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  1. GWS will likely go after Luke Jackson thats the word in WA they need a Class Ruck for the future and have PLENTY OF mids Green is a very good player having seen him in Action reminds me of Todd Viney with pace and a deadly kick has plenty grunt and Attitude i think he is a better player than Rowell
  2. Frosts last 2 contracts have history with his Manager hawking him around and asking for Overs but his value has increased as his form after all he stood very tall during the Finals last year and this season but Melbourne have placed a value him at a lot less than his Manager. If he can get huge dollars else where good luck to him I certainly would like to keep him but I also ask the question of Hawthorn and their Salary Cap how can they fit Patton Frost and Elliott in surely the AFL conduct Audits perhaps they add up differently to me . I think Frost is worth a second round draft pick and would request nothing less
  3. Rumour in WA is With Our Pick #3 W Coast and Freo are BOTH DESPERATE FOR IT to swap with Geelong and are prepared to use either of these players get Kelly if this is correct which player would be best for us .
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