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  1. You called? On Petracca, much of the criticism is downright unfair. He stated a while back that he wanted to be remembered as a "Hall of Famer", and got shouted down on here as being arrogant, all talk and no action. No doubt by the same people who got stuck into Watts when he said losing games didn't ruin his life, or words to that effect. No idea how gets pigeonholed as lazy/ fat. I see a highly talented player who works his backside off, but for whatever reason, it hasn't quite clicked yet. Endurance no doubt a weakness, but that will improve. Still, he can do things that no one else on our list, and very few players in the AFL are capable of doing (see goal from 50 while being swung in a tackle against Sydney (?) this year). A good pet project for the new fitness team. If it clicks, we'll have a genuine matchwinner on our hands. Time still on his side, but needs to keep improving next year if he's to become the player we all know he can be.
  2. We sure as hell didn't give up a 2020 first rounder and pick 26 to draft a highly speculative, albeit exciting prospect with a couple of nice highlights but 0 runs on the board at any decent level of footy.
  3. Nah who knows who the Dusty of this draft will turn out to be - but statistically speaking, at least a couple of the widely accepted top picks (Young, Kemp, Serong, Flanders, Robertson etc) will go on to become out and out guns (a couple will almost certainly be busts as well). Yes, we're pretty set for purely inside mids - but Fyfe or Bontempelli would still improve our side dramatically. Recent examples of us drafting relative 'unknowns' in the first round include Cook and Gysberts (I don't count Oliver, he was a risk at the time but nonetheless would have been picked in the top 10 if we passed him up). No doubt we need speed, outside class and a small forward or 2, I'm just not convinced that any are top 10 material (with the possible exception of Henry). I'd take the surest bet at 3 and 8, then fill needs elsewhere. People are quick to forget that our forwardline functioned well in 2018 with only Garlett as a genuine small forward (and he only played 11 games). Keep it simple and draft Young and Kemp - both are extremely talented and neither are purely inside mids anyway.
  4. Don't get me wrong - I understand the logic of playing him down back given our injuries and lack of kicking skills. But he's such a natural forward it's not even funny - 20 goals this year despite such limited time in the forwardline speaks for itself. Will only get better.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'd love an effective crumbing forward - a good one makes any forwardline better. It's a matter of risk vs reward for me. Is it worth passing up a chance at drafting the next Dusty for a more speculative, albeit desirable small forward that almost certainly won't make an impact for 2 years anyway? (If he turns out to be any good). I'd rather rookie one, and be aggressive during free agency and trade period next year. On Jackson, I agree with most on here - doesn't really seem to make much sense.
  6. Pretty much. If a bid comes before their 1st pick (6), they need to use pick 6 on him if they want him; if no bid comes they can draft him with subsequent picks and use 6 on another kid. If they choose not to match, he can be drafted by a club with picks 1-5. Draft points come into it as well (which is where it gets a bit more complicated), but that's the gist of it as I understand.
  7. No point wasting a top 10 pick on Pickett - might as well split 8 and take him later if we want him that badly. As others have said, he'd be a massive risk. GWS have shown you don't necessarily need a specialist crumber to have a potent forwardline (although having Cameron, Green et al. admittedly helps). I'd bid for Tom Green, then take Young and Kemp. Talent over needs in the first round every day of the week.
  8. On the proviso that we keep Maxy, I'd consider it I'd hardly break out the champagne if we sign him, but he'd be a cheap insurance policy for minimum $ - likely to provide more than a speculative rookie pick in 2020.
  9. A bit meh, but worth noting that he would have finished second in our goalkicking this year. Not a terrible depth option.
  10. It's hard to argue that our fowardline dysfunction was purely personal driven IMO - the whole system was a farce. I don't buy the 'Tom McDonald had 1 good year and never got the best defender' argument, which has been repeated so much it's almost become accepted as fact. He dominated the second half of 2017 (when he was originally thrown forward) as much as he did in 2018, and often with Hogan playing further up the ground or out injured. He struggled this year because he was horribly out of sorts and/or injured, not because he's been figured out. Weideman has been spoken about a lot, but ultimately does a lot right - I still think he can become a 40 goal forward as soon as next year. Early signs are good for Petty. Obviously Melksham and Fritsch have shown they can be more than handy, and Petracca is harshly judged and still improving. If we can get some continuity into those players and make it click, that's a decent forwardline.
  11. So basically, he's more or less copied the 2019 ladder and then listed the forward line of each club. No doubt he would have had us in the top 4 at the start of the year. Things change quickly. But ranked about right, god our forwardline was awful...
  12. True, but the ridiculous skills on display in that vision are all under virtually non-existent pressure. I'd like to see more evidence that he can be clean around congestion, win his own ball and bury someone in a tackle. Yes, I'm still feeling burned by every outside mid we've drafted this decade that looks similarly Burgoyne-eske in 3 minute videos. And yes, I am basing my highly uninformed opinion on a couple of meaningless highlight videos. Wouldn't be disappointed if we drafted him, I'd just prefer others at this stage.
  13. Agreed he definitely needs to be more consistent - but there aren't too many mid-sized forwards around that don't have a tendency to fade in and out of games. Partly the nature of the position he plays I reckon. 1-2 goals, a dozen clean disposals and a few I50 tackles each week and he's doing his job.
  14. Not worth the $. Then again, I thought Richmond overpaid for Prestia at the time.
  15. Agree - think this is the most likely scenario. Might depend on whether Kemp is still available at 8 - you'd think Carlton would surely take him at 9.
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