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  1. i liked him but he got exposed a lot in his old age. Particularly pace off the mark. We need more full backs with gloves
  2. You can see him out and about in Perth these days (pre COVID) punching ciggies... Punching them like Trent from punchy
  3. Maybe the club should do a 10 week Corona virus video series? That'll show everyone
  4. You are on your own. Reckon this rhetoric would come out of Richmond? Or any top 12 side... we were a pathetic carbon copy of last year.
  5. Exactly right. I'm worrying about how long its going to take my beers in the freezer to get a drinkable cold as we speak. It's been an enternity
  6. Are there any crumbing forward pockets out there in the state leagues that we could pick up as a SSP? Let's just imagine we have 2 picks with neitas knee and if all goes pear shaped with Bennell. An early and a mid 20 year older would be ideal... Wishful thinking?
  7. Sad list on paper and will probably end up holding us back from taking the next step unless delivery inside 50 dramatically improves
  8. Unfortunately you'd think the writing is already on the wall for KK. Poor bugger. He is gawn
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