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  1. The club would surely be realistic enough to know Harley would have a setback or two along the way.
  2. If Vanders and Tomlinson are in our top 7 mids we might be in trouble... Vanders I love, but hes never on the field. Tomlinson is a solid role player and nothing more. Did you leave out Harmes by accident? I know theres talk of him playing off half back but I hope its incorrect.. why would you take one of your best mids out of the midfield.
  3. Buddy Franklins 9 year deal looked much worse than this one at the time.
  4. Joel Smith will take Sam Frosts role
  5. The first Demon to kick 100 goals in a season Dreaming.....
  6. How the hell can that be allowed? Either the AFL has rules or it doesnt
  7. No player will care more about this game or try harder than Patrick Dangerfield.. and not cos of the bushfires. If theyre awarding a medal for BOG he will treat it like a Grand Final (something he will never play in)
  8. We gave pick 6 for him, should never have happened. He was worth around pick 20 at most.
  9. Nothing wrong with that.. 8 out of 18 teams making it is a perfect number. In the NBA 16 of the 30 teams make the playoffs... now that is pathetic.
  10. Amazing work. Preuss looks so thin.. good for agility, just worried he may lose some strength.
  11. Geez that is a shocker of a team.. whats happening in S.A? That state used to be a talent factory
  12. Didnt really like the pickup at the time.. always though he was overrated at the Pies. Have we ever won a trade with them?
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