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  1. If Petty moves back after the promise he showed as a forward at the end of the season, the fans should revolt. A 19 year old KPF with ability. They dont grow on trees, and we finally have one.
  2. Could he play the Aaron Vandenberg role? Hard to see AVB playing again, though maybe the new fitness boss Darren Burgess can revive him.
  3. A trade to Gold Coast would be a win-win for Billy and the MFC.
  4. Would loved to have gotten Eddie for a year or two. All three of Betts, Elliott and Papley are what we needed, and we wont get any of them.
  5. Thats a scary thought. Bedfiord was a total flop at Casey. Chandler was slightly better and at least showed he has a defensive side and that translated to AFL level in the last game. Spargo is a mid not a forward.
  6. Any serious team will have multiple quick talented small forwards . Meanwhile Melbourne has none. Hawthorn are smart, as are Richmond. And thats why they are successful.
  7. Firmly shut until the coaches come up with an actual game plan. We didnt even have one in 2018 when we made the prelim final, we just caught teams off guard with our 'chaos ball'.
  8. Langdon will be a handy pickup for us. However his ball use is about on par with our other mids. He delivers inside 50 about as well as Brayshaw and co and can be a real butcher. But he does bring us some speed through the middle, which we certainly need.
  9. I see that we are going after Jamie Elliott. Thats all well and good, but we need 3 or 4 legitimate small forwards, not just one. Look no further than Richmond who have about 5 capable small forwards. So why are we signing up plodders who will give us nothing (ie. Adam Tomlinson) when we are desperate for legitimate crumbing forwards with speed and flair? Where is the excitement? It is obvious that this club is not serious about winning and has no clue how to assemble a list.
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