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  1. Below average compared to what? There's no professional womens league to compare it to. At the moment women can't dedicate their life to the sport and train for it to the same level the men can because theres just no money in it. Why would you dedicate your life to something you can't get a career out of? If they want the womens competition to be better, for all the players to be better, they need to put more funding into it so that training to be an AFLW player is worth it.
  2. We aren't the club doctors and unless we've heard something from the club all we can do is speculate, it might be nice to look at some people guessing but that's pretty much all it can be at this stage. Some of the things we know, based on the club telling us, are Tomlinson's calf strain is minor and Bennell is aiming for training in February. Sorry to be a bit of a downer but without actual word from the inside there's just no way to really tell.
  3. Yeah no way you watch any of the bulldogs games and say they'd play better without him, not even close to the truth, he was great for them.
  4. Smith is training with the defenders and can hopefully take OMac's spot. Hopefully Hore can push ANB out + it gives the side a better balance as Hunt and Fritsch will both want to be spending more time forward.
  5. We finish 7-10th. Fyfe comes top 3 but doesn't win brownlow. Oliver doesn't make AA with a stagnation, very similar year to 2019, still a contested beast but hasn't added any new tricks. Sparrow and Petty are firmly cemented in the best 22 by the end of the year. Pickett shows glimpses but never gets a consistent run of form. Petracca makes AA squad but not the team. Essendon wins a final. GWS struggles after the grand final and finishes 6th at best.
  6. I really hope we get Darcy Cassar, great user of the ball and can find quite a bit of it, prefers getting the ball on the outside but is still a strong tackler, he's had a 41 disposal game in NAB League and already has a body thats ready for senior football.
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