all -"tomorrows another day" and its cathartic so we can all MOVE FORWARD. ..
  15. watch his 3 part interview on you tube. with kg & the general ( phil smythe ). see if you feel the same way.from 12 july 2010.. very informative & honest. especially his "chad cornes DRILL'"in part 3.( named after him for not getting off his bum).. great record over a long time .. last 2 years had 8 out the best 20 players injured..
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