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  1. Grundy is such a weapon because he is always in the play and can actually be useful. Aside from the tapwork and the odd mark, Gawn is not really someone you want with ball in hand in general play, nor is he going to hurt or at least, intimidate the opposition
  2. No way that they pick a half fit Harley to protect the other 3, that is absurd. You'd go gently, gently with him well before AVB and Hannan. If fully fit, there is that much daylight between Harley and those guys, even Kozzie with all his excitement and near misses
  3. No issues with all this, but T-Mac isn't exactly commanding the best defender either. No one is scared of him and he's as one-dimensional as you can get up forward. I do agree that if we are to instill some 'learnings' into the midfield group (Oliver/Gus), a stopping role on the opposition's hardest running mids would be a great start. Clayton is getting lots of touches and clearances each week, but he looks like he's on autopilot. He needs to get hungry again and I think running with your Danger/Dusty/Bont/Cripps types could be just what he needs. Don't go head to head, just blanket them. Learn how hard and smart they work and their teammates work for them.
  4. You'd think so, but how long have you got to wait?
  5. Goodwin: Harley, you are playing instinctive and natural football mate. Love the enthusiasm, but we won't have it
  6. The only bloke we have who could consistently deliver to the advantage of leading forwards is stuck in the goal square wrestling
  7. I am very much in the camp that our delivery is poor, but if we had 2-3 proper forward prospects, there would be blokes getting bulldozed left, right and centre and more mark of the year contestants than ever before. Imagine Lockett, Dunstall or Carey with this much opportunity, even the aerial types like Modra or Ablett snr would be licking their lips. Opposition zoning off works because we dump the ball in long all day, but if you were a big, pack mark kind of player, you get plenty of chances to swallow a few
  8. There is probably a fair bit in this comment, I would hazard a guess his management is being very open and active right about now. Although, we won't ever have a dominant forward because we don't give them a chance
  9. I don't think you can possibly drop Fritsch when you are expecting him to play one out on a bloke that can just push him out the way. He needs space to run and jump at the ball, our game plan is to take up space by pressing really hard forward. He is being coached into the abyss
  10. Being a Hawthorn supporter is a step too far. Don't know many good ones
  11. I would have loved to have chosen Collingwood, Essendon or Richmond as a kid. Could have kept me interested in AFL and also given me some joy in that time
  12. I hope they persist with him, he is young and will make errors, but his enthusiasm is high and he loves to take the game on. When he is involved in the play, things seem to happen He hasn't been infected with the 'play it safe' curse everyone else has
  13. There was an example I remember with Oliver also, a couple of Geelong guys went past him to get to a loose ball, Oliver ended up laying a tackle on one of them but the other one mopped up and away they went. We need to make the play, not sit back and wait for it to unfold.
  14. How many times do we see an opposition player run past one of our guys trotting along, whether it be to create an opportunity or to get to a contest. It is infuriating and must be torture to watch as a coaching group. Every single contest matters, that should be the number one rule
  15. I know he is one of Goody's favourites, but Melksham plays one cameo role every few weeks and delivers nothing inbetween. He is a perfect example of how inconsistent the effort is from this group. The more i think about it, I think Goodwin is overthinking gameplans and structure and the players just can't or won't do what he says. When we go on a run for a 5 minute period, I guarantee it has nothing to do with gameplan - One risky kick comes off or one handball clears congestion and they have space and freedom to operate and the game opens up. The exact opposite to how we set up and seem to want to play
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