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  1. Our list needs that everyone on here seemed to agree on across last offseason and this years were a ruckman/forward, skilful quick small forward, two wingman and a future hibberd replacement. We just filled these positions either in the first two rounds of the draft or through quality free agents. Not just the draft but this whole offseason has to be an 'A'. Can understand why people wouldn't rate last years trade/draft highly. But this year we did very good.
  2. Speeches are now on dees website. Didnt think they would do this, but happy they did
  3. It is talked about in Pert and Bartlett's letter to members on 12th September, can't get a link right now sorry.
  4. I believe the members forum is this tuesday, hopefully someone on Dland who is attending could ask them about this. I know in the NFL that the players have team meetings, offense and defense meetings and position meetings. Does anyone know if there are meetings like this in the AFL or are there only team meetings? If its only team meetings, having Richardson or goody look after the forwards at quarter time and running them through a couple of drill during training should be sufficient.
  5. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/Melbourne/news/2019-11-06/lewis-joins-demons-coaching-team
  6. Harley Bennell is coming to Dees and starts training later this month. Article on Dees’ website
  7. Thanks for the report Saty, a couple of queries if you get the chance Who was leading the coaching when they were doing the ball movement with Goodwin and Richardson away and McCartney and Rawlings gone? Did you see anything that suggested who the coach looking after the forwards may be? What were they focusing on in the ball movement drill, defensive 50 to forward 50, delivery from forward half into the 50?
  8. For those still interested, at some point in the last few days melbourne has updated the coaches page on the website. The only changes are the removal of Jennings, Mccartney and rawlings. But, Richardson has not been added yet. Could that mean there are still some pending incoming coaches annoucements? Rooke is still there listed as a development coach so he is probably staying now.
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