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  1. Yep... I was there and it was a special night. We have won AFL X every year since... still have the trophy
  2. Are you sure that was the only thing you shrugged when you were in the dunnies at the G ?
  3. Like all of us, 2019 was a down year but I feel it started with the 17 surgeries required from the end of the 2018 year. Coming into the 2019 season proper we were faced with many players still in rehab, many players who never went through a full pre season and all this had an unnerving lack of confidence effect built not only into the players individually but the Team as well. To be a successful team you almost need 19 players on the field at the same time. The 19th man being Mr Confidence. Look at T Mc... and even O Mc... one could sense that they lacked personal and Team confidence to the point that O Mc withdrew himself from the Seniors towards the end of the 2019 season to rejuvenate himself. I recall Jonesy immediately after the Geelong Semi in 2018 saying that the buzz around the ground was like having an extra player on the ground. On Richo, I see him being a replacement for Brendan McCartney only I feel Richo will be more hands on. My only criticism of McCartney was that he was not seen as an assistant coach who embraced all players but viewed as a Coach of coaches in the main. Richo's role in 2020 will be more of an assistant to Goody as he stated in the interview.
  4. The Press - Best 22 MELBOURNE Recruits Ed Langdon (pictured below) and Adam Tomlinson assume wing roles, while first-round draft pick Kozzy Pickett edges out Jay Lockhart to be the small forward but this may be a bit premature. Oscar McDonald is better suited to playing on the second-best tall forward and wins a berth over Harry Petty and Marty Hore. Alex Neal-Bullen had an awful 2019 but is an endurance and pressure specialist and a best-22 staple when in form. Mitch Hannan and Tom Sparrow are around the mark, and Joel Smith and Aaron vandenBerg will have roles to play after neither appeared this year because of injury. Mitch Brown could be the third tall forward, if the Demons opt for a bigger frontline. Harley Bennell is training with Melbourne and could be a valuable addition via the pre-season supplemental selection period. – Marc McGowan B: Neville Jetta, Steven May, Oscar McDonald HB: Christian Salem, Jake Lever, Michael Hibberd 😄 Ed Langdon, Jack Viney, Adam Tomlinson HF: Christian Petracca, Tom McDonald, James Harmes F: Kozzy Pickett, Sam Weideman, Jake Melksham Foll: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Angus Brayshaw I/C: Bayley Fritsch, Jayden Hunt, Nathan Jones, Alex Neal-Bullen DEPTH Defenders: Marty Hore, Harry Petty, Aaron Nietschke, Trent Rivers, Josh Wagner Midfielders: Oskar Baker, Kyle Dunkley, James Jordon, Kade Kolodjashnij, Charlie Spargo, Tom Sparrow Forwards: Toby Bedford, Mitch Brown, Kade Chandler, Mitch Hannan, Jay Lockhart, Joel Smith, Aaron vandenBerg, Corey Wagner Rucks: Austin Bradtke, Luke Jackson, Braydon Preuss
  5. Yeah........... and what if we have a run of bad injuries like a few years ago when we lost Gawn against Geelong at Marvel Stadium.. I reckon it is good insurance. We could have used him last year as well.
  6. Yeah well we recruited attitude, personality and imagination.. Go Dees
  7. agree with all you say especially J Hunt. He is in my Team... BUT have to disagree with you on Lever. His is in my number one team.
  8. Someone has it wrong then if Mahony can get picked at number 34 by Nth Melb...
  9. As a MFC supporter - Melbourne were the big winners last night. We gained a real prospect in Jackson and a talented Pickett. MInd you I am biased due to the fact I follow the Demons.
  10. Nah, I will bring it to you in A$... I need to see an MFC game live anyway...
  11. I really am sick of this thread. Get over it... The MFC will not want at pick 3 or pick 10 a player who cannot play for twelve months. If you want to start taking bets at whether MFC will take this guy then I am on for $1,000 to say NO WAY.
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