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  1. This is what you get when you pull the plug on Aus car industry subsidees. Its all thaTrabbot's fault. Pull the umbilical chord, the subsidies all car company's receive and then dared them to leave. But thaTrabbott's DropJaw was priceless, when he learned publicly that the Corona makers were pulling out of this country as well. After both Ford and Holden had announced they're imminent deepartures from Aus.! Systematic undoing of local manufacturing.
  2. Yes. At first they roped off the centre wicket area, for some months at least, 'AIR'. Than they shipped us off the 'G', and we were sent to Coventry, down by the lake and St-kilda locals. And the native fauna.
  3. And maybe the club realised that with Tracca turning over a new leaf this season so far, that too much noise from other clubs could distract him from his new focus, and potential improvements.
  4. And he could still get quite a bit fitter, and still lose 2 to 3 Kgs. According to the stas pages he is the same weight at 96 Kgs? Maybe he shed some puppy fat, and put on some more muscle.? The Key to me is the change in attitude, and newfound maturity. Lets all hope he takes on more responsibility in the team as well, and starts to lead a little.
  5. Hah, putting the tail before the dog again. Is this how it happens to us.?
  6. I think I read, (maybe on bigfoty midseason last year) that Tracca wasn't happy. And that5 the way he looked to me as well.
  7. What.? Better then whiteboard Wednesday.?
  8. I don't know what your talking of, but i read, and saw an unhappy player pre-midseason. Of course the club would have had discussions around end of season, if not end of season player reviews. Early season Tracca was poor, improving near-on midseason, and improved further, in an out of form team. I'd suggest to you they would have had a couple of conversations, thru the season. Influencing his form.
  9. If dis Frosty, den whooz das.? 🥵
  10. I believe there is a plateau in the top 8, that clubs get to, after being down for a while. A launching pad to fly to the Moon from, or to blow up on the pad. We've blown up, a few times before. Because we didn't sit there and practice our drills and strategies. In short, we were there too short a time, fleeting visits, rather than getting used to the rarified atmosphere. We are building a side/list to see us in finals for the next 10 years. There's your basis for success. The launching pad, Top 5. Building the right Vessel, with the right skill sets.
  11. I think it's a, "show us your form", if you want us to "show you the big Bucks", Christian.
  12. He'll have to wait until Rnd 11, at the 'G', to pass on his respects. Maxy 's gonna have the last laugh, on that $ulky sod. Al Clarkson's gunna spew, he got the $ulks. But the general might cheer him up.?
  13. 2 years is very good. If he continues to improve his attitude and fitness, showing this year, then try to extend/improve the contract, before the end of this season. That was early to middle of last year, IIrC.? Maybe before a change of heart, and then mind. = improved form 2nd half of season. Maybe he and the club had a chat mid year, after all the talk of his 'Hit and Miss' form. And lacking fitness base.
  14. Who ? cares ??? Not Me. And from his first year of AFL, its been that way. Over rated in the U-18's I thought, and since.
  15. That would be a mature idea, and focused if true.
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