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  1. Gale looked initially to sort the club out, re the home-ground base, the playing surface was leveled, and expanded, closer to the size of the 'G'. But it was all about the club itself. change was required and they got to it. Tigers have a home base. with social facilities for supporters. Blues have had a home base. with social facilities for supporters. Bummers have had a home base. with social facilities for supporters. Pies have had home bases. with social facilities for supporters. Cats have a home base. with social facilities for supporters. Hawks have had home-bases. and social facilities for supporters. Most all the stronger clubs all started with home bases, and social facilitates for the supporters, one and all. it was the supporters who got aggressive at games abnnd got behind the team that helped the side to build momentum in 2018. We banished the polite sitdown and clap. Traded it in for good Ol fashioned yelling, and cheering the team, and booing the opposition. We poked and prodded the faithful to stop the polite and get argy-bargy at games, for our team. It was noticeable from early in the season, and as the team got back together, the wins and momentum and belief lifted, like back n '87. But we were ahead of our list strength. It was a peep show of our future only. This 2019 year was the year we had to have. To add much needed talent onto our basic list. Those strong running players, and more young talent for the eye to our longer term future. a strong list coming on is like a fashion. here one day gone the next. Its the strength of the club itself. that maintains the necessary flows of spirit, revenues, and generally, interest in the clubs well-being. the excite,ment arounfd the club maintained by its dro in supporters. They/We hold the key, the love and the passion, that is so necessary for the payers to maintain the workloads and the focus, and the will to succeed, time and again.
  2. Richmond became stale and non dynamic. It was Benny Gale and the Lady President that started to shift the thinking, and made things happen, a little like Diick Seddon's time. But Diick left for commission ideals, when we needed him on-board the ship. The difference in a way, is that club is open to all and supporters who can meet and get to know the potential directors, Via a direct liaison within the club. Melbourne does not have this inclusory capacity, at it stands, and so, we vote based on emailed referrals, and get boards who has been referred to us. Without any real knowledge of the directors at a personal level. This is one of the biggest hurdles IMO, that has caused our generic decline. The divide between the leaders and the supporters is far to wide a gap. And the outcomes are a stifled club that has been greying more and more, over each decade.
  3. Yes that's right, and Now it no longer works. We no longer have the pick of players who want to come play at the 'G'. we are seen as fussy sorts, a bit fuddy dudd, and generally as losers in AFL When we are winning strongly, then we are hated for our arrogant ways, and when we are in our soft losing moods years end on end, we are pitied. Players generally aren't all that attracted to our brand, for these reasons. Its high time the club grew from out of its own shadow, and did something substantial about this. the boards of our past are all guilty of failing to make the ballsy decisins for foear of upsetting one side or the other. In short. the supporters who inhabitat the Mcc, are in a sense holding up the club from growth and prosperity, due to their own desires.
  4. Its the Club culture that drives wins and winning mentality. Not the team culture. The team culture is more a mirror of the coach of the day and the team leaders. The outside club culture is the constant leader of the team theme, and underpins the whole shebang. When the tiger supporters lift, that culture lifts that whole club. And then they are away. The same with the Bluse, and the Bummers. Its the supporters that fire those clubs, providing the heat under the clubs to perform. Those clubs are Not conservatively run and all have had their days in financial strife. They're aggressive attiude and balls sees tham win big and fail big, but they do win their shares. Conservatives run the middle ground for flat results. And when things heat up, the conservative sits back down. This. is why we changed to become demons. Why have you never asked yourself why it is, this club is so different to others , especially the power branded clubs. Its the supporters swyl. They create the win or lose mentality. They are the constant. And because the club has been so removed from the street supporters, its culture fits that geography. This in turn affects the club culture, and is why we continually slip back to being a comfortable club, with our lot. Broadening the supporter base will bring back the real long-term hunger, and the fire in the belly demons. There is absolutely no point in doing the same, over and over again, as this club has done for 50Yrs. And then expect things will be different, by remaining the very same. And doing the same things.
  5. Have people been attending our training sessions over the past 50Yrs ? Just to stand in the park. Of course they will go, and they will spend as well. And not just during outside training sessions. After work meet ups. Before & after games. Before & after training sessions. Preseason practice matches. AFLW games and training sessions. Birthdays. etc. Dee time is right. Get a move on D's. Just Do It !
  6. Jimmy Stynes was loved by all. Would you have made him captain, back then ?
  7. That was then, 2019. That was all negative. We're talking 2020, an even year, and one for growth.
  8. The social club-home base will change this club, making it more accessible to all. And then the Clubs culture will change. Then the team culture will follow. This is when we will become a power club, once more. It would be the best money we could ever spend.
  9. Sometimes waiting to strike Lasiter's, is just waiting too long. Sometimes going into hock to get it done, is the way to get there sooner. Like so many off the other clubs have done. If we get into trouble, let the other clubs and league bail us out. Nike says. Just Do It !
  10. R U alike Toumpass, Jamie Bennell, or Morton, perhaps a cook ?
  11. After we build our training base venture and social club. I reckon things will change around this club, and the club itself, for the better. A lasting change. Not a seasonal, 'strength of list' type change, but one of Identity. Our Identity. The sense of belonging.
  12. I wonder if there was any mention of potential fire walking ? 💀
  13. So, your a 'small' fan then, RM ? Need some speed, some Celtic spirit.
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