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  1. Red team looked mostly like starting team this week. Blue almost pipped them. That either means we have great depth or not a strong top 22. We have to drop tmac. Play an extra medium forward. Or send him to the back line?
  2. Yes, would love to see it streamed on afl live. It would be good to see all our players and get an idea of depth. We can only hope.
  3. https://watch.thewest.com.au/show/pub-103027 Great highlight vid of rivers with Jackson involved. I love this pick. His kicks are lace out.
  4. If omacs got any chance of improving he needs to start with a haircut.... Something like Nathan Carroll. Does anyone know his barber and could have a quiet word?
  5. he's only 22 and if we can get him for not much then it's worth a shot. If he's prepared to work hard with personal trainer ect to get back then you would expect that he might have matured a bit with off field behaviour as well.
  6. How I felt after the first few rounds this year after thinking we were a chance. "You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words" I'm backing them in to return to finals next year.
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