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  1. The club will extend his contract to give him the chance to prove himself. Nice gesture, hope he can come back. Will the club look at another pre season player to train with us?
  2. Just outside the top 8 for me, would love to make it but still happy if we get near there.
  3. He got the ball because of the delivery to him, that is half the reason that forwards do not kick 100 a season these days. No wonder they are using training balls, kicking skills are rubbish.
  4. They are supposedly elite sportspersons, some from other sports. If they haven't learnt to kick a footy at a young age, they probably can't and it is not just the Dees with this problem. The ball is an asset no matter what your level is.
  5. The kid looks good, a steal at pick 32. Been a good trade/draft period. Well done MFC.
  6. Jackson himself states he is a ruckman that is looking at becoming a forward. So not really a KPF. Pickett is rather short and light weight wise, not really a mid type player unless he grows a fair bit. I think 3 and 10 are better used elsewhere. Just my opinion.
  7. Great idea, except they are looking at picking him as well.
  8. Train soft play soft, that just isn't worth it.
  9. Football fans criticising their football club , we should fold.
  10. Will not help us for at least another 3 years, that is if he stays in Victoria that long. Waste of a pick. And I think you could find more clubs not thinking of drafting him at 3 if they had the choice. But that is typical of us.
  11. Best player available going by the rankings is Green then Young [after Rowell and Anderson] And your ruckman is slightly below 200cm good luck with that. He is NOT a proven forward or defender, Good luck with that.
  12. No but considering you must think we are, you might be able to explain the possible Jackson Draft with Gawn and Preuss.
  13. The point is 99.5% of the football world think it is ridiculous for Jackson to go at 3. Lost me if it happens, sick of this crap.
  14. They might want anyone, we should ensure pick 4 is used for one player if they want Green.
  15. We have as they say "the first live pick" It has to be Green, if only to keep GWS honest. No free picks, pay the same dues as the rest of the competition.
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