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  1. Petracca to have a great year playing midfield forward - where he absolutely dominates a couple of games - 25+ touches & 5+ goals
  2. Looks as if Oscar will get first crack as the 2nd tall and I am ok with that. Hope he goes well and starts to play with some confidence. Just looked very timid last season and didn’t back his ability to intercept at all. Had chances to mark the ball but was always to worried about his opponent. I wouldn’t rule out Tomlinson playing as the 2nd tall in the 2nd half of the year if the wing position doesn’t work as planned. This would allow Hunt and Langdon to be our wingers. Pleased to hear someone on training thread mention Hunt was training with the midfield. I think wing or back is where he will do best.
  3. I think Pickett will play round 1. ANB the other small in the forward line. I hope to see something to get excited about from Bedford and Chandler this season to potentially pair with Pickett long term.
  4. I’d give Weideman first crack and make him play the 2nd ruck role also. Tmac and Weideman as the talls, Pickett and ANB as the smalls and Petracca, Melksham and Fritsch as the mid range types who all go well in the air. I do like Hannan as a player but not sure the mix would be right with him in there also.
  5. Must say I am loving the feedback on Jackson thus far. Just maybe that PP to the GC will be a blessing.
  6. Rotten luck for the young fella. What a shame. Pleased the club have will sign him for 2021. I suppose the only positive is when he makes it back in 2021 he will have a more mature body to be able to handle it. Treat him like a 20-21 year old new recruit
  7. From that list Weid and Smith are in full training
  8. Well done on getting Jason Taylor on the podcast guys. Good stuff. I like Jason Taylor. Comes across as a good guy. Plays his cards pretty close as he has to but full credit to him coming on. Would have liked to know his thoughts on the media knowing our selections at 3 & 10 a week or so out from the draft.
  9. I am guessing that he didn't nominate for the draft. If he had have other clubs could have selected him. Obviously had a deal with the Dees worked out.
  10. I don't mind it for a rookie spot. Can play forward or back. Had a decent year last year. Will plug a hole for us if needed. Solid list management.
  11. That’s a very impressive write up! Makes you wonder how he got through to 32. I guess if he played midfield at the champs he would have gone a lot higher. Very happy to have him. Looks good. Good size. Nice skills and looks like he plays with aggression. Dominated playing midfield in the Colts by the looks.
  12. Love the look of his kicking. Dual sided and absolutely perfect technique. Reminds me of Lewis Jetta and Jarrod McVeigh
  13. I would rate it an A Jackson looks good to me with so much upside. Moves so well. Glad we took him as he is a very unique and players like him don’t come around that often. Playing basketball for Australia speaks for his talent and should not be underestimated. I am hoping he makes it as a full time forward and plays along side Weideman in the years to come. Pruess can take over from Max Pickett we obviously rate him and you see why from his highlights. Excited to see him play. Rivers write up is very good and Taylor seemed happy he was still on the board. All you can ask I think. Taylor seems to have taken somewhat of a risk here but I like his style. He did draft Oliver after all. I like that Taylor drafts players that often do not align with the ratings of the media. He looks at the future not at the now as much. And with all due respect to the media if they were that good you would think they would be working at a club.
  14. Where would have Kyle Dunkley gone in this draft?
  15. Wasn't a fan of this when it was first murmured as I was very keen on Young. Although early highlights were a touch underwhelming I warmed to it as I knew Taylor is not silly and you could see his athleticism and heard about his growth potential. Then bang that latest highlights package hits and shows me everything I wanted to see - some big big athletic marks and a very decent kicking technique. Very very happy with Jackson and Kozzie
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