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  1. It's possible alright, I grew 8 inches between my 18th and 19th birthdays. I want from 5 foot 8 to 6 foot 4 and grew another inch before I was done. It had ruined my junior sport before i had the spurt. Had heaps of trouble with my knees and back from the age of about 14 and found a doctor when I was 17 who finally gave me a diagnosis after many failed attempts. He noted that I was 5 foot 6 or 7 at the time with size 13 feet and he just laughed and said you're going to be tall. After the spurt my knees and back were fine
  2. If I've set it up right you can make multiple selections but please limit your choices to 2 for obvious reasons. It's up to you how you base your vote, either your dream combination or who you think we'll pick. I voted Serong and Stephens but I've changed my mind several times and probably will again. I think Serong would be a walk up start as a small forward in our 22. According to reports he's strong overhead, good on the ground and loves a tackle and a goal. He could also provide a midfield rotation with time. Stevens provides the class and run we desperately need to develop to hopefully make Tomlinson redundant on the wing. Would be very happy with Young or Kemp as well. If we take any body but Serong at 3 I could live with Weightman at 8 if the others are gone. I like Flanders as well but worry he's too similar to Petracca, if he were still there at 8 it would be tempting.
  3. Cal Twomey's 2019 Phantom Form Guide: Post U18 Champs Cal Twomey's post champs form guide for anyone that's interested. Differs quite a bit from some of the bigfooty draft watchers. I believe Twomey bases his more from info he gets off recruiters so he's worth listening to.
  4. With Puckapunyal next door we're more army than navy
  5. Guilty as charged. Grew up there. Makes me a "Seymoron" as my sister in law called me without realising the joke.
  6. Four Seymour boys out of the 7 you mention there Hemingway. Seems you're a bit biased toward the southern end of the GV. Is there a lion lurking beneath the demon.
  7. Not sure to be honest DV8, got all my treatment at St Vincents Hospital and I mostly remember doctors talking to each other rather than me. Only time I've ever lived in an upstairs bedroom was that year dc, not the best year I've ever had.
  8. Every break is different. I broke my tibia in my early 20's, the break started just above the ankle and went on a sharp angle through the bone and finished just below the knee. The break was several inches long. I was in plaster up to my groin for 16 weeks, they took the plaster off and I still couldn't weight bear. I broke it again the following day while swimming. The second time they kept me in the plaster for 20 weeks. It was another 3 months before I could run again and even then it was only straight lines. Missed 2 years of footy with that injury.
  9. Bart Simpson's horse Duncan had the racing name furious d. It seemed fitting as I often get furious while watching the demons.
  10. Not that long ago our list was thin in the Bluey placings, we've come a long way.
  11. I think something like this could be the plan too robert, but it depends on Preuss' form for it to work. Max averaged about 85% game time last year, all of it in the most physically demanding position on the ground. If Preuss is up to it I could see him and Max splitting the ruck duties 50/50 and Max spending 30% of the game playing forward. It would considerably lessen the load on the big fella and prolong his career. Preuss could spend 25% of game time forward and that gives us rotations for Tmac and the Weed. It also gives us the flexibility to throw Tmac onto a wing for a spell and maintain our forward structure. I got the impression from Braydon's interview on the club site that something like this is the vision the club sold him to get him across. He seemed to recognise that it all depended on him being in good enough form to play that role. He'll need to be able to compete as a forward as well as a ruck for it to work.
  12. Bigfooty did their phantom recently for anyone that wants a look. https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/2018-big-footy-phantom-draft.1208310/ I'm feeling pretty relaxed about this draft. Times have changed a lot since the BP days. There's a few names in the mix for our early picks that excite me but I won't be disappointed if they're available and we pass on them. Some of BP's picks had me screaming at the screen. Tapscott and Gysberts come to mind as there were players I wanted still available. Jason Taylor has the runs on the board. I'd love Sturt, Williams or a few others with our early picks but if Taylor passes on them I'll back him in. These days I'd doubt the ability of our non selection rather than doubting our recruiting dept. Thank you JT.
  13. Time for Goody to sit down for a serious chat with Jesse. I'd be telling him that we rate him and want him to sign on long term, but our fans have been waiting 55 years and all we care about is a flag. There is no room for egos or mercaneries at MFC Commit long term (at least 2 year extension, so 3 more years) or we'll have to start planning for the future without you. That means games into Weed and no room for you in the forward line. Jesse was All Australian CHB in juniors as a17 year old and I actually think it'd be good for him, no time to sulk as a defender. The evidence available seems to suggest that pick 11 wasn't going to get the May deal done, if that's the case I don't see how Collingwood can get a deal done for May either. He should be available as a FA next year and Jesse will still be tradable, though OOC just like Lever last year. We should still get a reasonable return for him. We haven't burnt May and I see no reason he wouldn't come to us next year. Say what you like about Jesse, strange cat and all that, but he's a serious talent on a football field and he has demonstrated runs on the board as a defender. The worst outcome for us in this scenario, IMO, is Jesse signs long term. Still a fantastic result. We would be rolling the dice with our defence next year but Lever makes it better. We'd also have to find a way to accommodate JH, SW and Tmac in the forward line next year. At a time I think we're hoping to play Gawn forward more next year as well, with Pruess spending maybe 40-50% of game time in the ruck. We'd be unbalanced going into next year but still well in flag contention.
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