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  1. We can't afford to lose real pace. And physical maturity, replaced by a first Yr kid. Baker is safe, unless he thucks up badly. 2021 imo, will be make or not.? I think he's safe until end of 2021. You haven't considered any trades Out, instead of just dee-listings.?
  2. Forward pocket or goal square, i don't mind, depending on Match-ups. If hunt was in G/Sq, then I'd have Weide in the pocket, with a clever small/short in the other pocket. Maybe IF Petacca starts in the on-ball pack, then he might rotate through the bench.? This could allow another to play HFF.? A Hannan or Dunkley, Spargo, or AVB.? it adds flexibility to our forward lineup.
  3. After postponed training Re smoke. Today in Gippsland is much better, cleaner air, so I imagine Casey would also be better than previous days.
  4. So the roasting we dished out on him last year, has not been wasted on deaf ears, apparently. A little flung Mud can do wonders, for false self perceptions. Get the right message into young heads and development Will most times occur. False praise is 'THE Most' destructive type of support anyone can spray on our young players.
  5. Planet Retro. Where vintage is the new black.
  6. Yes indeed, the kid hasn't even kicked a ball in anger in the VFL, as yet. Let him NOT be the next Watts.
  7. Teams to lineup at start of game, according to the listed team sheets as of Thursday evening. And restricted number of positional moves Per Qtr.
  8. Start time: 4.00 O'clock. or 16.00 hours Thursday.?
  9. I share the feeling that Hunt might mature more in 2020.? Midfield, or deeper forward.
  10. Maxy was at our club for years, before he showed he could play. Same with the Jet, being played out of position, and under the wrong administration. Vanders injured for plenty of time, before we all sore whet he can deliver. Pedo was one who went from outer, to a fresh approach, and delivered on many occasions, when he was needed to. I'm still undecided on Lever. I'm confident on May. Same with Weide. We've seen what Weide can do when he's fit and strong. The desire was their to witness. So for him, its a matter of getting the body right to go, and get some confidence. Confident in Petty. Unsure at this stage of OMac. Imo he needs more intensity. Thats more than attitude. Unsure of Preuss. He has to show he can last, rucking thru a game of AFL.?
  11. You would have been saying the same theme about Vandenburg, 3Yrs back, OD.? Some players are worth persisting with. Pedo another. Possibly Lever. Nev Jetta. Max Gawn.
  12. I think the AFL have, and are on a process, to help the bottom clubs be more competitive and well run. Helping the competition, from the bottom side up. Maybe the bummers will get their poor year in 2020, and then that AFL legup at completion of this year, as Worsfolds farewell, and the new coach takes the joy stick.?
  13. OD, what about holding the breath, underwater.? would that work.?
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