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  1. I don’t like it but invariably where there is smoke there is fire. Oliver came from the clouds but the media were all over that. Same here. Maybe in this the time of live trading it is all smoke. Who knows. Doesn’t make sense to me. Seems like a massive gamble. We will soon know
  2. Taylor has more minerals than me if he takes this bloke at 3. Did I read Billy Longer was the last Ruckman to be taken inside top 10? All I will say We need guys that can kick. And then after that we need guys that can kick. Preferably left footers.
  3. Young at 3. We need his kicking. And I am now warming to Weightman at 8. It may seem a bit early to take him ahead of who ever falls through (Serong, Ash, Stephens or Kemp) but I do like him. Has a real athletic look about him, especially in the legs. Could really develop physically. Excellent set shot at goal, technique seems near perfect, kicks both feet, can take a grab, has X factor with the way he moves and he fills one of our biggest list needs. Anyway which ever way we go I have total trust in Taylor. Selecting Oliver at 4 the last time he had an early pick must give him so much belief in his work
  4. From that video May is looking good. Def leaner. Good signs. Gee I hope he can get through 22+ games this year. The media are all over him waiting/hoping for any little failure. All the best Maysie. Prove your worth. Due some luck. Can play.
  5. The way he accelerates whilst bouncing the ball really impresses me. Some very nice goals in that vision. Look forward to seeing a bit more vision when released in the next week or so
  6. From my calcs if GWS split picks with Geel or GC both picks will be needed to match bid and they will get something in the 30’s back. Doesn’t leave them with much to get pick 10 from Freo GWS will get more points by splitting but will also hand a competitor pick 6. If it is Geelong this could hurt them, GC less so. I hope they just cop it sweet and pony up pick 6 when the times comes. Trading out picks on draft night to maximise points for academy bids might bring a layer of intrigue but it is a bad look for the sport. It will only get worse from here.
  7. Young looks like the one for me at 3 by a fair margin Fantastic instinctive kick and decision maker and actually looks quite good in the contest with his hands. Doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty by the looks. Could push up into the wing and midfield. But his kicking of half back will really add to our team. Captain of the Stingrays is another plus too
  8. Yes I agree, I don’t like any of it. AFL just need to make a rule such as live trading cannot be done with any connection to academy points shuffling/maximisation. Live trading does work for the Stocker type trades and is good for the game Trading of picks for points sake does nothing for the game. Just two clubs conspiring against the rest. Stamp it out Gill.
  9. After the 'rort' Sydney and West Coast pulled with the live pick trading last year with the Nick Blakey acquisition does anyone know if the AFL have changed the rules on that this year? From memory once Blakey was bid upon Sydney traded out pick 22 for a future 3rd round selection to West Coast. Once the Blakey was acquired West Coast traded back pick 26 to Sydney for a future 2nd round selection. Sydney got Blakey and kept a pick in 2nd round of the draft. Very sneaky indeed. If the AFL haven't changed the rules around this I can see GWS and Freo doing something very similar this year as it will suit both their agendas with their academy selections. - Say Adelaide bid on Green at 4. GWS will then trade out pick 6 to Freo for say picks 22, 58 and future 2nd round pick - GWS match the Green bid with picks 22, 40, 58, 59.... ect - After Green is acquired. Freo will trade out pick 10 to GWS for a future 1st round pick End result Freo get pick 6 & 7 and avoid having to use pick 10 on Henry. GWS get Green and Pick 10. Both clubs may go into draft deficit points wise but not sure that is a big deterrent. This would be a bad look for the AFL and they need to do something about as this was not the intention of the live pick trading. This sort of trading could become more prevalent in the years to come The consequence for the Dees on this sort of deal is that either pick 8 becomes pick 9 as GWS' pick 6 is not gobbled up by Green bid matching or Freo will not look to swap Pick 10 and 22 for pick 8 with us as they avoid a Henry bid this way. Be great if someone had some information on why this cannot happen?
  10. Sounds like an absolute class act to me. Early call I know but looks like a masterstroke appointment to me. Unbelievable get to get someone with his resume.
  11. I actually like Cornes but he is building his media profile on sensationalist journalism. Not sure if he actually believes all of what he says. The acquisitions of Lever and May can only be judged quite a way down the track. Especially Lever who is only 23 years old. Sure a four year extension for Harmes is fair period of time but he wouldn't be on massive cash would he? We are not warding of a rival bid here just one less player to sign up next year. Decent list management.
  12. Some say our draw is not great commercially but I never really get caught up in that. Sure maybe our draw could be better but that is our lot at the moment and winning is the answer to everything. Win and they will come. How many more people will come to our first home game in R2 if we happen to upset the Eagles R1? How many more if we are in the top 4 when the Anzac Day eve and Queens Birthday games roll around? Just win and everything works out
  13. Good stuff Harmsey Good news story from the rookie list. I did like what I saw early days from the #43. A duel sided player that had a bit of grunt and pace and wasn’t scared to go in. Be interesting to see how he goes off half back at times in 2020. Plenty to work with. Good set of hands. Good signing.
  14. Pert got us out of Darwin (very happy).........next job get us out of Geelong
  15. I think our draw is ok. 3 Friday night games is a bonus. Sunday footy is back for us which was always going to be the case. I do get why the draw is worked around the big clubs playing in prime time but it is still annoying to get shuffled off to Geelong and Hobart each year. Two things I don't understand about the draw - - Why is round 23 floating when there is a pre finals bye in place - And why can't we play all 17 teams in the first 18 weeks of the season (19 with a bye week)? We play Geelong, Sydney, Carlton and North Melbourne for the first time in the last 5 weeks of the season. I believe 7 out of the 9 Round 23 games see teams play each other for the first time for the season. Take me back to the way it used to be where every team played each other once first then the double up games.
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