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  1. Worse than risky, its completely insane. The kid doesnt have any of the weapons to be a great forward either.
  2. Saty is very biased in his reporting. We had about 18 players in surgery last preseason and he thought things were going great guns. Your training reports are great, Kev.
  3. Or look at todays training report where Clayton Oliver hurt his shoulder
  4. Petty shoedat the end of the season he Where does Petty fit in? He showed great promise as a key forward at the end of the season I have him as our 2nd tall next to T Mac.
  5. Just watched his highlights again, and still cant get excited about this possible pick. All his kicks were floaters too.
  6. No true for us. We need superstar talent, and Green is that. Never draft by positional need at pick 3
  7. How can the most talented list in the comp who just played in a Grand Final two months ago, have two top 5 picks in this draft What a farce
  8. We will bid on Green for sure. GWS might want Luke Jackson at 4.
  9. Would be like drafting Jack Fitzpatrick at pick 3. Taylor cant be that stupid.
  10. You know its bad when the Herald Sun dont even bother to put it behind a paywall
  11. Bedford, well done kid. Theres a small forward opening or two in our forward line, and maybe just maybe he can be a serious player for us.
  12. Port just made Geelongs hand a lot weaker...I love that.
  13. Imagine finishing 17th with 6 wins and not having access to Green, Rowell or Anderson.
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