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  1. Giving Frost away was sooooo dumb. Lever is not good one on one and Oscar is a trier but is not up to the top opponents he would have to face.
  2. I’d like to see Hunt trained in the role. The wings look like they won’t be available to him, and he has pace, smarts and can kick. He needs to learn the arts and tricks but he is still young. Of course, if Pickett is half as good as his uncle..........
  3. I agree with the views that Northey got the best out of some very workmanlike players and also that 1990 was an opportunity wasted. Against WC we were just never on our game. But the biggest waste of all was 1994 when Balme had us overusing the ball with a terrible game style and a great team ended up in 7th place. We then thrashed Carlton who were 1or 2 as I remember. We had the Febeys, ,Schwarz,Lyon, Tingay, Neitz and so many others, all at the top of their game and injury-free. But because of our ladder position we ended up having to play WC in Perth..... The greatest waste ever.
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