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  1. Gold coast could have cardboard Meter Maids around the ground.
  2. ... don't know about other club's, 'LG', but has Visy got a deal for the Pies. Sainters - Sackcloth Cats - Recycled fur balls. Swans - Down Hawks - Plaid Blues - Denim Bombers - Gossamer ?????
  3. Of course Richmond won't move from Punt Rd oval. That is their history. But they would jog around the corner to train on Goschs, just as they have done before, in the 80's.
  4. That's what I was getting at. I think we should plant our flag into Gosch's turf, now. Eddies recently been speaking on our behalf, bless his silk socks. He reckons we should blow, down to Fisherman's Bend. Since when did eddie do any other club a favour. Maybe he would like Gosch's, for the Magpiss, as they're one oval, they say, is problematic. The Tiggers to. Its time we took a stand. Planted our feet within strolling proximity to our Home-Ground, and make the statement for all to hear. Big 'C' melbourne. Commitment.! Commit. Commit. Commit..... you cannot take it with you. # PS: there is room for two... two Mcg sized ovals, on Gosch's. Just have to kick the others off and re-jig the placement of the ovals, then redraw the walkway between them. No trees need be harmed, for the ovals new layout.
  5. They might grab Gosch's Paddock, from under our noses.
  6. Skin tones, dd. you can see it, it stands out, plainly. He is not buffed, not cut, however you prefer to name it. It's as plain as the your nose on your face. Just as Tracca was heading, this time last year. He's turning it around. Lets hope Oli will be next.
  7. You know very well I used Nibbler and Harmes, as fine examples of dedicating to their fitness for the team, and their games. You seem to be suggesting that having players who are only 90% fully fit and conditioned, is acceptable, for this club to become more professional. I'm saying it is not acceptable, if the club wants to forge ahead and become one of the power clubs. The top coaches of the past have been harder on the top players, as examples to the less talented players, to strive harder. Although in recent times the Rev is said to have had his Fav's, and others were left battling. Scotty Thompson was one who was unhappy at that time, struggling for his respect. I overheard him say at training at the Junction Oval, one training night.
  8. Your still not comprehending. What I communicated was, the current physique of both Oliver, Brayshaw, is indicative of them both not doing the absolute most they can, inside the Gym. I'm saying they have not put in anywhere near the professional work and dedication that Harmes, and also Nibbler to a lesser extent, have done. Both boys, do not even match up to Nathan Jones, and he's nearing the end. And I'm also saying; this is a part of a near enough attitude, around the club. # now you come up with a new wrong statement about me. Your saying I said Oliver needs to lose weight. Wrong again dd. I do not think Oliver should lose weight at all. I think he should get a lot fitter, and this will then show in his physique; just as some are saying of Petracca, this season. I also said, that both Oliver and Brayshaw are still carrying puppy fat. And that its time they turned the puppy fat into toned muscle. Like Harmes has done.
  9. So you can only deal with one issue at a time then, dd.?
  10. Your post, dummy. You posted the image of Dane Swan up, to say, 'here is a star' without a bodybuilder physique. My response to you, Re that post of Swan, was to say that, you seem to be happy to have a player like Swan who binges and leads others astray. ie: Swan a binger? I did not say our players are binge-ing. Are you drinking, dd.? or lost your reading glasses maybe?
  11. You must be blinded by love dd. And you help to maintain our past amateur standards. Well, things have to change, for the club to better itself. Your the one who is stuck back in the 90's, dd.
  12. Show where I wrote that our current players are Bingeing, dd'. Your the one making things up. And being malicious, at the same time. Your not talking about footy, but rather potting the postor. I think your out of order.
  13. No, I'm saying they are not fit enough, just as Petracca was not fit enough, and was too heavy. Juries out on Tracca. And they don't have the AFL Pro standard bodies? Oli and Brayshaw haven't kicked into gear, Yet. And are both carrying puppyfat on their bodies. Not good enough, as midfielders, in today's footy.
  14. When did this guy play again at the Pies.? And your happy to have that culture, of binge-ing amongst your group.? Even tho Swan was a Star, how many did he distract from their careers and failed.? No wonder he was a footy show regular. Who did we have on the footy show in the past 10 years, dd.?
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