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  1. Blaming the media is a bit short sighted I think. Panic is pointless, but it's far, far less dangerous than indifference. The situation unfolding in Europe and the US is very real. Globally, millions will almost certainly die from this. You can't sugar-coat it. If the media downplay the situation, less people will take it seriously, and more people will die. It IS percentage based actually - pandemics increase exponentially by nature. An increase from 1 to 16 cases might not sound like a lot, but it means the cases have doubled 4 times. Which means that all else being equal, increasing from 1 to 16 cases takes the same number of days as going from 10,000 to 160,000 cases. That said, those stats are a bit misleading. The key indicator isn't the total number of cases, it's the number of local transmissions. The vast majority of cases two weeks were people returning from overseas, which is obviously slowing down. So, while the 'flattening of the curve' is encouraging, it may not mean much in the big picture.
  2. It's left out of the conversation because it's peak stupidity. Yes people die from the flu every year. Yes it's sad, but largely unavoidable. If the current virus is allowed to spread unchecked throughout the country, best estimates are that there will be over 100,000 preventable deaths in Australia alone. Governments don't take the decision to shut down countries lightly. If you still can't get your head around that at this point, you must be actively avoiding listening to anyone who knows what they are talking about.
  3. I get that isolation has been hard on all of us, but Christ, this will never happen in a million years. Imagine Freo trying to sell it to their members: "Look guys, we know Hogan cost us pick 6 and a shot at drafting Ben King, but he's served us extremely well for the 12 games he played and we are happy to respect his wishes to return to the Demons. Given that his trade value has plummeted, we think Spargo and a 3rd round pick is more than a fair return."
  4. Currently, most evidence suggests you are unlikely to catch it twice. There are several cases where this is reported to have occurred, but it's far more likely that patients gave a 'false negative' test result between positive tests. Source: Professor Peter Doherty; https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-22/doubt-over-contracting-coronavirus-covid-19-twice/12075878
  5. A bit of a read, but this is probably the best article I've come across so far. It provides an idiot's guide to the underlying maths of how the virus spreads, and why some countries are doing so much better than others. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-26/coronavirus-covid19-global-spread-data-explained/12089028 In short: there's still hope avoiding the worst, but only if we get absolutely everything right from this point onwards. If you're not extremely concerned, you are being naive - but mindless panic achieves nothing. Also, the USA is beyond screwed.
  6. Bold call. No one knows how this plays out. If the virus can't be contained (which current evidence suggests is likely), there is absolutely no way there will be any AFL happening this year, no matter what 'the financials' demand. And we'll have bigger problems than a lack of footy.
  7. Jesus. There is so much stupidity in this post it's difficult to know where to begin.
  8. $1,000,000 says that didn't happen. I mean come on, you happened to run into the same 4 people at 3 separate supermarkets? Wouldn't it have taken them a while to empty the shelves, then make it through the checkouts (which as we all know takes forever), while you walked in and out empty handed? If you're going to make up a blatant lie, at least make it believable. Edit: sorry Deemania, that came across harsher than I meant - I have a special hatred for online disinformation, of which this reeks.
  9. Say what you like about Chris Scott (and I always do), but that's great leadership. It would be great to see others follow suit.
  10. When things have settled down and the money is flowing again in a few years time, hopefully the AFL re-introduce an 18th team in Tassie (as they should have done in the first place).
  11. Given the uncertainty we`re all currently faced with, the biggest positive I took from watching the Dees get belted yesterday was a reassuring sense of normality
  12. The Chinese response reportedly involved Government officials welding shut the front doors of people showing symptoms (as shown on 4 Corners). Such extreme measures can't and won't be applied here. All the available evidence seems to indicate that things will get exponentially worse before they get better here - most projections I've seen range from 10-50% of the Australian population becoming infected over the coming months, with the most likely scenario being a peak around August. I suspect we'll look back and laugh at ourselves for being foolish enough to hold hope for mid-year recommencement of the AFL season. Hopefully I'm wrong. Stay safe out there Demonlander's!
  13. I think any reasonably-minded person accepts that having kids in schools right now is a major risk. But the best medical minds in the country have deemed that currently, it's slightly less of a major risk than the alternative - we don't really have a choice but to trust the experts on this one and hope like hell they get it right. Keep in mind that the situation is changing by the hour - I think there's little doubt that they will close all schools at some point.
  14. I'm a cynical bastard, but I appreciate that the Government are screwed either way. It's easy to sit back and criticize, but looking at the situation objectively, the Government is forced to choose between very bad and catastrophic options. Wrong decisions at this point could cost thousands of lives. Shutting down schools, workplaces and public transport would create chaos in it's own right - and may not do much to slow the spread in any case. I don't envy the poor bastards making these decisions - I doubt they'd be sleeping very easily atm. Don't get me wrong - I love footy and it would be a great distraction - but realistically, the AFL won't be able to run a comp once a player or coach tests positive - which statistically speaking, is a virtual certainty in the very near future. There's a very good reason every major sporting code in the world is being suspended, and it isn't groupthink. Let's agree to disagree on this one!
  15. You're choosing to ignore a few key facts. Obviously, closing schools would be ideal in one sense, but closing schools has significant ramifications. Who looks after the kids? Either grandparents, who are likely to be at risk from the virus, or parents, who then need to stay at home from work. There goes a significant number of Australia's medical staff at the time when they are needed most. The Government advice to keep schools open (for now) is not made lightly and takes into account the best available medical advice in terms of risk. Usually, when I go shopping or take public transport, I try my best to avoid tackling those around me which lowers the risk somewhat. The number of cases in Aus is currently doubling every 4 days or so. You don't need to be Einstein to work out that it's a matter of when, not if a player tests positive (almost certainly within the next couple of weeks). When that happens, the AFL will have no choice but to postpone/ cancel the season.
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