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  1. This article is behind a pay wall Can someone please re post it outside of the pay wall.
  2. We had Daryl Baldock signed sealed and delivered until the apple cart spilt over in Tasmania. We also nearly got Darren Jarman but he ended up at Adelaide. Then there was me. I offered my services to MFC but they declined. Player Year Notes Michael Tuck 1991 In his autobiography Garry Lyon says that the Demons made an offer to Tuck after the season that was half considered. Dermott Brereton 1995 With Allen Jakovich finished and David Schwarz out for the season Melbourne showed some interest for 1995 but he was drafted by Collingwood before the Demons could take him. He was still there but they took Shaun Smith instead. Keenan Reynolds 1995 Another potential Schwarz replacement, articles suggested Melbourne thought he'd be gone by the time their pick came. He was available by the Demons didn't select him Darren Gaspar 1996 Linked with the ex-Sydney defender in early 1996 but baulked at his 250k price tag. Daryl Griffin 1996 Melbourne agreed to trade Jeff Hilton to Footscray for Griffin but the deal was vetoed by Footscray's administration. Gavin Brown 1996 It was reported that Melbourne attempted to lure the Collingwood captain at the end of 1996. Stuart Edwards 1996 Trained at the end of the 1996 season but was not drafted. Paul McCormack 1996 Ex-Carlton defender who trained at the end of the 1996 season but was not drafted. Shannon Grant 1997 Linked in mid-1997 Peter Matera hman who was lost to the Demons in a coin-toss with the Bulldogs. Melbourne got Kevin Devine instead. Trent Croad 2001 The Demons were initially named as his most likely destination after leaving Hawthorn, but he eventually went to Fremantle. Brad Flower 2001-2002 Son of Robbie Flower. Played with Eastern Ranges in 2001 and with Sandringham in 2002 with an eye to a father/son selection but was not picked. Barnaby Howarth 2002 22-year-old midfielder from Pennant Hills, NSW. Trained but was not picked up in the rookie draft and joined Sandringham. David Pitt 2001 Springvale player who trained with the club Wayne Carey 2002 Melbourne were one of the club's linked to Carey with CEO John Anderson refusing to rule out a move. Michael Handby 2002 Former Adelaide listed player who trained with the team but was not drafted Chad Davis 2002 Former St Kilda player who trained but was not drafted Danny O'Brien 2002 Ex-Geelong player who trained with the club but was not drafted Jade Rawlings 2003 Met with Melbourne in 2003 trade week with a view to joining as a swap for the #5 selection ultimately used on Brock McLean Ryan Houlihan 2003 Had an offer to join but chose to stay at Carlton. Justin Blumfield 2005 Considered for the spot on the list left open by Troy Broadbridge Kris Barlow 2005 Considered for the spot on the list left open by Troy Broadbridge Brad Sewell 2005 Ryan Ferguson refused a 2005 trade that would have seen him switch to Hawthorn as a swap for Sewell. Went on to win two premierships with the Hawks. Chris Judd 2007 Childhood Melbourne fan who named Melbourne as one of his four potential clubs before choosing Carlton Robert Warnock 2008 Almost lured to the club before choosing Carlton after 2008 . His brother Matthew played for the Demons at the time. Shaun Burgoyne 2009 Named Melbourne as one of his three preferred clubs when he left Port Adelaide. Joined Hawthorn. Luke Ball 2009 Courted by the Demons but nominated Collingwood as his preferred club. Despite some suggestion that Melbourne would use National Draft selection 18 on him, they did not. Mitch Thorp 2009 Former top ten Hawthorn pick who was sacked from the Hawks with a year left on his contracted. Trained with the Demons as a potential key forward but was not selected after failing medical tests. David Hale 2010 Former North Melbourne ruckman linked heavily to the Demons during trade week 2010. Despite the suggestion that Hale would go to either club, he eventually landed at Hawthorn when the Hawks trumped Melbourne's offer. 1998 Agreed to join then changed his mind and stayed at West Coast
  3. My best five in my lifetime (not in order) would have to be: Ronald Dale Barassi Alan Johnson Robert Flower Gary Hardeman Jim Stynes David Schwartz Hard to leave out Lyon, Dixon, Adams,Mithen, Wells, Brian Keneally,,,,,,, etc
  4. No it did not... As late as four years ago they were a strength
  5. My gut feeling is we would have.. Just think Jordan Lewis would have played for only one Club.... Ha ha ha ha
  6. Who remembers the Hawthorn Demons jumper... At least we would have won a Premiership or three since 1964
  7. If it is Jeremy Nicholls is that the same guy who was on the Board of the MFC in 2013. Records show "X" player on Google
  8. Dammm I thought you were serious.. I think its a good idea.....
  9. I see where the Suns and Freo play in both conferences... That will bugger them well.... Good idea
  10. An absolutely great post and I agree with all comments
  11. What a rude arrogant pig McGuire is...
  12. You are entitled to your narrow perspective. I am looking long term as a result of this turmoil. My opinion for what it is worth. The AFL are not going to spill all the coffee beans they will leave some in the cup to mature.
  13. These are shortsightedness arguments. The League and in turn the Clubs are bigger than you and me and their aim is for long term security. Unfortunately this Virus interruption has brought Clubs back to reality both financially and vulnerability and they WILL to to look after number 1. They most definitely will start to look outside the square, the bubble of past AFL life and consider life long deliverance. That will include mergers. The AFL is run by the Clubs equally and they will band together for long term survival against the odds at present. Watch this space.
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