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  1. Good article, agree with most points. I disagree that the talent pool has become too thin with the addition of the suns and GWS - if that were really an issue, why are more gun players than ever being plucked from state leagues after missing out on several drafts? Also, the population is continually growing, so basic maths says the talent should be available to fill additional teams. There have always been, and always will be sub-par players on AFL lists - that's nothing new. The talent is there - it's just that any natural flair and creativity is being coached out of players. I don't think the problem is low scoring per se. Low-scoring games can be great - think back to the Sydney vs West Coast grand finals. Similarly, high scoring does not equal quality football. 'All Star' style matches where both teams kick 20 + goals are generally rubbish. That said, modern footy is increasingly hard to watch. You almost never see any individual player dominate entire games any more. As others have said, getting rid of the ruck nomination should be a no-brainer. Any other measures need to be properly trialed before they are introduced. That's half the problem - the AFL continually introduce rule changes with the best intentions, only to have them immediately backfire because they weren't tested properly. I don't like bonus premiership points for reaching a certain score. My solution: perhaps instead of using % to separate teams on equal points, we could just use points scored?
  2. This place is good for a laugh sometimes. Not quite sure what "malicious" factors the OP is alluding to, but there's 3 possible scenarios: 1) Gold Coast have hit some good form due to astute recruiting, a young talented list starting to gel, good coaching and the significant advantage of playing all their games on their home turf; 2) They've spent the last decade tanking; 3) Secret AFL Illuminati agenda. I'm not going to rule out option 1 just yet.
  3. Don't want to turn this into an Oliver thread, but it would be impossible to put up the tackle numbers that he does without running and chasing opponents. We've had plenty of lazy footballers at MFC; I don't think he's among them. What stood out against Geelong to me was our lifeless, robotic zone allowing Geelong to play keepings off all day - I put that down to coaching and game plan, not Oliver. On topic, I think a lot of supporters put too much stock in Brayshaw's 2018 brownlow placing. If the vote count went as we all expected, and he finished below Gawn and Oliver on the leaderboard, he wouldn't cop half the bashing that he does on here. At his best, he's an above-average AFL mid, and an important cog in our team - but I don't think he has the weapons to be among the game's absolute elite. He's been pretty good this year after a disappointing 2019 (and was excellent on the weekend).
  4. I've seen that written about Oliver a fair bit recently. You know how many players have laid more tackles than Oliver across the last 3 seasons? The answer is 2 (Zorko and Steele). Can we please stop saying Oliver doesn't work hard defensively? If he's a one way runner, so is every other midfielder in the league.
  5. Completely different players and roles. Being short doesn't automatically make you a crumbing forward - that's not what Spargo was recruited for, and he'll never will be that type of player. At his best, he's a very clever link man across half forward - he makes good decisions, has neat skills and provides good defensive pressure. His problem is the same as half our list - the gulf between his best and his worst is enormous. I'm yet to be convinced he's a long-term player for us, but I've seen enough to suggest he's worth persisting with.
  6. It's been 'raid Adelaide time' for the last decade - they've been raped, pillaged and burned to the ground. Literally no-one on their list excites me. There were serious shades of Neeld-era dees about them on the weekend. Better off finding another Port to plunder (I'll see myself out).
  7. I think we're over-complicating things. For mine, it's a pretty simple question - between the Weid, Jackson and Brown, who is likely to have the biggest impact at full forward/ backup ruck this weekend? No matter which way I look at it, I cannot fathom how the answer is Jackson (not having a crack at him).
  8. I know he's not going to single-handedly resolve our forwardline issues, but seriously, did the Weid back over Goodwin's dog or something?
  9. Taking the league's most dominant tap ruckman away from what he does best would be crazy IMO. I think Jackson is years away from being able to hold his own in the ruck - I said it when he was drafted, and nothing has changed my mind since. No tall in the modern era has ever looked good in their first couple of seasons (except man-children like Darling and Hogan) - I don't get why so many think that Jackson will buck the trend. I really don't understand the rush to play him (happy to be proven wrong of course!) Agree, Marshall will be a gun. I also think that Martin doesn't get the hype he deserves - he's been a very consistent player for a long time now.
  10. I despise carlton as much as anyone, but Cripps is an absolute jet. He's clearly among the top handful of midfielders in the league, no point pretending otherwise. On topic, I think Oliver is a bit of a victim of his own consistency. He's been dominating since day dot, but so far hasn't really taken the next step to becoming a more damaging, goalkicking mid that many of us think he can become. That said, I'm more than happy for him to fly under the radar.
  11. Agree with the premise - it's been a theme for decades. Not sure Viney belongs on that list though - he's finished top 2 in our B&F 4 times. He's as consistent as they come, and anyone that can't see his value (despite his obvious limitations) is a nuffie.
  12. Coincidentally, the same year that a helmeted Angus Brayshaw came from absolutely nowhere to finish third!
  13. I get what you're saying, but Petracca is currently nowhere near the level of Dusty, who is about as polished as polished gets (unless you're talking about looks). That said, Dusty didn't really stamp himself as a top player until 2017, so Trac definitely has time and the capability to reach a similar level. I don't think many would argue that the 3 most damaging midfielders of recent times are Dusty, Fyfe and Dangerfield. Trac has similarities with all 3 - ridiculously powerful, strong overhead and kicks goals. He fits the prototype perfectly - he's a long way from those 3 currently, but if he maintains the current trajectory, he'll be in brownlow conversations soon enough.
  14. Gawn's performance was underrated on here I reckon. I know it's a flawed ranking system, but 185 supercoach points in a shortened game is a phenominal effort. Seemed like half our scoring chains started with a clean hitout to advantage from Maxy - proved that a dominant ruckman can still be an asset in modern footy.
  15. Disagree. In the 2018 semi against the hawks, the greatest coach of the modern era opted to tag Brayshaw because he deemed him to be our most damaging midfielder. Brayshaw didn't have much influence in the middle, but went forward, took a couple of great marks and kicked 2 important goals. He's definitely not a winger, but he's not a one-trick pony either. His downfall has been massive, but he has time to turn it around.
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