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  1. 100% how many blokes has viney lined up in his time he gets one perfect knock from a no body and we are ready to throw him under the bus? I don’t think so.
  2. Yeah he’s gotta get some run in his legs in the closet thing to an afl match before he actually plays one, imagine the heart break of a senior call up and doing the calf in the first 5 minutes.
  3. Remember when Trac did his ACL before the start of his debut year and wanted to come back by round 23 and play? Haha, 12 month minimum for ACLs ol Jake the snake should know that
  4. If you want a shock transformation look up what Hibberd looks like now compared to last year. Looks about 20kgs lighter.
  5. His dumb WA mates would be half the problem. Imagine if we could get him back.
  6. Jeez puberty hit him like a freight train haha
  7. Paid absolutely zero attention last pre season - except for the overblown May saga, Jackson looks the goods.
  8. When the team is up and about he’s more than serviceable I’ve always said that
  9. A fat Stewart dew in the brown and gold comes to mind
  10. I went fishing but seriously I hate the co captaincy model - I didn’t cancel after 2019 and don’t plan on.
  11. Watch me spit it if we don’t beat west coast round 1 😂
  12. It’s worked for one team the entire history of footy hasn’t it? Max sole captain - Viney vice or I’m cancelling my membership
  13. Melksham being fully fit will help - curtains for weid after this year, but surprisingly he looks way bigger in the training photos I’ve seen.
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